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Take Me Home Tonight Part 2

cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Mun’s Note:Takes place after Take Me Home Tonight Part 1

Part 2

Somewhere in the fog of the afterglow he heard René’s exclamation. ‘Damn, indeed.’ If this was what happened every time they made love, he might never let his lover out of bed again, and he told René just that. Ghost rested his chin on René’s shoulder and looked sideways at him. “If I could figure out a way of conducting business from a bed, we can just stay here. Tristan can deliver us food and we can get all the exercise we need.” He was joking, of course, but it was a nice dream.

“Mmm, I would love to be at your beck and call and get ravished thoroughly by you night and day, but my conductor may frown upon it during orchestra practice.” René chuckled. “Though playing the cello while being made love to would certainly prove to be interesting...” His shoulders shook as he laughed.

“Seriously though, love. When did you want me to move in? I have finals in two weeks, so I will be pretty scarce; Tristan was kind enough to give me some time off to study...and I have to finish my song for the recital...” René turned to face Ghost and placed a tender kiss on his neck.

Imagining René with his cello tucked between his legs while Ghost was buried deep in his ass was definitely....inspiring. His cock twitched at the prospect. “Perhaps that could be an experiment for a rainy day. I could be your muse. The music we could make together.” Ghost stroked his lover. “The move won’t be for a while unless you are into banging, and not the good kind. “ He smirked. “The sale of the building will be finalized tomorrow and I’ll start the overhaul of the interior walls by the end of the week; until then, it’s dinners at Tristan’s and back to my ratty cabin in the swamp. Funny, I didn’t really think much about the condition of the place until I met you.“

“Nonsense, when you need to be in the city, just crash at my place. It’s small, but I don’t mind the company. ’Sides, I can get you used to my cooking in the meantime. I’m no Tristan but I can whip up a good home cooked meal,” René said with a grin.

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer. You have more room than I do, and I’m quickly getting used to waking up with someone next to me, or being next to you in particular. The meals are just a plus. You sure you know how to cook?” He cocked his head to the side to view his lover’s reaction.

René playfully slapped Ghost’s arm. “Yes, I can cook,” he chuckled. “I’m going to make you some pot roast with all the fixings tomorrow night, just you wait...but first in the morning, I’m going to make you a breakfast you won’t soon forget.” He placed a slow lingering kiss on Ghost’s mouth, gently tugging on the bottom lip as he pulled away.

Ghost groaned as the teasing tug sent signals to his ever ready cock. “You keep that up and the only thing you are going to be doing in the morning is catching up on your sleep, because I’m going to wear you out.” He returned the kiss with one of his own that promised much. “Then how are you going to prove your claims, lover?” Ghost pressed his awakened cock against René’s stomach just to emphasize his point.

“You forget, I was once a sex slave to a very lustful vampire--bring it,” René answered with a grin, his hand wandering down to touch Ghost’s anxious cock.

One downward stroke would have that half-hard cock amazingly firm by its completion. That single touch had Ghost rolling René onto his back to slide between his thighs. The were maneuvered himself down the bed and used his arms to spread his young lover wide. Ghost’s tongue licked a path up René’s intimate flesh. He had yet to taste this part of the human’s body. If it was as sweet as the rest of him, then Ghost planned to give the area a lot more attention.

Ghost breathed in the intoxicating scent of sweat and male sex. What a heady combination. Just the thing to arouse a werewolf despite having come twice. It was like instantaneous Viagra. Ghost licked and sucked René’s cock like an all-day sucker.

“If I fall asleep during practice tomorrow--” was all René managed to say before Ghost’s expert mouth was on him again. He certainly could get used to this. Besides, René had challenged Ghost, so what did he expect? Not that René was complaining by any means.

Ghost let the cock drop from his mouth. “Does that mean you want me to stop?”

René narrowed his eyes and playfully slapped Ghost’s arm. “Do and I will hurt you...” he smirked, gently nudging Ghost’s head back down. Of course it was all in jest, René knew he could never measure up to a werewolf’s supernatural strength.

Ghost chuckled uneasily at the thought of René hurting him. The only way his lover could do that would be for him to reject him. The were let René guide his movements and lowered his mouth back into place. He gave a kiss to the soft skin of René’s inner thigh and then licked a stripe up the awaking flesh just before swallowing the young man to the root. Ghost pulled the cock deep into his mouth, letting it hit the back of his throat. The taste, the solid weight against his tongue, and the smell of sex set his wolf to rumbling again.

René surrendered to Ghost’s every touch with abandon; being with him was pure heaven. And René knew it just wasn’t the fantastic sex, it was much more than that...it was perhaps the seedling of love, and this time René was not going to be afraid to embrace it.

Ghost could feel his young man let go, relaxing into the strokes. The were worked the stiff flesh, knowing logically that this must be their final round for the night if René was going to get any sleep. They had all the time in the world to make love and learn to love each other. It didn’t have to all happen tonight. Ghost tightened his throat muscles around the cock tip and massaged the heavy vein with his tongue. He was hoping to coax that last climax from his lover.

René’s mouth parted open and small whimpering sounds escaped his lips. Not only was Ghost a fantastic lover but his mouth was well experienced as well. Jerking his hips up in encouragement, René cared little about sleep at this moment; all he wanted was to be with Ghost, consequences be damned!

Feeling René push deeper into his mouth, Ghost released his grip on his lover’s thighs and slid his palms up the young man’s sides. He wanted as much contact with René as he could get. He could feel what his ministrations were doing to his lover through the pads of his fingers. He could feel all the clenching of muscles and the sharp intakes of breath. Ghost reached further still until he could circle René’s upper arms. Inching his way down slightly muscled biceps to smooth arms and over slender wrists, he wove his much larger fingers with the slender musician’s digits.

Ghost hunched forward on the downward thrust and inhaled deeply. The intoxicating aroma of sweat and sex sent his wolf into a frenzy. The beast wrestled with Ghost to be free. A growl that was not all his own escaped around the flesh filling his mouth.

That growl is what caused René to flex his hips eagerly, willingly submitting to Ghost’s inner beast. “It’s okay, Ghost-- you don’t need to suppress your wolf--I want every part of you to be with me...” he panted. “Don’t want him feel unwanted, I welcome him--”

Ghost had never felt the need to muzzle his wolf in the past, but this was René. Despite the young man’s seeming ability to take what the werewolf could dish out, he still found himself hesitating. René’s words pushed past the barrier. The wolf reared and figuratively bit Ghost in the ass. It was his way of saying, “Told you so.”

Ghost relaxed and let the wolf meld with his human self. His eyes changed as he fixed his gaze on René’s face. This time when the were swallowed the hard cock, he let loose a noise that was totally him. The successive sucks and licks were punctuated with a stream of deep rumbles and growls that added to the friction his tongue was already applying to the hard flesh.

René saw beauty in Ghost’s eyes as he merged with his inner wolf. René reached down and curled his fingers through Ghost’s thick hair as the waves of pleasure crashed upon his mind. Gasping, he forced himself to move, repositioning himself. René engulfed Ghost’s enlarged cock into his hot mouth, hoping to grant the wolf as much attention as he was given.

Ghost had barely registered the taste of René’s completion on his tongue when a hot mouth surrounded him. He was suddenly flat on his back with his legs spread wide while his young lover tried to swallow him whole. The were arched his back and let loose. His hips thrust up into his young lover’s mouth and his nails, which had begun to sharpen, dug into the bedding beneath him. That was as far as the change went. It was a good thing Ghost had quite a few years on him or René might end up with more than he bargained for. Young wolves lacked the ability to control the change, especially during times of stress and heightened emotion.

Ghost tossed his head back and forth and then buried it in the pillows before letting loose with a howl and yelp. This had been an emotional night, and their sexual romp was just what he needed to give an outlet to all the pent-up energy. And who better to expel excess energy with than his beautiful and passionate lover. Ghost let his body reconnect with the soft surface of the bed. He was so relaxed and sated even his wolf was quiet. “Mmmmmmm, baby. You set me on fire. I swear I just heard my wolf whimper.” He looked down at the angelic face. “Now there’s a compliment.”

René licked his lips clean as he slowly crawled back to the head of the bed. He carried a sleepy look in his eyes, but his grin carried a look of utter satisfaction. “Glad I could oblige your wolf, I don’t wish for him to feel left out of our--fun.” René chuckled, laying his head on Ghost’s chest.

Ghost pulled his lover closer and stroked his wet curls. “Not to worry. He is always with us. It’s a very odd ménage à trois. He feels what I feel, though his reactions are more primal. His thoughts are not of quiet evenings and good conversation. He doesn’t care what color I paint the bedroom or even if it has a bed. He thinks only of conquest and rutting. I balance out his wilder nature.”

“Mmm, that you do, lover boy, that you do,” René said, settling in to sleep, wrapping an arm around Ghost’s trim waist. “Now, I really should rest or my conductor will have my head for falling asleep during practice.”

“Can’t have that.” Ghost tenderly kissed the soft lips and relaxed into sleep. “Sleep, my love, sleep,” he murmured into the ruffled hair.



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