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Music Soothes the Savage Beast

[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


René got off the tram, ready to spend a night at the new Medusa club. He’d heard it had a pretty smokin’ second level that catered to goths, and he was dressed the part in very tight leather pants that hugged his hips and a tight fishnet shirt whose sleeves hooked around his thumbs.
Fiddling with the pewter dragon pendant around his neck, he waited to cross the street.

René frowned as he saw the long line to enter the club. He knew many of them had come for ‘Talent Night’. According to the paper, there would be a talent scout on the premises to hear new bands and singers and René had jumped at the opportunity, signing up immediately. His confirmation guaranteed that he would get in, but he still hated waiting. Looking up at the night sky, it looked like rain was going to hit. Great, He would have been there earlier, but rehearsal went longer than expected. It was still thirty minutes before Medusa opened and there was already a crowd. The cellist looked up at the décor of the entrance, the Gorgon’s emerald eyes shining brightly as he walked by. Wicked, wish I had the cash to put something like that in my studio apartment. With a sigh, he leaned against the wall of the building. He had little choice but to wait.

Ghost leaned against the railing overlooking the busy club, It looked like too many people for him. Even with his superior ability to blend in, someone could still bump into him. Invisible didn’t mean people could walk through him. He growled inwardly and considered moving on to another club. A less crowded club.

Yes, that’s what he’d do. There was another bar further down the street that he had checked out last week. Now if he could make it past the crowd and not have to detour around them, he could be on his way.

Ghost inched along just beyond the line of potential customers. He was almost clear of them when the front doors swung open and the music poured out into the street. It had a booming beat and something else, a strange hypnotizing melody under it all. The notes spoke to him. They pulled at his soul. His feet moved of their own accord back toward the crowd and the tantalizing notes.

The door swung closed again and the tune was cut off. Ghost stopped, frozen in time, no longer compelled to move forward but unable to turn away. He just stared at the crowd, not seeing or hearing them.

It seemed as if the club had let in VIPs early, but at least the line was starting to move even if it wasn’t ten o’clock yet and that was a good sign. If René hadn’t bothered to look away from the crowd, he may not have spotted the handsome man that stood just kitty-corner from him. He wasn’t sure who the beautiful man was, but René was certainly interested in finding out.

“Hey,” he flashed the stranger a smile. “Gotta smoke?” René made a gesture with his fingers pretending to hold a cigarette, causing the many bracelets on his arm to jingle.

Ghost’s vision came back into focus, the spell broken with the loss of the music. He stood at the edge of the milling crowd. People were moving slowly past the bouncer at the door and into the club. Others crossed the street to take their place, keeping the density of the crowd a constant.

At the edge of his perception he heard a voice, a question. It was male and wrapped around his insides like the music from the club. The voice seemed to be directed at him. Direction was one of his strong points as a were. He could pinpoint a single voice in a sea of overlapping sounds, but he had to be paying attention. The music had knocked him off kilter. The sound was coming from a young man waiting in line and he seemed to be...... tinkling. Bracelets, the guy was wearing metal bracelets on at least one wrist. They jingled against each other as he signaled for a smoke.

That’s what the young man had asked him. He wanted a smoke. Without taking his eyes off the attractive face, Ghost patted his pockets and vest. No smokes. He didn’t smoke. Bad for a creature that lived for the joy of running. Too bad, because just now he would have given anything to fulfill this lovely creature’s wish.

Lovely he was too. Dressed in tight leather pants which left little to the imagination and an equally tight shirt that showed off his slender physique. Perhaps he could find something else to please the young thing.

Ghost patted his pockets again and shook his head, indicating the lack of smoking material.

René gave a fake pout but shrugged his shoulder. With a crook of his slender finger he motioned the stranger over. “That’s cool,” he said, keeping his smile. “You going in?” he motioned to the entrance of the club.

René eyed the young looking man appreciatively, biting down on his lower lip. He was hoping the man would say, “Yes”.

Ghost inched cautiously closer to the lovely stranger with the equally lovely voice. He wanted to accept his invitation but the crowd was making him nervous. It was almost ludicrous, but the excited throng had the powerful were on the verge of bolting. He had spent too much time alone in the wilderness. He couldn’t take the press of bodies, the mingling of scents and sounds. If he didn’t get away he could lose control and hurt someone. That wouldn’t make much of an impression on the local pack or help his case back home.

Sensing the were’s apprehension, René stepped out of line. He could always come back. The talent scout would be there all weekend. Tonight might be too hectic to get his attention anyways. Besides, René had been wondering if the large crowd had not brought out any bloodsuckers. The thought chilled him to the bone. “How about we grab some coffee?” he asked the stranger.

It was as if the young human was reading Ghost’s mind, for he was definitely human and very attractive. Coffee in a quiet café was a smarter option then the pack of bodies jamming into the club. The music could wait for another time. He knew where to find it now. He would content himself with listening to the young man who had deliberately stepped out of the line and moved within his reach.

“Coffee sounds nice,” he responded.

“Follow me,” René said with a wink as he headed away from the crowd. The singer decided upon a small café that was two blocks down. The hour was a little late, near ten p.m., so there was not much of a crowd. He ordered a latte and a slice of banana bread, looking over at the stranger with a lopsided grin. “I guess I should tell you my name, huh? I’m René, friends call me Stain.” He held out his hand.

René was going to feel really stupid if the stranger’s hand was cold, because that would mean he was undead and René feared vampires for the most part.

Ghost extended his large hand and grasped René’s warm palm and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“The name’s Stefan, but those who know me just call me Ghost.”

Relieved that Stefan’s hand was warm to the touch, René’s smile widened. “Stefan, that’s sexy,” he commented, showing off his dimples. “So, what’s your poison?” He nodded toward the list of various coffees.

Ghost looked over the impressive selection of hot and iced coffee and decided on something strong and black. It was the closest he could come to what he was used to back in Washington. He had learned how to doctor an ordinary cup of black coffee with a few choice herbs to make something really potent. Having relatives who lived with Indians came in handy at times. Times like when he was on the run and needed to stay conscious for 3 days straight.

Ghost, not trusting his voice, pointed to the black coffee and a cinnamon bun. He loved sweets but being a “dog” kept him from truly enjoying his favorite, chocolate. He could take it in small amounts but couldn’t overindulge. What a pain!

With the coffee ordered, Ghost visibly relaxed and offered his companion a slight smile. This was much better than forcing the panic down so he could jam his large body into that crowded club, and the view was better too. Now he just needed to speak to his companion. The young man had left the line of a club he obviously wanted to get into, if his attire was any indication, just to rescue his hairy butt. He deserved a bit of conversation for his trouble beyond Ghost’s name.

Ghost cleared his throat so it didn’t come out as a croak. “I’m sorry I dragged you away from that club. You looked like you wanted to get in.”

René paid for both of their orders, giving Ghost a warm smile. “Don’t sweat it, man. I can go back tomorrow. There’s a talent scout at Medusa’s this weekend, so I thought I might give it a go. After judging the line, I don’t think I would have the scout’s full attention. Besides, I probably wouldn’t be able to give my best tonight, I’m a bit tired from orchestra rehearsal and school.” He unwrapped the banana bread from the plastic foil, pulling on the red ribbon. “I attend Loyola College of Music and Fine Arts here in New Orleans. I play cello.”

Ghost tried to balance the classical cellist with the goth look that René was sporting. Obviously he didn’t expect to lug his cello into the club. That wouldn’t get the attention of any scout who might show for this opening. “I take it you didn’t plan to play the something from Sisters of Mercy on your cello.”

“Or Rasputina,” René grinned, walking over to the pick-up order line. “No, I was going to sing. I can sing and play my cello at the same time, but as you said, it may not be what they are looking for. If I get picked, then I can dazzle them with my cello.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Ghost chuckled. What luck - the gorgeous man could play and sing. Real talent wrapped up in such a pretty package suitable for unwrapping. Ghost just had this feeling that René would sound as good as he looked, and he did look good. Ghost gave him the once over in the light of the café. A bit on the willowy side. ‘Hope he is stronger than he looks,’ he thought. Ghost hadn’t been with anyone in over a year except his mate. The urge to get closer to René was nudging at the edge of his subconscious.

Most of his “dates” were big men like himself. They held up to the kind of “playing” that Ghost was into.....but then again.....there was something special about René. His smile was infectious and his voice had a tone and rhythm that Ghost could listen to forever. He didn’t know how René felt about weres, but since they had just met it wasn’t that important. René could turn out to be just a nice romp in the sheets or pleasant conversation over coffee before Ghost headed back to his lonely cabin.

Of course, it might be neither if Ghost didn’t get his act together and come up with something witty to say. “If your talent in any way matches your looks, then it’s certain that you’ll dazzle them.” He added a hint of a smile to indicate that he was sincere rather than just flirting. Well, maybe he was doing a little of both. He wasn’t sure; it had been awhile.

René seemed to blush but hid it behind a smile, “Flatterer,” he winked. “I like that in a man.” René would be lying to himself if he said he wasn’t attracted to Ghost. The man was not only beautiful, but built, too. René could tell by the way the shirt Ghost was wearing clung to his form...all toned muscle underneath.

The thought made René drool and he subconsciously poked out the tip of his tongue, “So what are you into?” he asked as the café attendant handed them their coffees. René gave Ghost his coffee, “Strong and black,” he said with a twinkle in his dark eyes, licking the foam off his lips from the latte.

‘You?’ God, René was adorable. Ghost could just eat him up. He settled for the coffee for now and accepted the steaming cup. He considered the compliment and the question while the hot beverage cooled. What should he tell him? Obviously he couldn’t tell the young man that he liked to strip down and run around in the woods, nor that he turned into a rather large wolf at will.

The safe answer would be his love of music. He loved singing and while he was no judge of his ability, no one had ever complained either. Ghost sipped at the strong brew and peered at René over the rim. “I’m a lover of music. I had hoped to enter that club tonight but the crowd was far from tolerable. I’m not a lover of crowds.”

Ghost took another sip and nibbled at the edge of his sweet bun. The bitter and sweet were a tantalizing combination to him. Ghost broke off a larger bit of the bun and then seemed to finish his thought before he had swallowed. “Truthfully, I would rather be speeding over the back roads on my bike.”

René’s eyes lit up, “You have a bike? What kind? I have an older Harley, she’s a beauty. I don’t take her out much, hard to carry a cello on her. Though I’m afraid to bring her out in the French Quarter. I fear that if I park her somewhere she could get stolen or worse...damaged.” He laughed. “But I do love riding her, going to the backwoods or some deserted highway. Maybe we could go riding sometime.”

Ghost’s interest in the pretty human grew exponentially at the mention of a motorcycle. Music and a bike? René was looking better and better and he had yet to hear the young man sing a single note. He idly licked the sugary residue from his fingers and considered the possibilities. “An Indian. I was planning.....”

Ghost’s nose twitched. Wolf! There was another were nearby. No, more than one. His calm moment with René was shattered. He needed to leave, now! “You wouldn’t consider a ride tonight, would you?” His apprehension nudged at his instinct for flight but he didn’t want to alarm René . “I know we just met, but I have this feeling that this place is going to get very busy in a moment and I’d like to move our conversation elsewhere. Would you come with me?”

Ghost’s demeanor was so calm that René did not pick up on the urgency. The appeal of a late night ride with a beautiful stranger was too tempting to resist. Sure, Ghost could be some mad serial killer, but somehow René doubted it.

René discarded the latte and quickly wrapped up the remaining banana bread in a paper napkin and tucked it into his leather jacket. “Love to, never ridden on an Indian before.” There was a double meaning there somewhere, René was sure of it. “Lead the way, handsome.” He winked.

Ghost didn’t wait another second. He grasped René’s hand and urged him toward the exit. The urgency in him was growing but he had to remain calm for René. Whoever they were, they were heading in this direction and he was pretty sure they had detected him. His progress would be hampered by the slower human. He growled out of frustration. He hadn’t hidden in the swamp for six months only to be discovered the first time he lingered in town, but he also wouldn’t see René hurt or scared.

Perhaps he should have left René in the café and vanished. He hadn’t touched the young man, so his scent wouldn’t attract any unwanted attention to the pretty human. René had nothing to do with the mess Ghost was in, and he wanted to keep it that way. He certainly wasn’t ready to spill the beans of his wilder side. Ghost was sure that would freak René out just a little.

Looking at René’s smaller hand clasped in his, he sighed and made a decision. Best to get René out of town and then when he felt safe he could decide how to proceed. He certainly needed to feel René out on his attitudes toward supernaturals. God, he just wanted to feel René period.

He would take René through the back alleys behind Medusa. His bike was parked in an alley just around the corner.

The music from Medusa poured out into the back alley. René laughed as he was pulled behind the larger man. “What’s the hurry? I’m not going anywhere.” He paused when he saw Ghost’s bike. Letting out a low whistle, René stroked the leather seat appreciatively. “She’s a vintage beauty.” René climbed onto the backseat and winked, “Ready when you are, gorgeous.”

Ghost would have laughed at René’s eagerness if he wasn’t still worried about the presence of the weres. The scent from the direction of the café was fading, which meant they weren’t being followed, but a new one had taken its place from somewhere in front of them. The place was crawling with weres and Ghost wasn’t thrilled about meeting any of them.

Ghost tipped René’s head up and pecked him on the tip of his nose. “Just want to be alone with you, beautiful.” He added a lopsided grin to put René at ease. “Here.” Ghost tossed René his helmet and climbed onto the seat. Ghost wasn’t concerned about his own health. He wore the helmet to disguise his appearance when he came into town. No one looked twice at another leather-clad biker. His vintage 1948 Indian turned a few heads but was hopefully forgotten when the next beauty rolled by. Ghost stomped on the kick starter and the bike roared to life.

René adjusted the helmet and tightly wrapped his arms around Stefan’s waist. “Where to?” he asked against Ghost’s ear. The French Quarter was quickly left behind, “Do you wanna ride for a while or head back to my apartment?” René pressed against him, loving the warmth that was emanating from Stefan’s body. “Mmm, you smell nice,” René commented with a flirty smile.

Ghost settled into René’s warmth. His scent was intoxicating. The smell of weres faded to nonexistence as they sped down the road. He was at peace. He could ride forever with the wind in his face and René’s delicious body pressed to his back.

“The night is warm. I have a place we can go. It’s very basic but out of the weather.”

“Sounds fun, I can’t wait to see it,” René replied, loving the feel of the cool wind on his face, breaking away some of the mugginess of the night. They drove on for a while in silence, just enjoying each other’s company and the company of the stars. Being away from the city certainly brought out their beauty. It was not often that René got to see such sights, having been raised in one major metropolitan area and later moving to another big city. There was something definitely peaceful about the bayou, with its moon overhead illuminating the vegetation around them. It almost seemed as if Stefan and he were the only beings in the world.

This was nice, being out here with Ghost. Something told René that he should be cautious being out here alone with the stranger, but René felt no danger, nothing warning him to keep his distance. It was weird, René felt calm...peaceful. Impulsively, he pressed a small kiss against Ghost’s neck. “I like it here, it’s...quiet.”

The warmth in Ghost spread out from the place that René’s lips touched him. It wasn’t going to be easy to keep his wolf pent up this time. Ghost had a lot of emotion and tension stored up and this young man seemed to have the ability to release it. He had been thinking of taking René to the barn at the old abandoned farmhouse, but that was a bit too rustic. Ghost took the next left and headed on a new course. He couldn’t take him to his own cabin, but there was a next best thing.

Ghost swerved onto a dirt road and followed the tunnel of overhanging trees to the edge of the bayou. He pulled up short at a rustic hunting lodge. It was only used twice a year by a group of weekend sportsmen that he had done some work for. That how he knew it was here. Ghost could tell they had already been and gone recently. That would mean the cabin was fairly clean and there would be some food left that the mice hadn’t gotten into yet.

Ghost stopped the bike just short of the front porch and threw the kick stand. He dropped his hands over the ones wrapped around his chest and pulled René closer. Where he really wanted him was in front lying across the handlebars, but that was too much. He raised one of the delicate fingers to his lips and kissed it. “I hope this isn’t too quiet.”

“I don’t mind it,” René answered, taking off the helmet and placing it flat on the bike seat. “Nice place,” he said with a lopsided grin, keeping his eyes on Ghost as he made his way up the stairs. He wrapped a hand around one of the posts and gracefully swung himself around, landing on wooden porch front. Laughing, he shook the unruly curls out of his eyes and crooked his finger, motioning for Ghost to come closer.

How could he resist a vision like that? Ghost lifted off the bike in one fluid motion and peeled off his gloves slowly, one finger at a time. He took his time, making a real show of it. He rolled his wide shoulders and straightening to his full 6’1” height, he prowled toward René. He stopped just at the base of porch and then simply leapt to the top. He landed gracefully beside René and swept him into his arms and pressed his lips against René’s.

Electricity coursed through him at the intimate contact. He had been alone for far too long. He really needed this.

Damn that man could kiss! The first contact made René’s toes curl.

René ran his painted fingernails through Ghost’s thick hair, pressing himself against the taller man, enjoying the feel of those sculptured muscles crushing against him. René opened his mouth, inviting Ghost’s tongue to invade while his own sought out Stefan’s.

Ghost tried to pull René closer without crushing him. The feel of their bodies even through the layers of leather was intoxicating to his wolf senses. He could hear René’s heart beat and smell his desire. The were tilted his head and opened to the younger man’s invasion. His tongue mapped out René’s and invited it to dance.

The were’s desire soared and he knew he had to have him soon while he was still in control or risk letting his wolf escape. That would ruin everything. In time he thought he might be able to reveal his secret but not now.

Ghost ran his large hands down René’s spine and over the gentle curve of his ass. He cupped the firm cheeks and lifted René off his feet.

René moaned as he felt Stefan’s hands grope his ass. He stood on tiptoe and deepened the kiss. His cock twitched to attention, instantly hardening. He was certain Ghost could feel the erection that pressed against the skin-tight leather pants. It took concentrated effort to pull away from the kiss and it left René feeling breathless. “We should uh...go inside before I embarrass myself and let you take me out here in the open.”

“Just what I had in mind, gorgeous. Hang on, baby.” Ghost lifted René higher and encouraged him to wrap his legs around his waist. Ghost moved them toward the front door. Switching René to one large hand, he unlocked the door and carried the young man inside. The front room presented several possibilities, but he didn’t want to simply bend this gorgeous creature over the arm of the couch or stretch him out on the table. He wanted their first time together to be comfortable. The bedroom was the only option so that’s where he headed.

René wrapped his legs around Ghost’s waist and laughed playfully as he was carried inside. He tugged on Ghost’s clothes urgently, wanting to strip the man and feel Stefan’s bare skin against his. René’s legs were in the way of getting to Ghost’s jeans. With a slight frown, he let his legs fall and rid himself of his own fishnet shirt and tossed it behind him, and then returned to giving Ghost a deep and passionate kiss, sucking on Ghost’s bottom lip as they parted.

A rather large Aspen Log Bedwaited for them in the other room. With a devilish grin René let go of Ghost and fell back onto the mattress, landing with a soft thud on the blue checkered quilt. He lifted his hips and rolled down the leather pants and boxer shorts that confined his erection. He quickly pulled out a condom and finished kicking the pants and underwear off his feet. René settled on his knees and undid Ghost’s zipper with his teeth, using his hands to assist him in stripping Ghost out of his jeans. “How do you want me? On my back? On my hands and knees? I’m flexible and naughty, there’s little I won’t do...” René whispered against Ghost’s abdomen, taking in the girth of the man’s fully aroused cock and licking his lips. “But I do ask you wear one of these.” He wagged the condom package and tore open the corner. He placed a small kiss on the tip of Ghost’s member before rolling the condom over it.

Ghost closed eyes and fought for control. René’s lips on his cock ramped up the desire of his human side and threatened to unravel the tenuous rein he had on his beast. His wolf wanted nothing more but to flip René to his hands and knees and fuck him into submission. That was the way of his kind. The sexy young man, barely a baby to his people’s way of thinking, was playing a dangerous game with a vicious predator.

Ghost stubbornly forced his darker needs down and reached for René’s shoulders, bringing their bodies back into contact. René’s smooth bare chest slid across his furred one. The feeling was deliriously stimulating. He stilled René frantic activity and trapped his wandering fingers by enfolding the smaller man in his powerful arms. Their lips met again in a crush of teeth and tongues. His hips undulated seductively against his companion, René’s bare cock rubbing against his gloved one. The urge to throw back his head and howl was right there on the edge of his consciousness.

Ghost growled into the young man’s mouth. “I will wear any type of protection you wish, my sexy one, but I must see you while we fuck.” Leaning in to René’s ear, he whispered “And I love naughty.” That said, he climbed onto the bed, bringing René with him. He settled into the middle on his back and motioned for René to climb aboard. He wanted the more fragile human above him so René could control the force of the thrusts and the level of penetration.

“All right, naughty boy, show me what you’ve got.”

“Wait right there, lover boy,” René winked, making a quick search of where his leather jacket could be hiding. The musician smiled when he found it and pulled out a small tube of lube from the inner pocket. René hopped back on the bed and straddled Ghost, covering the werewolf’s cock with a generous amount of lube before impaling himself on his new lover.

It took René a moment to get his body to adjust to Ghost’s ample size. Biting down on his lower lip, René began to rock back and forth, his hands eagerly exploring the bare skin. He loved the feel of Ghost’s toned muscles and the pelt of hair that covered Stefan’s chest. So very manly. It was an extra turn on for René. “Oh god, yes,” René muttered, more to himself than his partner.

Small moans escaped from René‘s parted lips as he leaned back and increased his thrusts. He had not had sex this good in a very, very long time. René’s only concern was that he hoped he would not be spent too soon before he had a chance to have some real fun.

Ghost’s deep groans blended with the sounds that René was making. René felt so good squeezing him, his thigh muscles flexing and relaxing with each rocking movement. Ghost wouldn’t have thought that the smaller man could handle his girth, but perhaps there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t or couldn’t do.

Each rock of René hips rubbed the were in all the right places. He rode an erotic high that ratcheted higher with each back and forth motion. Instinctively Ghost’s hand crept up René’s toned thighs en route to his slender waist. His wolf demanded that he act like a wolf and pull the human tighter against him, to take control and force his shaft deeper into the accommodating hole, but he stopped himself short and clutched the young man’s shoulders instead and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. He poured all of his animal desire into the locking of lips instead of trying to tear René in two from the inside out.

The demanding sexual appetite of a former vampire master is what allowed René to keep pace with the werewolf. The deep kiss from Ghost fueled René’s desire. He returned the kiss with a sloppy one of his own, his mouth eventually straying away from Stefan’s lips onto Stefan’s neck and ear. With a gentle tease of teeth, René pulled at the lower lobe.

At the touch of René’s teeth on Ghost’s sensitive ear the were’s back arched, driving his member deeper into René’s passage. As a wolf, Ghost always enjoyed an ear rub as a foreplay to sex. It wasn’t much different for his human form, but he rarely talked a partner into stroking his ear lobes. If he were feline he would be purring right now, but being wolf, the sound came out like a whine. Perhaps sometime he could get René to rub his belly.

He arched with each lick and bite until a steady rhythm developed. His heart rate increased and his breath became pants. His climax would come soon, or at least the first one. He desired to take this lovely young man with him.

Ghost loosened his control just a tiny bit, latched onto René’s hips, and rammed up into the tight passage over and over. Each thrust was accentuated by a deep rumble. “René, I am close. Come with me. Let me hear you sing.”

René reacted by arching back and pushing his hips forward as hard and fast as he could muster. He repeated the motion a few times and then he saw stars. A shudder ran up his spine as a powerful climax claimed him, shaking him to his very core. He collapsed on top of Ghost, panting heavily, his skin glistened in a thin layer of sweat. “Damn, that was fucking awesome...” René commented between breaths.

Ghost was not far behind. The added strength of René’s thrusts and his own forced his climax up through his toes. It exploded behind his eyes and he threw back his head and howled. It was a low mournful sound that filled the room and beyond. It was his way of saying, “I like.”

When René’s sweaty chest hit his he wrapped his arms around him and just held on. “Awesome? You shook the foundations, my pretty one.”

Smoothing the damp curls atop René’s head and tugging on the dragon draped over his bicep, Ghost let his head fall back and said, “Can we do it again?”

René barely managed to lift his head and smirk. Ghost had the sexual appetite of a vampire, only Stefan was warm to the touch and very much alive. René could feel the man’s heartbeat beneath his touch. “I’m not against it, but I will need a moment to regain my...fortitude and stamina.” René chuckled.

Ghost rolled to the side, taking René with him. He tucked the young man under his arm and gently stroked his back. “If I seem overly........enthusiastic, it is because it has been.......awhile and you, my lovely, have ignited a flame that might take some time to extinguish.” The truth was in the full member that lay between his thighs.

“I’ve ignited a flame, huh?” Ghost’s words brought a warmth and, strangely enough, comfort to the cellist. René kept his grin and reached over to stroke Ghost’s member. “I can take care of that. I’d use my mouth, but I’m too sore at the moment to really move...I’m not complaining, that was probably the best lay of my life.” Even better than that greedy arrogant Romanian vampire.

“Well, thank you, my beautiful musician.” Ghost wrapped his hand around the one circling his stiff member and matched the rhythm. “Some parts of me never know when to give-in.” His other hand remained at René’s back, stroking gently. Now that the tension of the first orgasm had lessened his desire, he noted other things about his bed partner. He had the loveliest brown eyes that reminded from of his forbidden chocolate. The way a stray curl wrapped around his ear. The large bronzed nipples that begged to be sucked.

Ghost leaned over and licked one of the pebbled areola, coaxing it to tighten. He gave the other side equal treatment. He was about to suck on one firm pectoral muscle when his fingers encountered a raised ridge running down the center of René’s back. He ran his fingers the full length of the imperfection, judging it to be at least 10 inches. “Baby, how did this happen?”

René stiffened up a little, but continued his task of stroking the were’s cock. While he thought of the best way to explain the surgery he’d had on his back. He knew he could not tell Ghost the truth: that René’s former vampire master had been displeased with him and had beaten him so hard and then thrown him out a second floor window. If it were not for the vampire blood in his system, René surely would have perished. It was the blood that saved René from becoming paralyzed as well.

“Let’s just say that I was wild and reckless in my youth,” René answered, lightly touching Ghost’s lips.

“I know reckless. I’ve had a few foolish moments.” Ghost returned the touch and gently sucked on René’s lower lip. He could still taste remnants of the latte and banana bread that René had earlier. Thrusting his tongue into the young man’s mouth, he chased the lingering favor until all that remained was the unique taste of René .

He could do this all night, but he didn’t want to wear out his welcome or the young man he had cradled in his arms. René had already admitted to be tired earlier and now sore from their first encounter, so perhaps he should stop before his own desires got the best of him. He congratulated René for being able to take him so easily. Most humans needed a huge amount of preparation to accommodate his girth.

Of course, they could stay the night if René didn’t have anything pressing the next morning. That would give him time to explore this thing with René a little more. Ghost released René’s mouth and looked at him. “René, do you have anything pressing in the morning, or can you stay? I am not ready for this to end, but I don’t want you to fall asleep on the way back and fall off the bike.”

René laughed softly into Ghost’s shoulder, “I would like to stay, if it’s not too much trouble. I have no orchestra practice this weekend, but I do have work Saturday night and Sunday morning. So I am yours until then. And no worries, gorgeous. I’ll get my second wind soon enough. I had an insatiable lover once.” He gave Ghost a sad smile. He was grateful that the were did not ask anything further about his past. René was not ready to reveal such painful secrets.

Ghost kissed the tip of René’s nose and pulled him into a tight embrace. “Then stay with me.......if only for the night.” The were’s hands gradually loosened and began to roam the contours of René’s shoulders, back and bottom. Ghost circled René’s shoulder blades, massaging firmly, then skimmed past the scar and slid right into the shadowed crack. One finger slid into the recesses of René ’s intimate area. His hole was tested and then the sensitive skin at the base of his balls.

Ghost hoped to get René so wound up that he could easily suck him off without the young man having to put forth much effort. Ghost would do the work and René would reap the reward with another mind blowing orgasm. René was the first person who had spoken to the were since he arrived in New Orleans. Of course Ghost had done everything humanly and inhumanly possible to avoid being seen. Nevertheless, he wanted to say thank you in a very special way. Nothing said it like toe-curling sex, to a were’s way of thinking.

Ghost rolled René to his back. He wanted to know how many lovely sounds he could wring out of the young man. He kissed his mouth, his neck and each of his large brown nipples. His tongue teased the pert nubs into sharp point and laved every sensitive spot that could be found on the way to the ultimate goal - René’s engorged cock. His teeth worried the sharp hip bones and his stubble scratched the tender skin of René’s thighs. When he had the bobbing member in front of his face, he dove in, licking from root to tip. He would hear René’s sweet cries of passion again and again before he was through.

Ghost licked the underside of René ’s cock again. “Come on, baby, let me hear you.”

René surrendered to Ghost’s every touch. The feel of Stefan’s stubble against his bare thighs was almost too much; but nothing compared to the feel of Ghost’s mouth on him. René’s hips rocked in an automatic response to what Ghost was doing. René let out a little cry as ecstasy took claim over his body, spreading his legs willingly for the werewolf.

Ghost shifted to lay in between René’s spread thighs and wrapped his arms around René’s thighs to keep him open. He nuzzled the full balls and then swallowed the young man’s cock to the root. His tongue continued to swipe across the sensitive veins of its underside, hoping to keep René’s excitement high. His tongue flicked over the head with each pass and his throat muscles sucked hard with each downward stroke. His rhythm fell in with René’s rocking movements.

He raised his eyes to watch what his ministrations were doing to the young man above him.

René whimpered, placing his fist in his mouth to keep from screaming. It just felt so good. At first René did not believe he would be ready this soon for another round, but his training as a vampire’s concubine came into play. And while it hurt a bit, the rewards were definitely worth the effort.

And man, did Ghost know how to give a mind erasing blow job.

Ghost watched as René squirmed and then stuffed his fist in his mouth. What’s wrong? Why does he need to hold back? Was Ghost inadvertently hurting René? Was it too much for the fragile human? There is a delicate balance between pain and pleasure, and Ghost didn’t know René well enough to know if that was something the young man desired.

Ghost was torn. Should he bring René to the brink quickly and let him rest, or ease off and let him come in his own good time? Ghost eased the pressure on the rigid flesh in his mouth and slowed his strokes. His hands attempted to soothe René by rubbing them gently up and down the young man’s sides. He would let René be the deciding factor in whether to proceed or back off.

René propped himself on his elbows, “What’s wrong? Did I do something to displease you?” He looked worried.

“No, baby.” Ghost nuzzled René’s tight balls and kissed the soft skin lining his thighs. ”I was worried I was pushing you. Just because you could go off again doesn’t mean you have to.” He sucked on the slick head then let it slip out. “I’m not disappearing on you. If this is too much for you, let me know. It shouldn’t really hurt if it’s right.”

René ran a hand through Ghost’s thick hair. “I can take it, trust me. I wasn’t in pain, I was trying to keep from screaming.” He grinned.

“Don’t hold back. I want to hear you scream.” Ghost wiggled his eyebrows. “No one can hear you out here.” Ghost swallowed René down and put the pressure on. He would wring every passionate note from the young musician’s throat. His tongue stroked the underside of the quivering flesh while his throat muscles massaged the tip. He would have René’s scream now, and then after it was over he would hold the young man gently in his arms while they slept.

And René did just that, his head lolled back as he arched his back, thighs spread wide as he allowed Ghost better access to his privates. René bit down on his lower lip, trying to keep control, but with a talented mouth like Ghost’s it was difficult. It was not long before René found his second release, almost howling as the powerful orgasm shook him.

Ghost milked René’s orgasm until the young man was drained. When the shaking stopped and René grew quiet, Ghost climbed back up the slender body placed a tender kiss on the slack lips and reclined beside him. René’s slaked desire soothed his own need. He would see René again. The young man had done much to confirm that Ghost’s decision to come to New Orleans had been a good one. There were still those in the world who would not judge. He remained uneasy around his own kind, but perhaps it was time for him to send some feelers back to Washington to see if the mood had changed. He could like any place that had those like René, and hoped there were others. With that thought he closed his eyes and stroked the warm flesh of René’s back, lulling himself to sleep with the repetitive movement.




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