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Take Me Home Tonight

cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Mun’s Note:Takes place after A Visit At The Den

Part 1

René was glad to finally be home. He lazily plopped on his sofa and smiled wearily at Ghost. “Tonight was rough, but I can usually get my energy back up quickly. Just give me a moment.” He held out his hand for Ghost to take it. “Come, join me on the couch for now. I need to feel you close.” It was strange that René felt the urgency to be near Ghost; he wondered if this was some kind of side effect from coupling with a werewolf. Not that René minded it one bit. Ghost was quite attractive and a passionate lover.

Ghost agreed that close was good, very good. He lowered himself onto the couch beside René but quickly decided he needed more. He lifted René onto his lap and snuggled the young man close. His emotions had been all over the place tonight and the only thing that seem to quiet him was thinking about his new place. He hoped to share the spacious loft with René when the young man was ready. With that in mind, every step of the remodel was aimed at creating something that was comfortable for the both of them.

Even while Ghost was waiting on the final approval of the building purchase, he was contacting contractors to get estimates on what he wanted to have done. He needed to have a more physical presence in René’s life if he was going to make his claim on the young human clear to the obviously large were population in New Orleans. René would have to work for a were who served half the wolf residents in the area. What were the odds? He trusted Tristan to keep his were customers in line when Ghost wasn’t there, but what about the human men? René was beautiful and very friendly. He’d laughed off the werewolf advances tonight, but what would he do if one decided to follow the young man home and push his advantage? Unconsciously he growled under his breath.

René did love being cuddled by Ghost. He nuzzled against Ghost’s cheek, loving the feel of the were’s beard rubbing against his own smooth skin. “You know Jeremiah has steered clear of me for the last few weeks. Guess you put the fear of God into him.” He chuckled.
Good. That was someone who René didn’t need to waste time with. The jock was a bully, pure and simple. Ghost kissed the messy curls. “Glad I could help. That one needs a serious attitude adjustment.” Ghost freed one of his hands and casually rubbed it up and down René’s thigh. “I know it’s late and you’ve had a long day, but can I ask something? Did you think about what we discussed when we were together last?” Ghost tipped his head and caught the edge of René’s ear and sucked it into his mouth, teasing it gently with his tongue.

“Mmm, keep that up and all coherent thought will float right out of my head.” René smirked. “But yes, I have thought about what you said...I’ve done little else. Before I commit to you, I have to tell you there is someone else. A woman, a beautiful, wonderful, amazing woman named Melinda. I care about her, but she is a widow and is not yet ready to give me more than something casual. And until I met you, I was quite broken up over it, even though I was not going to demand anything from Melinda. But I want something more; I want commitment. I want to be with just one person. For the first time in my life, I’m ready for that type of relationship....Melinda is not. And in the time that I have been with you, Ghost, my feelings for you have grown...I’ve missed you these past weeks you’ve been gone.” He whispered the last part, brushing his lips against Ghost’s.

Ghost pressed into the kiss, not letting the young man escape, drawing René closer to his chest. He had missed the young man too. Pulling back, Ghost pushed a dark curl aside. “You are never far from my thoughts these days.” He planted another gentle kiss on the upturned lips. “It would seem that we both have people in our past, and maybe even in our present, but we still care for each other. Let’s agree to concentrate on that and see if what we have is stronger than what we have known before.”

“You have someone in your present?” René asked, pulling away with a concerned look. “Is this to be the mother of your child? How do I factor into all of that?” He bit down on his lower lip, worried that the answer would lead to more heartbreak. “If that takes priority, then I suppose I will do with what you can offer...but if we can have more, that is what I would wish, and I would speak to Melinda as to not lead her on further. But I need to know, what is it that you want from this?” he lightly traced his finger alongside Ghost’s cheek.

“Rest assured, my sweet one, there is no one in my life right now except you.” That’s what Ghost said on the outside, but on the inside he started to have his own doubts. Maybe René was rubbing off on him, but Ghost liked him. The young man was gorgeous and fun to be with. René was very passionate in bed, easily able to satisfy Ghost’s needs. René’s love of music was just icing on the cake. Ghost ticked through the reasons he was seeing the young human and was calmed. He wished he could calm René as easily. Perhaps this woman meant more to René then he wanted to admit.

He held the young man at arm’s length and stared into his brown eyes. “I want you...for as long as I can have you...an exclusive relationship...just the two of us. I want no one else in my bed. When my new place in finished I want you to move in with me. Is that clear enough for you?”

René smiled through his own doubt and nodded. “Very clear...and it’s what I am hoping for, but are you sure this is what you want? I don’t want you to have any regrets about me… about us.”

Ghost didn’t break eye contact with René. He wanted his young lover to see the sincerity and deeper passion rumbling just below the surface. “If I had any doubts, I would be back in my old cabin or trolling the bars of Bourbon Street looking for yet another one night stand, instead of picking a home that is convenient to the transportation lines and figuring how I can create a music room in the loft.” Ghost pulled René tight against his chest. He wanted to feel the young man’s warmth and heartbeat. “Sex partners I can find easily enough, but not a life partner. That I found in you.” Ghost reached up and ran his fingers through the messy strands. “I’m satisfied. Now can I make love to you?”

René’s eyes lit up as he heard Ghost mention a music room. It seemed the wolf was serious about him and unlike his former supernatural lover, Ghost seemed sincere. “With an offer like that, how can I refuse?” René answered, repositioning himself to straddle Ghost. “Come on, were, ravish me,” he whispered as his lips brushed against Ghost’s ear.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Ghost growled and tugged René’s shirt up and off. The werewolf was glad that he had traded his usual leathers for black jeans and a t-shirt. Much easier to get off, and less expensive to replace if he or his lover got “eager”.

The tantalizing, smooth chest that he revealed was so touchable and squeezable and lots of other -ables. Ghost gripped René’s biceps and tilted him back so the were could reach those luscious nipples that were even now rising to the occasion as if in anticipation. He licked and sucked and worried each one in turn with his teeth. Always it was about hearing his lover sing. Ghost reveled in the sounds of passion and René was the best in his memories.

René arched back and gasped as Ghost’s tongue went to work on his body. If there was anything that wolf was good at, it was sex. In fact, it was better than any sex he had ever experienced with anyone (vampire or human).

René lifted his hips and fumbled with the zipper of his jeans. He could feel his erection pressing against him, confined. And while it ached to be released, René was having some trouble complying with his body’s request. “Hey lover boy, how’s about getting me out of these?” he asked with a smirk, directing Ghost’s hand over to his hips.

“That does look uncomfortable so....” Ghost sized up their present arrangement. “Are you emotionally attached to these jeans or...?” He picked René straight up and swapped their positions, laying his lover down on the couch. The jeans came off next and surprisingly in one piece. He didn’t mind buying René new clothes, but he knew that his lover was very independent and might not accept gifts so early on.

With René stripped and waiting, Ghost divested himself of his own attire. Ghost groaned as his stiff erection popped free from his pants. He needed to bury his cock inside the firm tight body stretched out in front of him. His wolf whined at the delay. He was ready for action, too. Ghost lowered himself to his knees at René’s side. He ran his fingers down the smooth chest and circled the hard flesh leaking on his young lover’s belly. “I must have you, now. Tell me you are ready for me?”

“Lube, over by the desk...” René panted. “Then I’ll be ready.” His own need to feel his lover’s touch had intensified after being absent from it for two weeks. His body ached to feel Ghost inside of him, but it would do neither any good if René suffered injury from his anxiousness.

Ghost leaped up and almost streaked to the desk and back. He could move very fast when he was motivated, and he was definitely motivated. He could see the desire radiating from his lover’s eyes, but he did have to remind himself that René was human, though a sturdy one. Pain was not on the menu tonight - just exquisite pleasure.

Ghost dropped to his knees again and parted René’s thighs. He hooked one over his arm and used the free hand to loosen his lover up. He was glad he did, because besides avoiding possible injury, René was making delightful noises that just ratcheted Ghost’s passion higher.

René let out a small moan as Ghost’s nimble fingers prepped him. The human arched his body forward, allowing Ghost the best access to his intimate regions. Fingers curled around Ghost’s thick mane. “Want you...now.”

“Then hold on, baby.” Ghost pulled his fingers free and scooped his young lover up. He guided René’s limbs around his waist and side-stepped the couch to press René’s bare back against the wall. Ghost growled his desire as he lined up his hard, throbbing staff with René’s intimate spot and used his weight to push in. His staff touched bottom with a satisfying groan. Like coming home. It was almost worth it to go away if he had this to come home to. Home, is that what New Orleans was now? He’d never stayed in one place for more than a few months to a year. Now he had a reason to stay.

With his cock buried securely in René’s ass, Ghost slid his hands up his lover’s back to cushion the young man’s upper back and hooked his hands over the slender shoulders. Now he could ram into René without beating him up against the unyielding wall. Ghost pulled back and thrust in again, setting a pace that increased in tempo and force with each forward motion. He hoped to quickly drive both of them over the edge and then carry René to bed and do it all over again. Ghost’s hips snapped forward and he murmured, “Oh, baby, you feel so good.”

René responded by making those delectable sounds that Ghost enjoyed hearing so much. The cellist arched forward, digging his fingertips into Ghost’s back as he kept steady to the pace his lover so skillful set. “Feels good...being with you...” René panted, unable to say much more as waves of ecstasy claimed him.

René had had many male lovers, but nothing compared to how Ghost made him feel. This was real and amazing and René never wanted it to end. And in the corner of his mind, René could hear a symphony quietly playing as the music came alive, vibrant with harmony; just as their bodies united with one another then collided in a beautiful orchestral rhythm.

Ghost felt René’s body clamp down on him, squeezing his cock and pulling his own climax from him. He curled his body inward to meld with his partner. His final thrusts were sharper and erratic. Ghost stilled with a shudder and a deep-seated growl. He and his wolf were sated for the moment, though it wouldn’t take much to excite him again. Just staying in close contact with the warm inviting body beneath him would have him ready to go in short order. He figured he’d better move René to a more comfortable surface before his cock and his wolf noticed that the young man was still conscious.

René kissed the side of Ghost’s neck, feeling the were’s orgasm claim him. René was not ready to climax as yet, but he was oh so close. He placed his hands on the side of Ghost’s face and drew his lover in for a sultry kiss, his body trembling from anticipation.

A kiss. The slide of lips and tongues against each other. Yeah, that did it for the werewolf. Without losing contact with those inviting lips, he swept their intimately contacted bodies away from the wall and up the couple of steps to the bedroom area. When Ghost’s legs hit the bed he let his body fall back into the sheets, bringing René with him. His hard cock slipped from René’s snug passage just long enough for the were to turn his lover, slide a slender leg forward and plunge back in from the back. Ghost fit his chest to his young lover’s back, one hand splayed across René’s flat belly and the other wrapped around the young man’s hard flesh. He matched his upward pulls with his thrusts.

Ghost’s name passed by René’s mouth in a pleasure-filled moan. He pressed his head against the plush pillows and wrapped his hands around the cool sheets. René pushed his hips back, encouraging Ghost to continue the assault on his body. “More...” he said with raspy breath.

Ghost could do this all night, and he was thrilled by the fact that René seem to be able to take more and more of him when they were in bed. He knew a few weres who couldn’t outmatch René when it came to endurance. “As you wish, baby. Forever and ever. I’ll give you everything and then some.” Ghost increased his speed on both hole and cock. His fingers circled the tip of the young human’s weeping cock with every upward pull, spreading the gathering fluid over the whole shaft. “Just keep making those beautiful sounds.” He would do anything and everything to keep this wonderful person in his life.

René’s body welcomed the toll Ghost’s motions were having. He would be sore later but René was not going to complain. Ghost was taking him to heaven and he didn’t want this wonderful sensation to ever end.

René pressed his lips together, attempting to suppress the loud moan that wanted to escape. It came out a half murmur, calling out Ghost’s name.

“Let it go, baby. Want to come with you this time.” Ghost pistoned his hips faster and leaned over and nuzzled René’s shoulder, latching onto the sensitive muscles. His request was punctuated with a growl that rumbled deep in his belly, allowing the vibrations to penetrate through both of their bodies. Both he and his wolf desired to feel that tightening of René’s muscles around his firm cock. To feel the young man let loose.

René gasped as he felt the first sensations of the climax commence. When it had fully grasped him, he let out a loud moan (which surely his neighbors would raise an eyebrow over). As the waves of ecstasy ceased, René looked over his shoulder at the amazing man who made it all possible, “Damn...” was all he muttered through a crooked smile.

Ghost shook as his second climax of the evening started to peak. He felt the tremors all the way to the tips of his toenails. It made him wonder briefly who was pleasing whom, then he fell face first over the edge and there was no more thinking, just joy and sweet exhilaration With his face buried in the juncture of René’s neck, he roared his pleasure against the soft skin.



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