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House Hunting New Orleans - Ghost/Rene

[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Mun’s Note: Takes place immediately after House Hunting New Orleans - Ghost/Rene

Part 2

Ghost distracted René by nuzzling his neck and then slipped the keys out of his hand and unlocked the apartment door himself. He picked the young man up and carried him inside, not stopping until the both of them were tumbling onto the bed. He started pulling off clothes immediately. He wanted them naked and he wanted it now.

René wasted little time undressing Ghost. He tugged on the were’s jeans and slid them and his underwear down. René then crawled over to the desk which was near his bed and pulled out the lube and condoms from one of his drawers.

René tossed the items to Ghost. He too felt the urgent need to couple with the werewolf. It was almost a desperate sensation, unlike anything René had ever felt. This was more than lust or desire, it was raw passion.

Ghost caught the supplies and pulled René to him, ravishing his mouth. It felt good to be just touching and feeling after the emotional roller coaster their revealing talk had produced. He was just glad that René was still here and not running for his life, but he would not think even of that victory. He only wanted to make the young man happy for as long as he could.

The were rolled them over and knelt over the young human. He wanted to watch his precious René as he came apart. He wanted to see the passion flare in those beautiful eyes. The same look that should be mirrored in his own. Ghost wasted no time in parting the young man’s thighs. Tonight it would all be about the pleasure. He held himself up with one hand so that René wouldn’t have to suffer the were’s superior weight and searched with the other until his fingers found the delicate entrance. He circled the opening with moist fingers, encouraging René’s body to open for him.

René felt a type of flutter in his stomach as Ghost’s hands explored his skin. The cellist bit down on his lower lip as his thighs were spread, eagerly anticipating the were’s intimate touch. René’s body complied to Ghost’s fingers, working their magic. René’s lips parted and he let out a soft moan, half-whispering Ghost’s name.

Ghost’s finger glided past the young man’s guardian muscles and then back out. The tight channel felt so incredible squeezing his fingers. He couldn’t wait to feel that same friction against his sensitive member. It would be heavenly. Tonight he would coax René past the soft breathy moans. He would pull true song from the luscious lips and hear René sing his name over and over again. He would take both of them to the stars and let the passion devour them. Ghost rubbed the inner walls and nudged the sensitive nub with his knuckle. He wanted to build the sensations until there was no place for René to go except up. He would have to the young man soaring high.

Ghost would keep the young man breathless. He would vary the pace and pressure of his touch. Ghost interspersed kisses between the intimate strokes. He kissed the smooth skin along René’s collarbone and up the side of his neck, touching a spot briefly and moving on. He didn’t know how long he could keep this up, for René wasn’t the only one responding to the closeness. Ghost was so hard already that he could go off with little or no additional encouragement. He felt about to explode.

René wrapped his legs around Ghost’s waist, urging him to take him. His hands stroked Ghost’s muscular back, drawing him closer. The friction of their bodies caused his own member to twitch in sweet agony. “Please...” he whispered against the werewolf’s ear, tugging playfully on the lobe as he spoke.

René’s sweet pleas were always the were’s undoing. Ghost just couldn’t hold off when René wanted something, and right now it was obvious that they both wanted the same thing. Ghost pulled his fingers free and replaced them with his throbbing member. Sliding in was like coming home; it felt incredibly snug, secure, safe - home. Oh, it was so good. Ghost growled with contentment. This was heaven, or as close as he could get. He hoped that René felt the same way. He pulled back and slid back in. Every part of René was touching every part of him, both inside and out. The sensation was mind-blowing. Even his wolf was pleased. Normally his wolf wanted more, now, but he and the wolf were one. They both wanted whatever would make the beautiful young man under them happy.

The pace he set was steady. He didn’t ram in with the intensity of a werewolf trying to mark his territory. He savored it like a lover who wanted it to last. Who wanted to give as much joy as he received, maybe more.

René moaned, moving in rhythm with his lover; his body frantic to feel Ghost’s every touch. It was like soaring above the clouds. Ghost took René to new heights he had not experienced. He had not known Ghost long, but the strong attraction he felt for the werewolf was overwhelming. It was true that René still had feelings for Melinda and part of René was confused as to what to do about her; he had been dangerously close to falling in love with her, but Melinda had told him that she didn’t want commitments and she made it clear that she did not feel as strongly as he did. It was heartbreaking and to be honest, René had sought comfort in the arms of the werewolf--but now, spending time with Ghost, being with Ghost--things had changed. René felt that he was doomed to fall for those who only wanted casual acquaintance. It seemed Ghost wanted more, but René was not about to chance speaking of it after his disappointment with Melinda. Right now René only wanted to savor the moment; he would deal with the consequences of his heart later.

Ghost’s control slipped a little with each enticing noise that came from his sexy young man. He just didn’t have the will to hold back when René made such bewitching sounds. One more moan and his control was lost. Abandoning the steady rhythm seemed the only logical option. The were did not think that his beautiful human would argue the point. The constant moans were his undoing. With a mighty roar Ghost shifted his position, placing both palms flat on the bed and driving upward into the pliant body below him over and over again, the earlier emotions fueling his frenzy. They both had a , but this moment wasn’t about mistakes and what the future held. It was about pleasure given and security built in one another.

Ghost stared down into René’s face. He wanted to see the exact moment when the fragile young man slipped over the edge into bliss. He strained to hold on but the pressure was too much. “I can’t hold back much longer. Come with me, lover. Come now!”

René panted heavily and as Ghost plunged mercilessly into him, he lolled his head back and thrust his hips up, digging his fingers into Ghost’s back as his orgasm claimed him. “Yesss...oh yesss...” he exclaimed, half delirious from the pleasure.

Ghost wasn’t far behind. The moment René’s body clamped down on his member, he soared over the edge into an incredible free fall. He growled his pleasure and thrust twice more just to savor the sweet tightness. He would never tire of the feeling. René’s body accepted him. It fit him so well. Oh, that the rest of them was such a good fit. That is what he wished for.

Ghost rolled over, taking René with him and leaving him draped over his body. Ghost was wrung out. Usually one bout of sex was not enough to sate him, but the truth telling earlier had been exhausting for both of them, he thought. He only hoped that René would not run from him once the young man got a chance to think over what had been revealed. Ghost reached up and smoothed the sweaty curls. “Stay with me. I want you.”

René managed a chuckle while catching his breath; his body was sore but it was oh, so worth it. “I’m not going anywhere. It is my bed,” he responded, perhaps making light of Ghost’s request because René didn’t dare to read too much into it; he was afraid to hope. “However, you are welcomed to stay as long as you like.” René reached over and kissed Ghost’s lips tenderly.

Ghost reached down and gave the cheeky young man a playful smack on his bare cheek. “Smart ass. I know this is your bed.” He smooth over the place where his palm connected with René’s behind. “I was speaking in general. I want to see where this leads.” He wrapped his arms around the lithe body. “You have been there for me, René, emotionally, when others have only offered advice. Of course, maybe that is all I asked of them because I already felt the connection to you.” Ghost leaned down and kissed the unruly curls. “I know whatever this is has been fast, but don’t discount it just because of its newness. It has that “rightness” feel to it. I can’t explain it. All I know is that my shack no longer fits. I wanted to be closer to you. I wanted some place I could be with you in; some place you would feel comfort. A place you could spend some real time at. I’m not asking you to move in with me, just be willing to let it happen if it does happen.”

René nuzzled into Ghost’s neck. “It scares me...what I feel for you,” he said softly. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish to explore it. However, I want to know just what it is you expect out of this relationship? Am I something casual? Are we going to have other lovers? Or is it a bit more serious than that?” René tried to keep it general, but they were the questions plaguing his mind the most.

Ghost stroked René’s bare back. He liked the feel of the young man’s body draped over his. “I’ll be honest with you. I have met a couple of other weres since that night outside of Medusa, and I did find them physically attractive, but I needed to know what was happening with the two of us so I avoided anything intimate.” Ghost turned his head so he could look René in the eyes. “I don’t know what this is. Whether it is a need to be close after a loss and upheaval in my life or the real thing. All I know is that when I thought of choosing a new home I knew it had to be someplace that you were pleased with, that you felt comfort in, because I hoped you would be spending a lot of time there. Your feelings mattered.”

Ghost laid his head back down. “Is it casual? No. Are we going to have other lovers and how serious are we?” He glanced down over their naked bodies. “I have no serious need for anyone else. Are you asking permission, René? I feel very serious about you but it goes both ways. Is there someone else that you desire to be with?”

Ghost didn’t give the young man a chance to respond. “Don’t answer that now. You have heard how I feel. This was supposed to be a time of just feeling, and here we are discussing stuff again. Think about it. I have to leave for a week or two on business. I plan to buy the loft we saw. I knew it was right the minute you walked in there. A contractor will begin work on the interior as soon as the papers are signed. I’ll call you as soon as get back and we can talk, but right now I just want to hold you and know at this moment you are mine.”

René curled into Ghost’s arms. “Yeah, of course,” he whispered, but there was a type of fear reflected in eyes. He didn’t want to be hurt again. “Sorry, I sound like a school girl with a crush.” He shrugged a shoulder. “There’s no pressure. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll take it for what it is, no sweat.” René managed a smile, practice from when he had to pretend all was well with him and his vampire ex-lover. “But you’re right, it’s best we leave the heavy conversation for when you get back.” He kissed Ghost’s lips. “Get some rest.”

Ghost accepted the gentle press of lips against his. He could feel René’s doubts. They were peeking around the edges of the casual smile. He was tempted to go back on his words and hash it all out with the young man, but René needed time to think about everything that was said, even if he didn’t know it yet. Maybe his young man would decide that a relationship with Ghost was too much and that someone else would be easier, but Ghost held off for now. “You too, rest and stop thinking so much. I’ll still be here in the morning.” With that, he settled his hands at the base of René’s spine and rubbed over his back with gentle, soothing strokes.




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