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A Visit at The Den

[cross posted bq_tristan were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]

Mun’s Note: Part 2

Ghost settled back in his corner table and half watched the organized confusion of the busy café. He studied René’s movements from table to table until the light blinked on his phone. It was a call from the company. Just an update on that last client. He’d let it go to voicemail and listen later. He wanted to check on the progress of the contracts on his new apartment, or should he say building, since he was buying the whole thing. He’d need to hire a property manager to take care of the shops at the street level and to supervise the remodel of the loft if he was out of town.

He had three emails, two from the realtor and one from his banker. If everything went as planned, he would have the property by the day after tomorrow. He’d already had conversations with a contractor for the kitchen and bath and another for the refitting of the basic walls and floors. He would design and build the interior of the bike garage and wood shop after someone else put up the basic walls. Once the shop was ready, he planned to make a few furniture pieces of his own, starting with a hand-carved head and foot board for his king-sized bed.

Ghost saw a new email pop up. There were two new clients asking for consultations. Ghost was soon lost in the specifics of the first job. He briefly forgot that he was sitting in a busy café surrounded by werewolves who were being served by his very human boyfriend.

René glanced over to Ghost’s table and gave him a promising smile. He was waiting on another table, a stack of dishes in his hands as he served the patrons some of Tristan’s famous chili. When he had a free moment, he went over to Ghost and apologized for not getting back to him sooner. “Whoa, I didn’t expect you to eat that chili so quickly, but I see the boss was tending to you personally. I hope Tristan doesn’t think I was slacking off.” He took in the crowd in the small space, “It is crazy in here tonight. Usually is with Tristan’s chili.” He cupped Ghost’s chin. “And for your information, I know how to cook. Been on my own for a long time, had to learn...so no proposing to my boss when I’m around, okay? I may get jealous.” He laughed. “The customers overheard you and couldn’t wait to tell me the gossip.” René winked and gave Ghost’s hand a reassuring squeeze.

Ghost caught René’s hand and despite the busy room pulled him down into his lap, keeping his voice low and his mouth close to René’s ear. “Like I’d marry his ugly mug when I have you, gorgeous. I only love him for his food.” Ghost kissed the young man’s ear and rubbed his thigh with his hand. Now that his belly was mostly full, he and his wolf shifted to other desires. He knew the room was still full, but it was hard to hold back when René was so near. “You can cook for me anytime, baby.”

“Nice try, babe, but we both know that Tristan is far from ugly.” René crossed his arms and laughed, tapping his foot. “If I hadn’t hooked up with you, I may have still been daydreaming about Tristan. But I doubt he would ever do anything with me, guess I look too much like his friend Paris...who, by the way, looks exactly like me; except he looks like he comes from money and he has this strange foreign accent; never heard it before. When I first saw Paris, I was totally freaked out, to know that I suddenly have this clone. Or even freakier, maybe I’m the clone.”

Ghost snorted. “Nobody’s like you, baby. I don’t care how much he looks like you. As far as I’m considered you are an original.” He nuzzled René’s neck. “I’m sure everyone has a doppelganger in the world somewhere, but there is still truly only one of each of us - looks aside.” He snuggled René close. “Truth be told, I thought Tristan was an attractive man when I first saw him and he floors me with his food, but I saw you standing outside Medusa’s that night and that was it for me. After that, it didn’t matter how good looking other men were, even another werewolf - they didn’t compare to you.” Ghost kissed René’s cheek and started to lift him off his lap. “Would you believe I’m still hungry? I guess I skipped more meals than I thought getting back to New Orleans. When you have a moment, could you see if Tristan has any more of that chili? If there’s to be any growling tonight I don’t want it to be my stomach.”

Hearing what Ghost had to say put a silly smile on René’s face. “I have no problem with Paris as long as he doesn’t try to seduce you. If he does that, then we have a problem. I’ll deck that pretty foo-foo boy, I swear. Don’t want to share you.” He said the last bit softly. Shaking his head, feeling somewhat embarrassed, he picked up Ghost’s plates. “I’ll go get you some more chili, babe.

Ghost caught his hand before René could get away. “What a little tiger!” He kissed the hand. “Only you, baby, only you. That’s all I want. Remember that!” He let the young man go but kept his eyes on him. He had never seen René with such fire and to have it aimed at him was a bit of a thrill. He would have to show René that he meant what he said. His time away had not changed his mind about who he wanted to be with.

René laughed at Ghost’s comment, happy that his potential boyfriend didn’t take it as being too possessive. He picked up a few more plates from other tables before heading toward the kitchen. “Any more chili left? The natives are restless.” He paused a moment, looking at Tristan as he emptied the plates into a sink basin filled with hot water. “Boss man, can I ask you something about your --friend--Paris?”

“They’re always restless.” Tristan said, laughing. “If I get a bigger chili pot, I’ll need an oar to stir it. That man of yours can really pack it away, I have to say.” He dished up another bowl of the chili and slid it over. “As far as Paris, it’s like they say: you can always ask.” He winked.

“Well, ever since I saw Paris at the auction, I’ve been wondering why he looks like me. Has he said anything? What do you know about him?” René asked, taking a circular tray and placing some orders on it. “I mean, it’s weird that he looks like me, don’t you think?”

“He’s rich, pretty, and loves the sex.” Tristan said, grinning. “But yeah, that’s pretty weird alright.” He wasn’t about to discuss Paris’ vampiric nature, of course, and figured mentioning William at all wouldn’t be a good idea. “If you’re half as randy as he is, Ghost is in for a treat.” He winked.

“Randy? How very Brit of you. Yeah, I got the foo-foo pretty rich boy vibe from him.” René smirked. “Are you, like, with him?”

“Nah, we just met in a club and hooked up.” Tristan said. “He does have a very nice ass, though.” He leered playfully at René’s own.

“Tease,” René laughed as he made his way out with the food. “If your Paris comes near my Ghost, I will deck him.”

“Just send him over to me.” Tristan said after him. “Once I get my cock in him, he’ll behave himself.” He playfully gave the finger in the direction of the suddenly hooting customers.

“Well as long as it’s your cock and not Ghost’s cock that is all up and friendly with this Paris, then all is well.” René chuckled as Tristan flipped off some of the patrons, that was a regular occurrence here, yet no one really felt offended. Tristan ran a tight ship.

René nodded in Ghost’s direction, dropping off another order of chili for Ghost, a wicked grin plastered on his face. “I mean it, no funny business with the doppelganger or there will be beatings.” He playfully hit his fist into the palm of his hand, then picked up the tray to move to another table. “You have been warned,” he called behind him, keeping the devilish smile on his lips.

Ghost held his hands up in mock surrender. “None of that, I got it.” Truly he wasn’t sure if René was talking to him or Tristan, but since he didn’t seem to have a problem with Tristan banging this look-alike, then the comments must be referring to him. He wondered idly if this other guy really looked that much like his René. How would he feel? Was he attracted to René’s looks or was it deeper than that? Now he was starting to sound like his boyfriend. He shook his head as if to banish the thoughts and dug into his meal. A much safer pastime by far.

René finished up the last of the clean up after the diner closed. Feeling a bit tired, he made his way over to Ghost and sat on his lap, nuzzling against him. “Tired...take me home?” he muttered. keeping a smile.

Ghost put aside his phone as soon as René landed in his lap. He didn’t realize he had been sitting there that long. He’d gotten fascinated by some woodworking equipment he wanted to put in the loft. He wrapped the young man up in his arm and kissed the top of his curls. “Sure, baby. I can have you home and in bed in a blink.” Ghost gripped two firm ass cheeks and lifted both of them from the seat. No one but Tristan was around to comment. Balancing René in one hand, he pulled some cash out with the other and carried it and his sleepy boyfriend over to the counter. “I thank you for all the wonderful service, sir,” he said with a courtly bow. “You don’t mind if I take him home with me, do you?”

Tristan just laughed, waving the pair on their way.

René laid his head against Ghost’s shoulder, wrapping his legs around the were’s waist as he was carried over to the cash register. He grinned impishly, happy to be off his feet for the moment.



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