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Morning After - Ghost/René

[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Mun’s Note: Takes place after Take Me Home Tonight

Part 1

Ghost’s Dream

Ghost was zig-zagging through the high country of Oregon. His nose was following the trail of a bobcat. The little feline was doing its best to evade capture, but the wolf was persistent. Just as Ghost’s wolf was about to catch sight of the woodland creature, the wolf took a wrong turn and the ground dropped out from under him. He tumbled down a slope and into a sunny clearing. In the middle was a tidy cabin sheltered by a tall tree. Stretched out under the tree that shaded the cabin was a beautiful creature, and he was singing. The melody was so mesmerizing that the wolf couldn’t turn away; instead, he slunk on his belly to the feet of the gorgeous vision. The creature ignored the predator’s approach even when the wolf slithered right up beside him. The song ended and the wolf felt that he had to show his appreciation, so he wrapped his paws around the slender chest and licked the lovely face. He tasted so good that the wolf kept licking.

René giggled as he felt Ghost’s wolf licking his face, “Stop that,” he teased, ruffling up the fur on the back on the animal’s neck. “You hungry? Let me shower and I promise to give you a nice big breakfast.” The musician sat up in bed and snuggled Ghost’s wolf form to him, placing a kiss on its forehead. “I’ll be right back,” René told him whilst heading butt naked into the bathroom.

René hummed as he turned on the shower, testing the water with the palm of his hand. When he was satisfied with the temperature of the water, René stepped in, pulling the curtain back and smiling as the water hit his face.

The wolf rolled over on his back and whimpered. The beautiful creature was gone but the wolf could still smell him. The wolf jumped down from the bed and padded into the bathroom, following the scent and sounds of his human. The beautiful one was behind the curtain of the shower. As the wolf looked up at the young man, his eyes shifted and took on a more human appearance. The fur along his back rippled and morphed into skin, leaving the naked were crouched on the floor outside the shower.

Ghost straightened his back and rose to his full height. His dream was real and only a flimsy piece of plastic separated him from the human. He pushed the curtain aside. The view was very inviting but Ghost resisted the temptation to touch, opting to simply watch. The water trickled over ridges and soft muscles, flowing over broad shoulders, over the smooth back and down the straight scar to disappear into the dark crack between luscious globes. A quiet rumbling growl sounded deep in the were’s chest.

René opened up an eye and looked over to where the growling sound came from. With a smile he held out his hand, inviting Ghost to join him. “Come on in, gorgeous, the shower is a bit small but I’m sure we can manage. I promise to give you a good scrub down.” He wiggled his eyebrows, admiring Ghost’s fine physique.

Ghost moved closer and joined René under the spray. “Only if you let me return the favor, lover.” The were wrapped his large frame around the smaller man. It made the limited space seem more than adequate. Taking the soap from the ledge, he drew circles around René’s chest, tightening the shapes with each circuit until reaching the peaked nubs in the center. Bathing had rarely been this fun. It usually involved giving himself a bath as a wolf or a thorough dip in a stream. Definitely not something to get excited about, unlike what they were doing now. His cock was already ready and waiting against his lover’s pert buttocks.

“My turn.” René took the soap from Ghost’s strong hand and began working on the wolf’s back and chest, using slow long strokes to wash him. He placed a tender kiss onto Ghost’s shoulder before kneeling down and working on his lover’s legs.

René could not help but notice Ghost’s erection. He looked up at his lover, blinking away the water that cascaded down Ghost’s muscular form. Without hesitation René took the wet member into his mouth and began to pleasure Ghost.

Ghost reveled into the caring attention. It had been too long since anyone had done this for him. He’d become a take-care-of-himself kind of wolf. When René dropped to his knees and drew Ghost’s engorged cock into his hot mouth, the were almost shot his load right then and there. This human did stuff to him like he had never experienced before. It was not new stuff, so why did he react so strongly? He had sex and plenty of it. He had rough sex, dirty sex, dominating sex and even gentle cuddly sex, but it was as if René was the one. His other half, his mate? Could that be? Could he have found the one after so many years? That worried him for a moment, but just a moment, for then the next lick drove it all away and all he could feel was the tingling of his skin and tightening of his balls. “Oh, fuck.”

René milked Ghost’s cock for all it was worth, working steadily until Ghost found his release. He heard his lover moan and that beautiful sound almost drove René to the edge himself. To know that Ghost was experiencing such pleasure, and from him, drove the human mad with desire. One thing he had to be grateful to his old master about, he’d certainly showed René the finer art of sex.

Ghost groaned and filled his lover’s mouth with his essence. He lifted René to his feet and attacked his mouth. He could taste himself on the young man’s tongue. The were plundered his lover’s mouth, seeking out every remnant of his climax. He sucked until all that was left was the unique taste of his delicious human.

Ghost’s kiss made René’s toes curl. He moaned into Ghost’s mouth, his body falling limp into his lover’s arms. When they parted, René’s mouth stayed open, droplets of water pooled around the soft skin. He forced himself away; he needed to control himself or he would end up not making it to class. “I really should get breakfast started.” He smiled up at Ghost, reaching over for the mountain-scent shampoo. “Let me finish you up,” he said, pouring the liquid into his palm.

The were really should let René finish his task, but Ghost knew he could manage while René fixed them some breakfast. He relieved René of the shampoo. “I’ll do that. Turn around.” And before his lover could object, the were pointed out, “I’ll do your hair and rinse you off and you can do breakfast. Something I couldn’t handle if my life depended on it.”

René did not protest. “As you wish,” he complied, loving the feel of Ghost’s fingers massage his scalp. Despite all of his sexual experiences, having his hair washed turned out to be a very sensual and erotic experience. “Mmm, I’m going to like having you around, sexy.” he said as he stepped out of the shower. grabbing a gray towel off the rack. “Towels are clean, washed them two days ago. But if you wish a fresh one, I can get you one from the hall closet.”

Ghost thought briefly about René’s suggestion. “I think I’d like using something that smells like you.” He made a grab for the towel his lover was wearing, but René was just out of range.

René laughed and tossed him a dry towel from the rack. “The one I have won’t dry you, love. Try this one.” He walked out toward his bedroom and quickly donned a clean pair of boxer shorts and a dark T-shirt, then headed toward the kitchen, eager to keep his promise to Ghost about a wonderful breakfast.

René glanced at the clock on the stove and settled on making eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Rushing about the small area, he took out the ingredients from the refrigerator along with a carton of orange juice. “How do you like your eggs, babe?” he asked, wondering if Ghost could hear him. I should start on the coffee, too René thought to himself, busying around the kitchen.

While he waited for Ghost to reply, René quickly set up the small breakfast bar with plates, utensils, glasses, and cups. “Babe? Can you hear me?” he asked, heating up the stove and placing an iron skillet upon it.

Ghost appeared right beside René . “Of course I can, lover.” He grinned and put his hands on the slender hips. “I’m happy with any way you choose to fix them - fried, scrambled, poached? As long as I don’t have to hunt or chase them down, I’m good.”

René glanced over his shoulder. “Scrambled will save some time. But I could quickly dice up some green peppers and tomatoes to add to it, if you like.”

“Colorful and tasty. I’m basically a meat and meat man, but I have learned to eat my veggies.”

René grinned. “I suppose being wolf has something to do with that. Now you take a seat over there and prepared to be wowed. I’m no Tristan, but I can make a mean meal.” He started up the hash browns, then turned to the fridge again; it took him no time to dice up the extra ingredients for the eggs.

Ghost watched the young man maneuver around the small kitchen with a minimum of steps. He could already see René making meals in their own kitchen. Evenings at home cuddled up on the couch, or better yet, bed. Trying out every flat surface in the place. The thought had him adjusting the ridge in his jeans.”What do you have on your schedule today, Gorgeous?”

“Classes and orchestra practice. I’m off work today ’cause I have to study for finals, so eventually I have to make it to the library.” René chuckled, turning over the bacon and hash browns. He wondered what it would be like to cook for Ghost once they were at the loft. René pictured himself catering to his lover, trying out new recipes and hand feeding them to Ghost while cuddled in his arms. The thought made him blush somewhat; perhaps he was getting ahead of himself. Just because he wanted a happy home life didn’t mean it was something Ghost wanted from him--at least maybe not long term. So René would enjoy it for as long as he had it, and perhaps along the way he could convince Ghost that they were right for each other.

René was unsure why he felt so strongly about Ghost. They didn’t really know each other all that long, but when Ghost was not around René felt this--longing--was that the right word? René couldn’t find the words to explain it, but it hurt when Ghost was gone. Of course René did nothing to mention this to Ghost, for it might make him seem too clingy and René wanted Ghost to feel he still had a way out, even if it broke his heart. “Umm, you still up for driving me to school?” René asked, picking up the plate and serving Ghost his breakfast and pouring him some coffee. “I have cream and sugar if you like.” René inwardly cringed; he sounded like a housewife, and the thought made him laugh.

Ghost cocked his eyebrow. “What’s so amusing, lover? The thought of me dropping you off at school, which I will be happy to do, or this domestic scene we have going here? I should find this bizarre after living alone for so long, but maybe it is slightly reminiscent of the times with my dad, though he never made eggs.”

René paused and for a small moment there was sadness in his eyes at the mention of the word ‘dad’, for it brought back bad memories. “I’m sure your father was a lot better than mine,” was all he said on the subject. “But yeah, I was laughing at how house-wifey I must look right now.” He laughed again, his eyes sparkling as he turned off the stove and fixed his own plate.

“I’d love for you to drive me to school and in the meantime, feel free to use my computer over there,” he motioned to the desk. “Or my phone, if you need to. If you get hungry, there is are pizza and Chinese menus in the drawer over there. I do have lunch meat and leftover meatloaf in the fridge if you’d like. Bread can be found in the bread box.” He took a bite of egg and hash brown. “Mmm, and there is a great deli place not far from here, along with some other food places. I’ll show you once we get underway to school.”

Ghost reached across and squeezed the fingers that were currently not wrapped around a fork. “I’ll be fine. Thank you for breakfast.” Ghost picked up a piece of bacon and bit into it and then add a forkful of eggs. “Mmmmm, I stand corrected. You can cook.” Munching on another piece of crisp bacon, the were thought out loud about the day’s schedule. “I have an appointment with the realtor to sign the final papers, and then an appointment with one guy who will start the preliminary work on the inside walls. That should keep me busy while you are in class.” Ghost finished the food and wiped his fingers on the napkin. “Are your rehearsals private?”

René tucked a stray curl behind his ear. He loved the feel of Ghost’s gentle touch and for a moment that strange sensation came over him again; the need to be near Ghost. He shook his head, willing it away with a slight frown. “No, my rehearsals are not private. You want to come hear us play? I’ll be in the practicing over at Roussel Hall.” René gave instructions on how Ghost could find the place. “We will be practicing from two to four this afternoon if you’re interested.”

“You bet I am. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to hear you play. Thought I’d have to wait for a concert date, though. So do I just come back at about two, or is there something before that? Where do you eat lunch? I assume you stop for lunch?”

“Really? I would have played for you earlier if you wished.” René smiled brightly. His music was important to him and to have Ghost show an interested, well, that just made things perfect. “Yeah, I have lunch break between classes around one. Pick me up by the University library and we can fetch something to eat.” René winked. “When we’re done with that, we can head over to rehearsal.”

Ghost finished his coffee and glanced down at his bare chest. “I suppose I should retrieve my shirt. Don’t want to make you late.” Ghost leaned over and laid a kiss on his lover’s lips. “I’ll be ready when you are.” Ghost left the table to gather his things.

René nodded in reply and finished up his breakfast, collecting the dishes and placing them in the sink. Better get ready myself, he thought, heading over to the closet and taking out a pair of black jeans and a black shirt with mesh sleeves, fitting his fingers through the thumb slots. He donned on some black eyeliner and took out his cello from the back of the closet, strapping it to his back. “Ready,” he said, picking up a book bag that sat by the patio door.

Ghost strolled back into the room from the bathroom to find René ready to go, cello and all. “I’m guessing we won’t be taking the bike, will we?.”

René chuckled, “Uh, no. I have a Volkswagen Beetle out back, we’ll be taking that.” He tossed Ghost the keys and headed out the door. “Lock up, will ya?” He winked at his lover.

Ghost gave his lover a good-natured swat. “Bossy little thing, aren’t ya.” Ghost smiled as he caught the keys and locked the door. ‘This is nice.’ He couldn’t believe how natural it felt to wake up with someone and go about a normal day. ‘Dad, you would be proud of me.’ He thought back to his early years, when he’d refused to take human form for years at a time and his father had to adjust to being a man and his dog, and then the years since without his dad around at all.

Ghost helped René get his cello into the car and secured the door. Sliding in behind the wheel, he put the vehicle into gear and left the complex. He already knew the way to René ’s school. He didn’t even need the directions, he could locate places by smell once he had been there. The school smelled like old wood and plaster and mildew and just a hint of pot. College might have been an interesting experience to have, except they didn’t have a lot in the Old West. He’d learned everything he needed from his dad, and what he didn’t know about modern technology he got from experts on his staff. He stopped musing about college years lost and glanced at his lover. He reached across the center console and squeezed René’s knee.

René took the hand and placed a finger into his mouth, sucking suggestively on the digit. The older lady in the car that pulled up next to them raised an eyebrow but ended up grinning and shaking her head, somewhat amused by the display.

Ghost growled softly. “Don’t start what you can’t finish, lover. We can save that thought for later.” Ghost gripped the younger man’s chin and leaned over to kiss the corner of his mouth. Seeing the old lady’s smile, Ghost pulled his finger free and licked the warm lips before plunging in to ravish the entire mouth.

A honking horn behind them informed René that the light had changed, but René didn’t care for such things at the moment. His lover was kissing him and his thoughts were all directed to the passion of that sweet kiss. And so René grinned, placing his arms around Ghost’s neck, drawing him closer. “Oh, I plan to finish what I started...hurry and get me to school and I’ll show you.” His hand gently groped Ghost’s groin, his eyes initiating a promise.

Ghost *growled* His lover was hot and despite the fact that Ghost had already gotten off once this morning, he was more than happy to go another round and hopefully he could return the favor. He shifted René’s body closer to him, checked the traffic, and stepped on the gas. Just as soon as they cleared the intersection, he released his lover’s lips and tucked him snugly under his arm, trying hard to ignore the intimate groping. “You stay right there until we arrive.” He’d let the young man decide how to interpret that and turned his attention back the road.

With a wicked grin, René went down and undid Ghost’s zipper. Perhaps this was naughty of him to do, especially while his lover was concentrating on driving, but René liked to live on the edge, even if it was a little reckless.

René’s lips covered the tip of Ghost’s cock, his tongue teasing the member to hardness by wrapping itself around the cock. The cellist looked up at Ghost with a doe-like expression, hoping to entice his lover further.

A shiver ran down the were’s spine and he groaned with desire. There wasn’t much else he could do. The compact car didn’t give his bulk much maneuvering room. He would have to learn that if he gave his lover an opening, René would dive in with both feet....or mouth and tongue. At which point Ghost nearly lost all thought processes. He stole a peek at what René was doing. Those innocent eyes were nearly his undoing.

Ghost shifted his body lower in the seat and tried to spread his legs. He tore his eyes away from what was going on in his lap and concentrated on the road, on getting them there in one piece, but it wasn’t easy with that talented tongue doing wicked things to his sensitive parts. “Oh, baby, you are going to kill us both but don’t you dare stop.” Ghost promised himself to pay René back in full measure for what he had done for him this morning.

René was satisfied with the reaction Ghost gave him, and the wicked gleam in René’s dark eyes said that the human would be willing and able to meet any of the werewolf’s needs, whenever they should arise.

René worked the shaft with his skilled mouth; he wanted to make sure that Ghost understood why he had not been mistaken in picking him as a lover.

Ghost guided the little car into the school parking lot and parked it in a shaded and secluded spot so they could finish without being observed. What he and René did was for them only. He would never put his lover on display. Ghost growled and pressed up against René’s face. He was so close, his orgasm like a wave building. Only the slight distraction of the road had kept the crust of his completion from breaking. Now with nothing but the intense heat and pressure surrounding his cock to concentrate on, the sensual wave broke and the were crashed on to the sands of passion. He felt the tide rush out and tumble back in again and again and he was left gasping on the shore. He raised his hand, bringing himself back to the here and now, and rested his palm atop the soft curls in his lap, his fingers massaging gently. “As soon as I catch my breath... I want those beautiful lips up here.... so I can do them proper homage.“

René pulled up, licking his lips as he swallowed the last of Ghost’s essence. He wrapped his fingers around the back of Ghost’s thick long hair and brought him in close and gave him a kiss to remember.

Ghost tasted himself on his lover’s tongue. It mixed sweetly with the young man’s unique favor. Like their morning romp in the shower, the were sought diligently for his lover’s favor mingled with his own. Oh, if only they could stay like this, but René had classes to attend and he had contracts to sign. “Mmmmm, baby, you taste incredible. I can’t wait to resume this tonight when I get you back to your place.”

René gave a small pout as their lips parted. He hated the feeling that was coming over him at the thought of being separated from Ghost. Again, concern and puzzlement wracked his brain over this strange sensation; he’d didn’t wish to repeat the mistakes he had done with the vampire. He didn’t want to seem--needy.

René touched Ghost’s cheek. “I’ll see you at lunch,” he said, mentally talking himself into exiting the car. He reached in to grab his cello and stepped back, waving to Ghost as he headed toward the university’s entrance.

Ghost watched his lover as he made his way across the expanse of parking lot, not taking his eyes off him until René was out of sight. He savored the taste of the young man on his tongue and the smell of him that permeated the interior of the vehicle. His wolf gave a deep rumble but Ghost mentally told him “down, boy”, for he knew that in a few hours he would have René back in his arms. Besides, he had things to accomplish this day and he’d better get to them.

Ghost put the car into reverse and backed out of the parking space. He made a quick call to see when the realtor could meet with him to sign the papers on the property. Finding out that the woman was tied up with an emergency for at least another hour, he figured he might as well return to René’s apartment to get some work done. He’d rather spend some time surrounded by his lover’s belongings than sitting in the car outside the realtor’s office. Perhaps he should consider abandoning the cabin. It had served its purpose. He could set up his computer and communication system in his lover’s apartment and pay René for any extra expenses that occurred.

The were retraced his steps and parked in the young man’s assigned spot right next to his bike. He was in a very good mood and as such took the steps three at a time. He could easily leap the distance to the second floor, but didn’t want to give the neighbors something to whisper about. He stepped onto the landing outside René’s door and stopped dead. There was someone inside, and it wasn’t his lover or anyone else that he had met so far. The scent was human. It was male. René hadn’t spoken of any close friends that might have access to his apartment, but then they hadn’t discussed a lot of things. Ghost didn’t want to call the young man because he was already in class. Whoever it was, Ghost was sure he could handle him.

Ghost eased the key into the lock and turned it as quietly as he could. Perhaps he could surprise the stranger. The door swung open with hardly a sound. The were stepped in to find a man apparently waiting for him, or perhaps for René . Ghost closed the door behind him, cutting off what could be an intruder’s escape until he determined the man’s purpose. He cleared his throat. “What are you doing here?”

The man stood up, rubbing the stubble of his beard as he looked upon Ghost with some curiosity. His mistress, Monica, had sent him to investigate who this stranger was that had so integrated himself into her son’s life. And who was Alfonso to question the orders of his mistress? “I could ask the same of you, Stefan Volkov, or should I address you as Stan West? There are many alias you use, sir. It tends to get—confusing,” Alfonso stated, his voice rich with a deep southern accent, perhaps a resident of these parts. “I am here to inquire as to your relationship with René . I am Alfonso--” he paused a moment, offering his hand as he contemplated on what to say next. “I’m a friend.” Alfonso didn’t want to say ‘sponsor’ and give away any of René’s secrets had he not shared him with this Stefan.

Ghost looked the man over. They were about the same height. Ghost was a tad taller. The man was casually dressed with a couple days’ stubble on his face. So this was his lover’s sponsor. He was not impressed. He had imaged someone more business-like. It would seem that he took more of an interest in the young man then just his education. That didn’t set well with the were. The man also obviously had access to René ’s apartment. Ghost cared even less for that, but not knowing what kind of arrangement René had with his sponsor, Ghost would tread carefully with the man.

The man had investigated Ghost, and that really bothered him. He had tried to be carefully with his past so that his documentation revealed a reasonable age instead of his actual 183 years. This man knew more than he should have been able to dig up. Who did he work with or for, and how much did he know? Ghost needed to guide this conversation carefully. “Alfonso. You must be René’s sponsor. He mentioned you. René is at class but I could give him a message. I do wonder why an educational sponsor would be interested in a young man’s personal relationships?”

Alfonso smiled slowly; this Stefan was clever. “I also work for René’s benefactor, who takes a great deal of interest in René’s extracurricular activities. What gives the benefactor that right, you may ask? Well, not only does the benefactor pay for René’s education and for his apartment, but also worries about René’s well-being--that includes the company he keeps.” Alfonso leaned against the breakfast counter. “Though I suppose your meeting René would be inevitable considering where he took up employment--The Den, is it?” The question was rhetorical. Alfonso was attempting to subtly let Stefan know that he knew what kind of a hangout The Den was (a place for werewolves) without coming out and saying it. “René’s benefactor wishes to meet with you, but I am not sure that is wise--at least not without some kind of protocol in place.”

Ghost kept his expression neutral. He wasn’t about to give his guy any additional ammunition. He wouldn’t be adverse to meeting his lover’s benefactor. He expected to be in René’s life for a while, and he needed to know who else held sway over him. “René has a very good, honest job for a young man, and from what I’ve seen he is very capable. I would think his benefactor would be proud of his initiative.” Ghost unlocked the door and moved casually away from it, giving his guest the chance to leave if he was so inclined. He didn’t believe for a minute that the conversation was over, but he could dream.

Ghost moved to the kitchen bar and made himself comfortable, so he could get some work done if he could get this bothersome man to leave. “I’d be happy to meet René’s benefactor. We have something in common. We both appreciate René’s talent and wish to see him reach his full potential. What type of protocol is required?”

“A public meeting,” Alfonso handed Stefan the card of a bistro in the French District, “Would tomorrow night be acceptable, let’s say nine thirty?” it was obvious from Stefan’s stance and careful replies that he was cautious and a little suspicious; that was to be expected. “As a request, please after you meet René’s benefactor, do not to speak to René about the meeting or about your conversation.” He was purposefully leaving gender out. “René has never met with his benefactor, under request from said benefactor--who as such would appreciate discretion on your part. Do you agree to these terms?”

Ghost let a tiny smirk slip. “I think I can fit that into my schedule. It’s a date, but I will not lie to René. I don’t know what his benefactor is hiding, but we don’t have secrets between each other. I don’t tell other people’s stories but if René should ask a direct question, your benefactor might find his or her “little project” asking some uncomfortable questions.”

“It is the benefactor’s request; once you meet you will understand why. Should you choose not to adhere to it, then that will fall on you.” Alfonso walked over to the living room area and picked up a photo of René with his mother, smiling slightly before setting it back on the shelf. “This frame is silver, you should avoid touching it. But, you look busy, so I will leave you to your work. I will see you tomorrow night then?” It was the best way he could find to tell Stefan that Alfonso and the benefactor were aware of Stefan’s nature. Alfonso nodded to the were and then made his way toward the door by the patio. Now that René’s ‘friend’ was back at the apartment, Alfonso would head over to the university to speak with René next. “And do not fret, Stefan. René’s benefactor would never harm the boy. The love that the benefactor has for René is one that would not allow such deceptions.”

Ghost shook his head. Obviously this Alfonso thought that Ghost was hiding his wilder nature. Ghost had scented the picture frame before he entered the apartment the first time, and of course his lover knew all about him. Ghost slipped the card into his pocket and nodded. “Tomorrow night.” He allowed Alfonso to let himself out as he’d arrived - on his own. He had wasted too much time on the man already and now he needed to hurry to make his appointment with the realtor. With that he left the apartment himself and took his bike instead of the car. It was quicker.



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