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At the Cabin - Rene/Ghost

[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Takes place after Morning After Ghost/René Part 2

The cabin was obscure, tucked away between the thicket of the swamp and the edge of the bayou. It wasn’t much to look at from the outside, but René knew that with Ghost, looks could be deceiving. The shack appeared to have been abandoned long ago, with its boarded up windows and dilapidated porch that had been rotted away by the elements.

René walked in with confidence. The inside was tidy and clean, with basic necessities though it lacked indoor plumbing as Ghost had warned. The furniture looked to be hand-made with expert craftsmanship, Nice, René thought to himself, caressing the beautiful armoire as he passed by it.

René looked over his shoulder and gave Ghost a playful smile, tossing his belongings into a corner and flinging himself onto the sturdy aspen bed, propping himself up on his elbows. “Come here, loverboy. I’ve had a hard-on for you all night.”

“Well, it’s about time we took care of that.” Ghost removed his shirt and hung it on one of the bed posts. Looking over the tableau spread out in front of him, he considered where to start. He could go for the obvious and suck down that delectable dick pressing against René’s zipper, or he could take a sampling and leave love bites scattered across his lover’s flesh. First things first, the young man was wearing far too many clothes. “But first we need to get naked, or at least you do.”

René got on his knees and pulled off his shirt and tossed it over at Ghost. Then he fiddled with his jeans but made quick work of them and shrugged them off, leaving just his boxer shorts on. “If you want it, come and claim it,” he teased, anticipating Ghost’s reaction.

“Oh, so that’s the way it is.” Ghost hunched his shoulders and growled softly. The were stalked around the edge of the bed, taking in the beauty of the young man kneeling in the middle. “Then claim you I shall.” At that he pounced, knocking the young man onto his back, and relieved him of the boxers. His eyes raked up and down the slender form, drinking in every curve and plane. “Beautiful and so tasty, just want to eat you up starting with this.” Ghost leaned forward and licked the dripping head of René’s arousal.

René pushed his hips up and gripped the covers of the bed, whimpering out Ghost’s name. His body had been burning for Ghost’s touch and now that the were’s mouth was finally on him, it sent both a wave of relief and pleasure throughout his being. A warmth spread from his stomach all the way to the tips of his fingers and René reveled in the ecstasy of it all.

Ghost had mentioned something about René being his mate, but coherent thought was leaving René’s mind. He would have to ask about that later; right now all René cared about was that talented mouth of Ghost’s working on his cock.

“Mmmmm, like that do ya?” It was a rhetorical question. The hard flesh sliding over his tongue said as much. It had been a tough day and Ghost would help René forget all of it if he could. The were was more than a pound-away kind of wolf. He could also demonstrate finesse and subtlety. René wasn’t the only one who knew about the fine art of sex. Ghost’s tongue wrapped around the stiff cock in his mouth, massaging one side and then the other. As his tongue worked René’s cock, the ends of his thick mane slid teasingly back and forth over the exposed thighs with the same sensual rhythm.

René kneaded his fingers through Ghost’s hair. The pressure building inside of him felt so good--it was the best high René had ever experienced, being touched so intimately by the man he loved. He let out another loud moan, grateful that there were no neighbors around to hear him. René was going to scream - his hips bucked, the ecstasy was overwhelming. That Ghost knew how to give one hell of a fucking blow job.

Ghost smiled around the weight in his mouth. Tonight he would hear his René sing. There was nothing to hold the young man back. No neighbors to worry about. Only the trees and animals would witness their joining. Ghost increased the pressure and bobbed his head faster, taking all of the delicious flesh in. His wolf rumbled and growled, sending tantalizing vibrations through both of their bodies. His own cock begged for attention, but he staved it off until his sweet human had found his completion.

René let out a primal scream, followed by Ghost’s name as his orgasm claimed him; legs shaking, head lolling, he felt his body relax in Ghost’s arms. Panting, René looked down at his lover and laughed. “Damn...a man could get used to this.” A thin layer of sweat covered his lithe body, but he knew the night’s events had only just begun.

Ghost smiled and rose up to plant a kiss on the soft lips. “Not done yet. I’m going to wear you out until there is only you... and me.” His lips closed back over the young man’s beneath him, sucking on one lip and then the other before pushing past them to join his tongue with its mate. ‘My mate.’

Ghost reluctantly pulled back and stripped off his clothes before returning to the young man stretched out in his bed. ‘Their bed’. The first piece of furniture for their new home.

Ghost lifted René’s hips and settled between back between them. He would loosen his boy up from the inside out. With his arms wrapped securely around René’s thighs, he ran his tongue up the dark crack and circled around the clenching rosette at its very heart. The were pushed his tongue past the tight ring of muscles and retreated and then pushed in again. If he knew his young mate, René wouldn’t need much prep and the treatment would just serve to wind up his arousal again.

René bit down on his lower lip, muffling the moan that would have otherwise escaped. He hiked his hips up, locking his legs around Ghost’s sturdy shoulders. By God, but his lover knew how to work that talented mouth of his. Being with Ghost was pure heaven. René half expected a choir of angels to start singing each time Ghost touched him intimately.

Despite René’s best effort to silence his responses, Ghost’s sensitive ears detected the moan. “Do not hold back, lover. Let the swamp rang with your pleasure. There is none to hear but the gators and trees.” Ghost punctuated those words with sharper stabs of his tongue, driving the flexible muscle far enough inside to hit the sensitive nub hidden within.

René let out a cry of mixed pleasure and desperation. “Want you...” he muttered, thrusting his hips forward. “Please...” His plea came out more like a whimper; the need to couple with Ghost was growing from one of desire to one of urgency.

That was the sound Ghost was waiting for. He thrust his tongue in one more time, aiming directly for René’s pleasure center and then withdrawing, dragging his tongue upward over tight balls and ridged cock. The were knelt up, bending the young man almost in two, René’s knees tight against his chest. A brief lining up and the were pushed forward and slid home. His wolf whimpered at the exquisite snugness that their joining always produced. Such pressure and delicious friction made the were want to shoot his load immediately and start all over again.

Ghost pulled out until only the tip remained inside and then rammed back home, the pressure building with each stroke. He would never tire of this feeling even if they were both to live a hundred years. He knew that would never happen, but he vowed to love and protect René until their last dying breath. He opened his eyes and stared into the flushed face just inches from his and made his declaration. “René Tremaine, you are my mate. I will love you and protect you every day that we have together, even until the end of time.”

René wrapped his legs around Ghost’s waist, locking his ankles. “I’m your mate?” he repeated, out of breath but with a smile. “And I vow to protect you, Stefan Volkov, and will remain by your side until you banish me from your sight.” he said, moving his own hips in rhythm to Ghost’s powerful thrusts. “This--I swear.”

Those words of declaration registered in his brain. René wanted him just as he wanted René. His wolf might long for the physical attachment to his mate, but the man was experiencing real love for the first time. “I love you, René Tremaine,” he declared and then without skipping a beat he leaned forward and sealed their lips together, his tongue imitating the actions of his cock. No more words for Ghost, just a constant string of grunts and growls that escaped around the edge of his mouth.

René’s fingers dug into Ghost’s back, a chorus of loud moans escaped from his lips. “Ghost...” he would mutter from time to time. It was difficult to catch his breath, but he knew his body could keep up with the wolf, he had been trained by a sadistic horny vampire after all.

But being with Ghost was different. The physical and intimacy level of the relationship was strenuous but René welcomed it, for it was more than just sex with Ghost. There was a connection on a higher level--it was love and it had finally happened to René. “I love you, too.” Tears formed in his eyes, he was so taken by Ghost’s proclamation of love; but there was fear there too. Now René had something to lose and he was scared to death that this would end; that something or someone would tear them apart.

René could not bear to part with Ghost, not now. He loved this man with all of his heart, body, and soul. René could not explain it, they had not known each other long, but he knew it felt right.

Ghost let his emotions spiral, lifting him up, letting his wolf join in the melding of their souls. The feeling was right. They were one from this day forward until their dying breath. In that moment he wondered if he would be able to speak to René mind-to-mind as some of their kind did. Was the connection strong enough? Would the fact that the his lover was not were block the communication? There was nothing to lose in trying. Ghost sent the message punctuated by the thrusts of his hips. Hopefully René would hear. ‘Let me hear you sing, lover’

René’s eyes widened as he heard Ghost’s thoughts projected into his mind. He looked a bit startled at first but quickly came to accept it. He had been able to communicate this way with his vampire master back when he was a thrall, so it was not a new experience, but René had been unaware that weres were capable of this feat. It was a nice surprise. With a crooked grin he let his voice sing as ripples of untold pleasure coursed throughout his being. ‘I will sing for you, Ghost, and you alone,’ he replied.

The words in his head nearly overwhelmed the were. He’d had only the barest hope that the were and human minds would be able to accomplish that final connection. The sweet audible notes that sprung forth carried his body over the edge. There was no sweeter sound than that of his love being swept away in ecstasy. If he were to die at this very moment he would be content, but they had many more times together to experience. This was only the beginning.

Ghost kept up his rhythm of strokes, wanting to take his lover with him. It was hard to hold back once he heard the words in his head, but they were one now and they would be one in everything. ‘Come, my love. Join me. Let go.’

René did just that, He arched his back and let out a scream derived from sheer ecstasy. This was his paradise and René intended to never let it go.

René felt weak after his powerful release and fell limp in Ghost’s arms, but with a crooked grin on his lips. “Fucking amazing...” he muttered. “Give me a moment and we can go again, need to catch my breath first.”

As much as that appealed to the wolf in him, Ghost just wanted to soak in the feeling of being here, in the bed that he’d made, with the one who held his heart and savor the newness of it all. Ghost rolled off to the side, bringing his lover (correction, his mate) with him. “Just want to hold you, my mate. I need something different right now. I need your warmth, the feel of your skin touching mine at every point possible.” ‘To feel you in my mind and know you truly want to be here.’ The last part was spoken mind-to-mind. Ghost wrapped his arms around the slender form and tucked his mate in close. So close it would be hard to see where one ended and the other began.

René nuzzled close to Ghost, kissing his neck. “I am here, now and always,” René muttered. For the first time in a very long time, he felt safe. “I love you, Stefan,” he half mumbled before sleep claimed him.



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