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Revelations: René & Ghost meet again

[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


He wonders if he has been out of touch for too long. It was only one night but the werewolf had
asked a lot of the young human. Ghost had taken René to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and done very intimate things with him. He hadn’t told René about his animal side or that he might be under a death sentence by others of his kind. That could have put the fragile young man in grave danger. As it turned out Mitch was so paranoid about outsiders that the whole matter had been kept within the pack. Now here he is dialing René’s number in hopes of seeing him again. The connection on the other end rings.

René was between classes when his cell phone rang. Shoving his hand inside the tote bag, René dug his cell phone out and glanced at the caller ID. The number was unfamiliar but that didn’t discourage him from answering it. “Hello?”

Hearing the familiar voice made Ghost want to growl almost possessively. René had really made an impression on the werewolf. He hadn’t realized how much until he heard the young human speak. “Hi, René, it’s Ghost.” He paused. Did he have the right to call and ask to see the young man after bedding him and disappearing for four months? Well, if René turned him down he would have his answer. “Now, I know that I have no business asking.....especially after our brief.... ‘date’ and then my disappearing act but..... I had a serious family situation and needed to go handle it right away.” Ghost paused again. “What I’m trying to say, and probably failing miserable at, is I’d like to see you again and get a chance to tell you about a few things. That is, if you are interested.” Ghost moaned. He just knew he was messing this up. For all he knew it could have just been another night for René and he didn’t really care to see the big guy again. He took a deep breath. He couldn’t put this on René. Ghost was the one who had dropped off the face of the earth. He had to give the young man an out. “Look, I meant what I said. I would like to see you again. If you are interested, we could meet at that coffee shop again. Say, tomorrow night at 7? I won’t even ask you for an answer. If you aren’t there then I’ll have it.” Ghost was just going to hang up, but he waited a moment to see if the young man would say anything.

René smiled. “Wait! I’d love to see you, but I have practice tomorrow. My orchestra conductor is a bit of a Nazi when it comes to missing rehearsals, but I will be free after 9. I’ll be there,” René said, feeling a little breathless at hearing Ghost call him after all this time. “Will that be okay?”

Ghost let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding at René’s enthusiastic response. He didn’t know what made the human different but he definitely had spark. This young man had, in just one evening, reminded the werewolf that he was alpha. An alpha without a pack, but still alpha. His wolf whined at the thought of seeing the beauty again. “Is that all right? Of course it is. I’ll see you at 9, beautiful. Until then......good-bye.” Ghost hung up quickly so he didn’t start rambling again. He set the phone down and paced around the cabin. One thing he didn’t quite understand was why he got so worked up around René. There were times he just wanted to turn over and let René rub his tummy. The big werewolf laughed at the silly image. He really needed to feel out René on the whole supernatural thing, because he wanted to be himself around the young man. For the time being he needed to make a few client calls. His company needed a steady income and he was the one who handled the tough jobs. He snatched up his phone again and dialed the first person.

René hurried to catch the trolley that would take him to the coffee shop, barely making it before it continued on. He was a little out of breath and considered that perhaps he should cut down on smoking, René hated feeling so winded. He slumped into the nearest available seat and stared out the window, keeping a small smile on his lips.

René had not expected Ghost to call him again and after such a long time, he figured the gorgeous man had forgotten about him. But René was very glad to know that was not the case. His stomach fluttered as he thought back to his night with Ghost. Then a small pang of guilt hit René as he thought about Melinda. He liked her, yes...very, very much. But she made it obvious that her feelings for him were not as strong and considering the last abusive relationship he was in, René was not about to give his heart over to someone who did not love him back. That was just heartache waiting to happen. René had promised that whatever Melinda could give René would be enough, without any promises or commitments. And so, René guarded his heart when it came to Melinda. He could not expect her to give something she did not feel, even if it hurt him somewhat. But he would never let Melinda know that.

René’s stop came up and he got off the trolley and walked the two blocks over to the coffee shop. It seemed he was a little early, for Ghost was not yet there. Checking his watch, he noted the time was a quarter to nine. René entered the shop and ordered a Colombian brew with extra sugar. Cupping his drink with his hands, René took a seat next to the window so he could watch for Ghost’s approach.

Ghost roared up on his bike. He was not hiding anymore. He didn’t know if he would have to deal with other weres. It was going to be hard enough telling René what he was without fending off curious questions from some of his own kind. He pulled off his gloves and lifted his nose to the breeze. No weres in the general vicinity. That was a good start. A stern glare as he lifted himself from the machine assured him that those loitering outside would not even consider messing with his bike. He rounded the bike and headed for the door. He gripped the handle and flung it open. He was feeling more himself and his posture showed it. Ghost hoped that René didn’t find it intimidating. The last thing he wanted to do is scare the young human off. He had toned down his dress a bit, wearing black jeans and a tight heavy metal t-shirt instead of his usual leathers. His hair had grown back out a bit while he was gone and he left it down around his shoulders. His eyes scanned the room but his senses had already told him exactly where the beautiful human was. He was seated by a window.

Ghost crossed the distance in a minimum of steps, his long stride eating up the space. He saw no reason for formalities, so he slid into the seat opposite and adopted a sort of lop-sided grin,. half ‘happy-to-see-you’ and half ‘I’m-really-sorry’. He placed his large hands on the table in front of him and looked right into those gorgeous brown eyes. “Hi.”

René’s face lit up when he saw Ghost. “Hey,” he said with a cheerful smile. “I see you brought your bike. She’s a beauty.” Much like her owner. “What brings you to my part of town, gorgeous?” it was René’s way of asking what Ghost wanted to talk to him about. He hoped it was nothing bad. The anticipation of it had distracted him throughout the day and his professors were none too pleased. Only when he had orchestra practice was René able to relax.

Ghost inwardly cringed. Right to it then, huh. He reached out and took René’s slender fingers in his own. He hoped to delay the young man’s escape until he had explained himself. He locked gazes with René and took a deep breath. “You are very sweet. I have thought of you often while I was gone.” Ghost’s fingers stroked gently over René’s knuckles. “I don’t usually love’m and leave’m unless my partner and I are in agreement, but I had a very serious family issue to take care of, René, that necessitated me leaving immediately and staying until it was finished. I should have called before this but I wasn’t sure it mattered. We didn’t really discuss anything when we were together last, so it could have just been a brief encounter.” The were tightened his grip just a hair. “I’m not trying to belittle the evening or suggest anything about your motives. Your willingness to be here with me now says volumes to me. It just.....” Ghost paused to order his thoughts. “I have something more serious to tell you and I’m thinking that you may be gone from my life soon after. It honestly depends on how open-minded you are.”

Oh, boy. First Melinda, now Ghost. René braced himself for the worst. “You didn’t get me pregnant, did you?” he asked jokingly, trying to break some of the tension. “Seriously, I’m a big boy, I can take it. You’re probably married, right?” That was the worst case scenario René could think of. That or Ghost was a vampire, but considering that Ghost was up and around during the day, that was highly unlikely. René bit down on his lower lip waiting anxiously for Ghost’s reply, his thumb gently rubbing over Ghost’s hand reassuringly.

Ghost smiled at René’s lightening of the situation. The young human never ceased to impress him. He wondered at moments like this what had happened in the young man’s life to give him such courage in the face of the unknown. Ghost could have murdered someone René cared for deeply, or could turn into a very large dog at will. Perhaps René could handle it. but Ghost wasn’t sure about the attitude of those around them. Ghost discreetly took stock of the customers in the café. They seemed like a level-headed crowd, but if René should yell out “You’re a wolf”, it could be awkward. The werewolf was sure now that René wanted to be here with him so perhaps it was time for some privacy. He laughed lightly. “No, no babies and no wife, but I think I would feel better if we didn’t have such an audience. Could we go somewhere that’s close by where we can be more comfortable but also private? I promise I am no mass murderer but…your virtue may be in serious jeopardy.”

“Sure, we can head back to my place. It’s not far,” René said as he finished off the rest of his coffee and tossed it in the trash.

That was good enough for Ghost. He had a good feeling about this. Perhaps René wouldn’t freak out or start goggling for a hunter. He rose and led the way back outside to his bike. He climbed aboard and waited for the young human to join him.

René jumped in behind Ghost, wrapping his arms around the were’s muscular body. He pressed in close, leaning his head against the back of Ghost’s shoulder, giving him directions to his apartment.

Ghost chuckled softly to himself. René didn’t need to be so close. The were’s ultra-sensitive ears were perfectly capable of catching the tapping of annoyed fingers across a crowded room, but he didn’t plan on telling the young human that. Ghost loved the feel of René pressed tightly against him from head to groin. He hoped the young man would still be that eager when Ghost was done imparting his news.

He carefully wound his way through the side streets of New Orleans, following René’s verbal directions. He stopped when René indicated that they were there and waited for the young man to show him the way.

René pointed to a gated community and waved to the security guard on duty. The guard took down Ghost’s license plate number while René gave Ghost a soft kiss on the back of his neck. The guard didn’t even raise an eyebrow; he continued with his work, handing Ghost a visitor form that he had to sign before opening the big iron gate allowing them passage.

René continued to place kisses along Ghost’s neck, breaking only when he had to give the were instructions on how to get to his particular apartment. “You can park next to my Volkswagen Beetle, over there.” he signaled to the black compact car parked next to a Harley motorcycle that seemed to be in some disrepair. “Have to fix my bike, not sure what’s wrong with it.”

Ghost guided his bike in next to the René’s car. He was having a bit of trouble concentrating with René’s heated kisses being peppered across the back of his neck. If the young man kept it up they would be shocking the neighbors, because he was going to bend René’s slender body over his Indian and fuck him until he could no longer walk straight. Never mind the images being projected by his wolf; thoughts so naughty that they bordered on crude. That definitely wasn’t the mood he was trying to set tonight. Not until the young human had accepted his wilder nature.

He grasped the slender fingers and pulled a very amorous René off the bike to stand beside him. He sunk his own fingers into the thick curls and pulled those hot lips forward until he could seal them to his. It might not cool René down, but it put Ghost back in control. Without giving the other bike more than a passing glance he murmured, “Could be your fuel line or.... it could be this little patch of skin right.... here.” Ghost kissed the base of René’s throat. “Why don’t we go upstairs and check it out.”

René giggled, arching his neck back so that Ghost could have better access to place kisses upon it. When Ghost mentioned going inside, René playfully grabbed his hand and went up the back steps to where his small deck offered an outdoor refuge. He gave Ghost a kiss before fumbling for his keys.

The cellist took out the key and slid open the glass door, allowing Ghost to enter first. “It’s small, but I can’t complain. My benefactor pays for it.” He gave a small shrug of his shoulder. René locked the door behind him and made his way toward the refrigerator, tossing the keys on the kitchen island. “Please, sit anywhere.” He indicated to the window seat or the armchairs that furnished the small living area. “Would you like something to drink? I don’t have any liquor in the house, but I do have a variety of soft drinks, juice, milk, and filtered water.” He tapped the Brita pitcher on the side, opting to serve himself a glass of fresh water. “So, what did you want to talk to me about? You’re making me imagine all kinds of crazy things. You’re not a vampire, are you? I’m definitely not a team Edward player.” René half joked, making himself laugh to make light of his question.

The apartment was compact but open, like René. Despite its small size it was probably larger than Ghost’s cabin and it definitely smelled like the young man. He made a quick circuit around the living room/kitchen and joined René by the water pitcher.” He leaned over and gently pecked René on the forehead. “Nice place.” Since his meeting with Karl he had done some research of the whole vampire/werewolf thing. He’d read stories and watched a few current movies. “Is that the worst thing you can think of, a vampire? Never really met one myself.” He moved another glass closer to the pitcher and extended his arm to wrap around René’s slender waist. “Water, please? How do you feel about team Jacob?”

René poured Ghost a glass of water. “Werewolves? Never met one, but I definitely like team Jacob better as long as they aren’t the Lon Chaney Jr. kind that feast on human flesh.” René laughed again, thinking his answer sounded quite absurd. “But yes, vampires are the worst thing I could think of,” he said, trying to hide the fear in his eyes and keep his smile.

Ghost relaxed a bit. He pulled René closer by wrapping his hand around the young man’s shoulder and squeezing gently. “Werewolves don’t eat people, too stringy.” Ghost laughed weakly at his own attempt to lighten the mood. He gently guided René toward the couch. He hoped that his next declaration wouldn’t blow it all. “Seriously....I tan, not burn and though I like my meat a bit on the rare side, I’d rather drink a nice glass of white wine but....I am a bit of a nudist and get awfully hairy from time to time.” Ghost pulled back to give René room to leave or move away if what Ghost was saying disgusted him. He took a big chance, but if anything was to develop between them, he needed to know he could trust the young human and be totally honest with him.

René held his smile, but he was confused. “I’m not sure I follow what you’re trying to say, gorgeous.” His hand reached out and gently stroked Ghost’s cheek. “Please tell me you’re not a vampire, because I really like you and if you’re a fang that would ruin everything.” He pressed his lips together worriedly.

René knew he was risking a lot revealing so much, but he felt that he had to be honest with Ghost. But how much would be too much? Would he be betraying his former master? The fear gripped him, as a new possibility dawned on him. It was said that a thrall never really left their master. “Did he send you to bring me back?” His voice shook as terror-filled tears glistened in his dark eyes.

Ghost reached for the young man’s hand. Obviously the subtle approach and trying to ease into it wasn’t working. The were didn’t know who “he” was, but if the mystery man got René this agitated then he wasn’t a friend of Ghost. He rubbed the slender knuckles gently and looked directly into moist eyes. “No! No, baby! I don’t know who “he” is but I already don’t care for him. No one has the right to upset you this badly.” Ghost pulled René’s hands onto his thighs in an effort to move the young man closer. “René, I don’t know if this is a grand mess but if it is I’ll deal.” He took a deep breath and forged ahead. “What I’ve been dancing all around and apparently not saying is that I.....am....a…werewolf. I don’t have fangs. I won’t bite and I would never, never hurt you. Now you can freak out if you need to. Tell me to leave if this is too much and I will do as you ask. You never have to see me again but....I had to trust you with this if we are to keep seeing one another.” Again Ghost sat back and waited for it all to sink in. He was afraid that in René’s agitated state he would push the were away but he just had to take the chance.

“You’re not a vampire?” René smiled through his tears and hugged Ghost tightly. “Werewolf I can deal with.” He was shaking. “I thought my former vampire master came looking for me...I was so scared.” René nuzzled against Ghost and held Ghost tight, feeling safe in his arms.

Ghost was stunned for a moment. The arms around him, the warm trembling body pressed up against him - could it be real? Had René really accepted his secret? He gently enfolded the young man in his arms, bringing the human closer. The were wanted to stay like this forever, safe with the one who had encouraged him to live again even though the young man didn’t know it. The joy built within him as he thought of all the things he could share with René. He could tell him about his history, he could share his brief memories of Lucinda and preserve her life within another. He could protect René from this threat he spoke of. The thought of anyone hurting this beautiful creature brought forth a deep rumble but he wouldn’t let it spoil the evening. He would ask about it at a more suitable time.

René’s warmth excited the were. He loosen the tight hold he kept on his wolf and let it direct him by pulling René into his lap and kissing him soundly. The lips were so warm and inviting. How he could ever have thought that René would reject him? Leftover paranoia from his days with Mitch, he supposed. If one of his own kind could cut so deep, then what could a were expect from a mere human? But this young man in his arms was no mere human. He was joy, beauty, life. Maybe that was what was special about humans. Their zest for life despite the shortness of it. Ghost released the past and embraced the future. He peppered the young face with tiny kisses and then moved slowly over to one delectable ear and down the slender column of pale flesh to a pointed collarbone. René always tasted so good, every part of him. Maybe he’d get the full range tonight or..... just hold the young man in his arm. Both would satisfy.

René moaned softly against Ghost’s heated kisses. Not wanting to break the kiss, René repositioned himself slightly, facing Ghost and straddling him. René’s hands wandered underneath Ghost’s shirt, feeling the toned muscles beneath his fingertips. He placed his own passionate kisses alongside Ghost’s neck, now tugging up on his lover’s shirt to make his intention clear. René wanted more.

René paused only long enough to take Ghost’s shirt off, then returned to trailing kisses along Ghost’s exposed skin. He was certain that Ghost could feel his erection pressed hard against the prison of his jeans.

Freed from his t-shirt by his amorous partner, Ghost longed to feel more skin, to touch, to taste, to savor, to breath him in. A were’s senses could be a blessing and a curse. They were good at warning about danger and prey, but they also had the power to overwhelm him and cause him to lose control. He was no longer a pup but the need to dominate, especially with such willing partner, could be overpowering. Perhaps the wise course of action would be to lean back and give René a bit of control. Let him explore and touch. First, though, the shirt had to go. He plucked at the sleeve. “This is very nice but I prefer seeing it on the floor if you get my drift.”

René pulled back, his lips a little red and swollen from being kissed. He complied and tossed his own shirt to the floor. His hands glided across Ghost’s chest, loving the feel of the soft hair beneath his fingers. René leaned in and kissed one of the nipples, moaning softly as his hands fumbled with the zipper of Ghost’s jeans.

Ghost clenched his fists together tightly, trying desperately not to flip René beneath and grind their obvious erections together. The young man had already gone through enough shocks this evening, both real and imagined. He wanted time for René to just play and enjoy himself, even if the tantalizing touches to his chest and nipples were driving him out of his mind. When René struggled with the zipper of Ghost’s jeans, his wolf whined. The were latched onto the young man’s thighs and growled softly. His toes curled, his back muscles tightened and he thrust up ever so slightly. It wasn’t that he didn’t think he could last, he just wasn’t used to staying passive. His wolf wanted out. He wanted to hold the beautiful human down, to drive his member into his tight hole. He wanted to dominate but that is not what René needed. Oh, the young man had already proved he could keep up with Ghost’s vigor much better than others, but could he take the full force of his wolf? That remained to be seen.

When he could take no more, Ghost stilled the young man’s hands and then gripped his waist. He rose from the couch fluidly, still holding the young man about the waist, and set him on his feet. “Come.” Taking the young man by the hand, he led them to the bed. “This looks far more comfortable for what I think we have in mind. Don’t you think?“ He pulled René onto the big soft looking mattress and tried to encourage him to lie on his back. Crawling up to loom over the younger man, Ghost gave him the once over with both his eyes and nose. “René, wolves are powerful lovers. They are intense and even rough but not punishing. They care deeply for those who have the strength to touch their souls. They revere strength in character and body so...... I want.... to love you as a wolf.” He stretched out the words so his meaning would be clear. He paused for a second, then quickly added a note of clarification. “I’m not going to change into my wolf, just loosen his leash.”

René laid on his back, hooking a leg over Ghost’s waist. When the werewolf mentioned wanting to love him as a wolf, he paused and crooked his head a bit, puzzled by his request. His first thought was doggie style. Then as Ghost explained that he was not going to transform into a wolf, René placed his hand over his face and laughed, feeling rather embarrassed. “I didn’t even think that.” His shoulders shook as he laughed. “I thought you wanted to take me doggie style. Sure, I’d love to have your wolf love me.” He peeked through his fingers and smiled.

Ghost let loose with a whole-hearted laugh. “You are just amazing, you know that? Even when I throw you completely off-kilter you can still laugh.” He reached down and stroked the inside of René’s thigh. “But you know I want to take you every possible way there is. I want to know what you look like, what you sound like on your back, on all fours, riding me. I want to see it all, beautiful.” He leaned around René and gave him a heated kiss. No more gentle stuff. He wanted them to ride the tide of passion until they crashed sated on the soft sandy shore.
This time it was Ghost who was seeking for a zipper. He just had to get René out of his pants because they certainly looked uncomfortable with that bulge pressing against the metal zipper. The were slid the zipper all the way and then grabbed hold of the waistband and yanked on the fabric. The underwear soon joined the jeans on the floor, followed quickly by Ghost’s jeans. He rarely bothered with underwear. It was just one more thing to remove when he changed.

Freed of the confining fabric Ghost moved in between René’s legs and lifted his bottom onto his thighs. He stroked the soft skin along René’s inner thighs, inching higher with each pass. He hoped to drive the young man as insane with passion as he was. Concluding that he would need something to ease the way, Ghost paused and looked around curiously.

René arched his back, losing himself to the sensation of Ghost’s intimate touch. When he felt the werewolf pause, he saw his lover looking around for something. “Condoms or lube?” he asked with a devilish grin. “Both are in the top right hand drawer of the desk.”

Ghost grinned and winked his thanks and reached for the drawer. Inside were a couple of foil packets and a tube of lubricant. He snatched up both and dropped them on the bed at René’s waist. He remembered how well the young man tolerated his girth before. Perhaps he should test how much or little preparation was needed to eliminate the pain but keep the delicious tightness. He smeared a generous amount of lube on his fingers and used it to paint a path down the underside of René’s erection. He circled the young man’s balls and finished his first pass by painting his crack. Adding a bit more lubricant, he teased the wrinkled entrance, encouraging it to clinch and release.

His wolf rumbled and growled within him. It wanted loose and all this teasing play was not to his liking. His wolf was basic, primal. He didn’t understand subtlety or romance. It was all about mating and conquest. He would let his wolf have his head, but only when René was ready. Meanwhile he pushed a single finger inside, pulled it loose and pushed back in with two. He followed through until the young man was able to take in the full length and then added a third. On the third digit he crooked his fingers and bumped the special spot inside.

René’s hips bucked up, he clutched the sheets and moaned out Ghost’s name, silently begging for the werewolf to claim him. “Please,” René whispered through half-parted lips. “I want you to...I trust you...do it,” René said encouragingly, lifting his legs over Ghost’s shoulders.

That’s all the encouragement the werewolf needed. He slipped on a condom, greased it up and lined himself up. One thrust and he was in. He pushed through until he hit bottom. A groan escaped his lips. René felt so good, so tight, so responsive.

René gasped. “Oh yesss,” he hissed with pleasure.

The groan turned to a growl. If there was something that heated the werewolf’s blood more than the feeling of René wrapped around him, it was the sounds that he made. They were music to his ears. His wolf whined. It wanted more. Ghost wanted more. Apparently they were all in agreement. Ghost pulled back and slammed back in. The heat twisted his insides. It was exquisite. He thrust again and again. Each time the heat rose and his wolf yanked at his leash. It wanted free. René said he wanted this. He wanted the wolf to love him.

Ghost thrust one more time, then sat back. Pulling himself free, he flipped René to his hands and knees and drove back in. With his head thrown back, he let his wolf slip the leash. His wolf set a punishing pace but Ghost wanted to make sure it remembered that there was another person here. He wrapped one arm around the slender waist and the other around the young man’s straining erection and tried to keep up. There were times when he wondered just who was in charge.

René arched his back, enjoying the feel of Ghost filling him, claiming him. There was something about the werewolf’s dominance that called to his soul. Perhaps it was his training as a thrall that taught him to be subservient or perhaps it was something that was primal within him, something that craved it. “Make me yours...” he muttered almost incoherently. “Let your wolf lay claim, I want to feel him, unleash it. Yesss...”

The werewolf’s hips pistoned in and out of the yielding hole. He felt his wolf flex its mental muscles, the two sides striving together to reach that ultimate goal. That superb moment when his wolf confirmed his dominance and he joined with another in sweet release. René’s whispered words moved him. It was more than just another night, another conquest. The two had made a connection. Whether it would last he did not know. What he did know was that he needed to come, but having never been a selfish lover despite his sex-happy wolf, he needed to urge his partner on. He leaned forward and growled in René ’s ear. “You are mine. Now come for me, come now.”

As if on command, René found his release, his thighs shaking as his orgasm overcame him. He collapsed, exhausted, surrendering his passion to Ghost. René felt too weak to move, but it was oh, so worth it. He looked up at Ghost’s hazel eyes and smiled, “Fan-fucking-tastic,”

His wolf reveled in the praise. Ghost growled and tightened his grip. “Hang on, we’re not done yet.” Ghost’s hips became a blur as his pace increased. He drove deeper with each motion until he crashed head first over that last crest and tumbled down the other side. His wolf threw back its head and howled, the sound meant as a declaration and a warning to others of his kind that an alpha lived here and he had staked his claim.

Ghost dropped one hand to the bed to keep from putting his full weight onto the young man beneath him. His whole body tingled with energy even after such a powerful release. He couldn’t stay still. His mind tumbled over the last hour. He had admitted to René that he was a wolf. He had let the young human see a bit of his wilder side. René had asked to be claimed by the wolf. Was he willing to see the beast too?

Ghost sat back on his knees, pulling René into his lap. He stroked his face and laid tender kisses along his collarbone. He stared deep into the brown eyes, trying to discern the answer before even asking the question. “René, would you like to see the wolf?”

René studied Ghost through hazy eyes. “Yes, I’d love to see your wolf...will he accept me?” he asked, a little afraid of his rejection.

Ghost was delighted by René’s answer and touched by his concern. “Oh, my beauty, he already has.” Ghost dropped a kiss on the sweet face turned up at him. “My wolf and I are as one. We take our cues from one another. His emotions may be a tad more primal, but he felt my desire back in that cabin months ago and marked you as his. Lucky for you I am the stronger half and decide who belongs to me and who doesn’t. It is still your choice what we take in this.” Ghost nuzzled an ear and buried his face in the young human’s hair. It was soft and silky and smelled a bit like him. Any other were who came in contact with René in the next day or so would know that the young man had been with one of their kind. “So you want to see him? Yes?” He nipped René’s ear gently. “Wait right here.”

Ghost extracted himself from the bed and checked to make sure they had privacy by closing a curtain or two. He was already naked so there were no clothes to remove. He stopped in the middle of the living room area and shimmered into his wolf. He faded a bit during the procedure so that to René it would appear to be instantaneous. One minute a man, next minute an enormous Siberian wolf. The wolf padded silently back to the bedroom area and stopped just between the bed to look inquisitively up at the human.

René patted the bed next to him, inviting the wolf up into the bed. “Aren’t you gorgeous?” he said, trying to sit up, still recuperating from their earlier exertion. He reached out a hand tentatively, asking the wolf’s permission to touch him.

The wolf padded closer, lifting his nose in recognition. The scent of their lovemaking hung heavy in the air. It marked the human on the bed as friend. To the wolf’s way of thinking the human was a bit on the skinny side, but if Ghost desired him then the wolf would try to look past that obvious flaw. He would keep his approach non-aggressive and, despite the growing desire to go another round with the skinny human, nonsexual too. Ghost chuckled at his wolf’s perverted thoughts. He didn’t think that René was open-minded enough to go for bestiality. He mentally cuffed his wolf and told him to behave.

The wolf advanced farther and nuzzled the offered hand, then laid his head down on the edge of the bed, well in reach of the young human. He would give René time to adjust and make the next move.

There were two grey patches of fur that highlighted the blue eyes looking back at René from the white fur faced. René could really ‘see’ his lover locked behind the intensity of those blue eyes.

René edged closer to the wolf and allowed the wolf to sniff his hand first. When it looked as if the wolf gave permission, nuzzling against his hand, René gently petted the wolf, making sure to stroke him behind the ears. His fur was soft and silky, a mixture of browns, blacks, and grey.

René wrapped an arm around Ghost’s wolf form and cuddled next to his neck, laughing lightly. Just this simple gesture brought René such joy and he thanked Ghost for the honor.

The wolf whined and stretched out his neck to rest it on René’s shoulder. Something special had just happened. René had accepted him in both his forms. That meant so much. Those who came before had accepted one or another but rarely both. He began to believe that he could tell this precious young man everything. His history and age and even about the crazy Russian she-wolf that was looking for him. The mere thought that Katarina might hurt René in her quest to secure the next Ghost generation brought out his wolf’s protective side. He put one paw on the edge of the bed and nudged forward, pushing gently at the René in an attempt to urge him to make room. No one would ever hurt this amazing young man, not if Ghost and his wolf could prevent it.

René complied and made room for his wolf companion, bringing up a throw blanket from the foot of the bed to cover himself. He yawned, lightly resting a hand on the wolf’s back “Good-night,” he said sleepily, giving the wolf a quick kiss on top of its head.

The wolf crawled up beside the young man and stretched out. He would watch over Ghost’s lover until sleep overtook him. The sleepy “good-night” and the pleasant pressure of René’s hand on his back were amazingly comforting. His watchful vigil was surprisingly short-lived. With the warmth of the human at his back and a soft bed supporting him, the wolf’s eyes drooped and closed in a matter of minutes.




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