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Happy Birthday, my love. I look forward to tonight and many more like it with you.
Love, Your Ghost


Happy Birthday, my sexy wolf.
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Takes place a couple of days after Meeting Lucius

Ghost had covertly checked on his “nephew” the day after the confrontation with the young were and Ghost’s mate. The pup was happily gnawing on a bone from his latest kill. The elder were remained upwind of the sensitive nose and circled the area to make sure no other weres had been there. Lucius seemed to be okay, so the elder were hightailed it back to his mate. He would give the young pup another day to stew and then sit down and talk.

The pup wrinkled his nose in disapprovalCollapse )


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Takes place after Harpsichord Follow Up

(Backdated to June 2012)

Tapping out the phone number from the card, Andre pressed his cell to his ear, listening to the sounds as it rang. He had some updates to give the were, but also knew there had been a ‘talk’ interrupted because the other man needed to gather his thoughts.

I hope that means you have good newsCollapse )


Harpsichord Followup - Ghost/Andre

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Mun's Note: Takes place after Antique Instrument

(Backdated to June 2012)

Wiping the soft cloth across the Square Grand Piano, Andre removed any accumulated dust from just two evenings before. He had a crew that came in while the mansion was open for business, but he still loved stroking his hands over the amazingly incredible hand crafted pieces. It was quiet nights like this that the vampire loved; he could walk amongst his treasures, some of which he’d actually purchased when they were new. Each room on the first two floors was dedicated to a time-theme. The lower level of course was the ‘living’ area. Kitchen, Parlour, study, den... ladies room. Each painstakingly decorated to make one feel comfortable and welcome despite the high prices on some - he’d been known to slash a price if someone was desperately ‘in love’ with a piece... they were his memories.

He was just about to knock when he caught the scent of vampireCollapse )
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(Backdated to June 2012)

Charlie tossed the pen down, not wanting to look at his dwindling accounts... okay, slowly dwindling; it wasn’t like he was in danger of having to close the doors within the next year or anything. Standing, he stretched his arms above his head, leaning back and exposing a bit of belly in the process, and sighed at wonderful burn. Surveying his store, a sense of pride filled him, more than even having had his one-hit wonder. He still had the large alcove to do something with; the only question was what.

Can I help youCollapse )


were_ghost bq_tristan bq_x_stain

Mun’s Note: Takes place after Part 3

René undid the lock and peeked from a small opening in the door, biting tentatively on his lower lip. Taking a deep breath, he stepped back out, his eyes still yellow and wolfish. “Yeah, I think my wolf is mad at me.” He looked concerned. “I will try and see if he will speak to your wolf.” René closed his eyes and the angry wolf emerged in his head, disoriented and confused. It reached out to Ghost’s wolf, howling its displeasure at having the vampire blood keep it locked up, like in a cage; a very small cage.

text you wish to writeCollapse )
were_ghost bq_x_stain

Mun’s Note: Takes place immediately after Meeting Lucius, Part 1

René let the cool wind whip through him, his fury burning through his blood. He wasn’t sure what to think. Lucius’ words haunted him. He let out a howl, angry at himself for believing--that he could be happy with anyone--he should have known it was too good to be true. Why would he ever think anyone could love him? Not Melinda...not Ghost...not Doviculus...not anyone.

This was not his scent on René, this was René. His mate was wereCollapse )v
were_lucius were_ghost bq_x_stain

Mun’s Note: Takes place after Dragon Con 3.5

René was cooking something special for Ghost this evening. They had just returned from a wonderful vacation over in Atlanta, Georgia, and decided to stay out by the cabin for a spell while work continued on the warehouse. Besides, being out here with Ghost seemed peaceful after the hustle and bustle of the convention. René had really enjoyed his time at Dragon Con but most importantly spending time with his mate, Ghost.

Ghost drank in each new inch of bare skin. His mate’s body was a banquet of delightsCollapse )
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Mun’s Note: Takes place after Dragon Con 3

Ghost grabbed a few items from the nightstand and guided his little wolf to the private elevator. The suite had its own lift to the hotel garden on the upper floors. He had arranged for some private time in the garden with his mate. The LARP game had been fun, though a little tense at times, but overall he was glad that René had talked him into playing. The elevator door slid open, and Ghost nudged René inside with gentle fingers at the small of his back. The hairs of the fur tail that his mate still wore brushed tantalizingly over his knuckles. “This way.”

Oh, I like this gameCollapse )