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After the Meeting with Monica Rene & Ghost

[cross posted to were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Takes place after A Strange Alliance (Paris Ghost) What is True? (Tristan Ghost)

What a night! Vampires, threats, revelations and countermeasures aplenty. It was more than a few sweet treats and a single malt could wash away, but he walked through the door to find his gorgeous man sitting cross-legged in the middle of his bed and it all went away. His human was magic. “Mmmmmm, that’s what I like to see. My gorgeous one working hard.” He dropped down beside him. “So he can take a break when I get home.”

“Hey gorgeous,” René greeted Ghost with an inviting kiss. “Missed you. Where’ve you been?”

Ghost returned the kiss and deepened it. “Mmmmm, just a few appointments to take care of and satisfying my sweet tooth.” He dropped the take-out container in René’s lap. “Guess I could have stayed here and gotten all the sugar I wanted.”

“And then some,” René winked, sorting through the bag Ghost gave him. “Mmm, chocolates,” he said with a devilish grin, reaching in to unwrap one of the treats and pop it into his mouth. “I think I heard it said that chocolates were aphrodisiacs.” René licked the edge of his lips to emphasize the point.

“I thought if I can’t enjoy them, at least you can.” Ghost brought forward the other two bags he hid behind his back. One had the fruit pastries from Tristan’s place and the other was a couple of fat burgers. “There’s more.”

René looked concerned, “Why can’t you enjoy them? Something wrong?” he asked, ignoring the other bag with the burgers. He sat up on his knees and reached over to gently touch Ghost’s cheek. “What happened? Client go bad?”

“Chocolate doesn’t agree with me. Not fatal, but I get deathly ill so I guess we forego the chocolate chip cookies and pancakes.” Ghost shrugged. “It’s not a typical weakness of weres, just something particular to my family.”

“Oh, that majorly sucks,” René answered with a slight pout. “Well, maybe I can find a way to distract you from that later.” The mischievous grin returned. “Hey, hon--there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you. I don’t mean to freak you out or anything, but, ah, lately I’ve felt different...it’s weird. Like I can’t--” René paused. Like I can’t be without you. “Aw, man forget it, it’s just going to come out sounding all psycho like, never mind.” He laughed nervously and shook his head. “Then you’ll be all like, ‘my boyfriend is crazy’.”

Ghost watched his boyfriend go from adorable pout, to sexy vixen, to shy little boy with his first crush in a matter of seconds. If the final subject matter hadn’t been so serious, it would be almost comical. Ghost took the lovely face in his palms and drew his mate’s attention back to him. “You are not crazy. What you are feeling is the bond that binds us together. We are a mated pair.” He gently stroked with one hand while holding René’s attention with the other. “What that means is that each time we make love, the bond will strengthen and our physical reactions will escalate. My wolf will be highly sensitive to your whereabouts and overly protective. Our bodies will crave one another almost to a point that will seem obsessive, but the cravings will even out as we become attuned to one another.” Ghost stilled his stroking to let that much soak in and give René time to react. “Have I scared you off yet?”

René sighed in relief, running a hand through his wild curls. “Oh, thank the maker. For a minute there, I thought I was losing my mind--this physical need, or rather my body demands intimacy. The other day at school I got like this fever, it freaked the hell out of me. I thought I was having some type of relapse. But it all calmed down after I saw you.” René leaned into Ghost’s touch. “I was afraid to mention it, thought you might think me crazy obsessed or something.”

“You are neither sick or crazy. Obsessed, I don’t mind.” Ghost drew his lover to him, settling him in his lap. “Normally a were couple would be inseparable for the first few weeks, as the driving need for each made it almost impossible to be apart. If they belonged to a pack, they were released from all duties until the intensity had lessened.” Ghost’s finger moved up and down René’s back. All this talk of drives and intensity was sending sparks of passion through his veins. He concentrated on the individual bones of his lover’s spine and radiating ribs. How they wrapped around his lover, holding him together. He wanted to be those bones. He wanted to wrap himself around his lover and never let go. “It may not be... as excessive because.... because you are human.” The were was losing his focus. All he could see was the tender skin at the back of René’s neck. Ghost leaned closer, placing kisses along the nap of René’s neck. “But then again, maybe it is. Oh god, I have to have you. Please tell me you are done studying.”

“I’m not sure I understand everything you’re telling me, but I am trying. All I know is that when I am away from you for too long, I hurt.” René slipped his hands under Ghost’s shirt, his fingers gliding along the smooth skin along Ghost’s back. “Mmm,” he mumbled as Ghost’s lips caressed his neck. “Yeah, I’m done studying for now.” He leaned back on the bed, bringing Ghost to lay on top of him.

Ghost groaned as his body came in contact with René’s. He was going to have to get a handle of this or his lover would never leave this bed. “The intimate aches and flushes are normal. Please trust me on that.” Ghost spoke between nibbles. His lover tasted heavenly. “Unusual symptoms should be noted so we can determine if it is a natural reaction to the bonding or something physical that we need to check out.” Ghost was struggling to keep his mind on reassuring René, but the closeness was scrambling his nerve endings. “Making love does ease the intensity so....” Ghost leaned up and looked his lover up and down. He was all for doing whatever it took to satisfy the craving. “So are you up for a little craving easing?” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

René giggled, “So what is considered an unusual symptom?” he asked, hooking a leg over Ghost’s hip and grinding teasingly against him. “You say love-making eases the tension, huh?” He brushed Ghost’s hair aside and placed small wet kisses alongside his lover’s neck. “What if I don’t want those emotions to calm down?” René unzipped Ghost’s jeans. “What if I want to feel this burning desire for you?” René’s hand slid down and eased its way past Ghost’s underwear, teasing the hardening flesh with his thumb, stroking the crown. Perhaps it was dangerous to play with the werewolf in such a fashion, but René was confident that Ghost would not hurt him.

Ghost’s mind clouded over. He was trying to answer his lover’s questions, but it was really hard with René stroking his cock that way. “Unusual symptoms would be....would be, ummm... bone or muscle aches or....” Ghost groaned and words fled from his brain. Everything centered on the fingers moving inside his pants. “Oh, who cares, symptoms be damned.” Ghost rolled onto his back taking his alluring partner with him. “Baby, we can go up in flames for all I care as long as you keep doing that.” Ghost’s mouth crashed into René’s. His passion was so elevated that he tried to take René inside himself, starting with the luscious lips. His lover was intoxicating, better than any alcoholic substance.

René rolled on top of Ghost, his lips leaving a trail of kisses as René undressed his lover. His desire rose as each layer of clothing was stripped away, leaving René to faithfully worship his lover’s naked skin.

René took his time at first, slowly placing kisses alongside Ghost’s abdomen and hip, making his way slowly toward his cock. He took the hardened flesh into his mouth, savoring each moment he pleasured his mate.

His mate.

René loved the sound of that. He looked up at Ghost from behind thick lashes, loving each sound that his ministrations produced.

The were rolled his hips, pressing up against his mate. His skin felt hot and prickly. He needed to get free of the confining clothing but his mate was way ahead of him. The cloth fell away and the air caressed his naked flesh, adding to the sensitivity. Moist lips and hot breath ghosted over his skin. His wolf mentally crawled on his belly to get closer to the human. He wanted more, more touches, more skin, more of everything. and when René’s hot mouth touched the were’s straining cock, he threw back his head and howled.

Did his mate know what that did to him? One tiny peek at the brunet head below him and the smoldering eyes under thick lashes and the answer was revealed. His mate was a demon and the were his pliant slave.

Ghost had to have René closer. He reached for his human and drew him back up his body. He wanted to feel himself inside his mate. To watch his mate writhe above him, balanced on his rigid shaft. Fingers tore at clothing, anxious to free his mate and connect with flesh.

The cellist rolled onto his back, reading his mate’s desire for more intimate contact. It was a pleasant feeling that warmed René’s entire being, having this special connection with Ghost. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. It felt safe, like he was home; and René knew he would do anything to protect that.

As his lover undressed him, René hooked a leg over Ghost’s hip, watching the were with complete adoration, trusting every move he made. René knew that with Ghost, he would never have to fear; his trust in Ghost was absolute.

Ghost was left holding the young man’s shirt when he rolled onto his back. Next would be the jeans. He worked the zipper down between their bodies and then reached under René to grasp the waistband and pull them over René’s hips and thighs, lifting the leg over his hip long enough to sweep the fabric free of the young man’s feet.

The were knelt up, bringing his young mate with him. The human was settled on his thighs with his legs secured around the were’s waist. Ghost wanted to see his mate’s face as the two of them came together. He wrapped an arm around his mate and fingered him experimentally, just to see if René was still open from their earlier lovemaking.

René moaned as Ghost’s fingers explored him; he felt more than ready. After all, his body had endured the sexual demands of an insatiable vampire. He reached down to stroke Ghost’s yearning cock, his thumb sliding over the crown, which wept precum. “It’s okay, baby, you can take me,” René assured Ghost in a loving voice.

“You are mine, baby.” He punctuated his claim by removing his fingers and thrusting his cock home. The feeling was heavenly. The were didn’t thinking he would ever tire of it. Never had he felt this way with any other partner. The others had been companionship or just simple sex but this was a connection. A true partnership.

René’s skin felt as if it were on fire. Each touch from Ghost gave him fever, but it only motivated further. René too felt the connection of their bodies, hearts, and souls, a true spiritual merging into one.

René secured his thighs as he straddled Ghost, arching his back as he rode Ghost from atop. His hair fell down over his eyes, his skin glistening with a thin layer of perspiration. “I’m all yours, baby, only yours.”

Ghost’s wolf took over the movements that would bring them both to climax. His human mind sunk deeper into the spiritual bond that held their souls. The delicate threads lengthened, thickened and tightened, reinforcing the bond. They would be forever linked. Nothing would separate them but death. He and Lucinda had never achieved this and though he missed her, he didn’t feel the deep grief that losing René would cause.

Ghost reached out with his mind. ‘Can you feel me, baby? Can you feel my soul touching yours?’

‘I do and I never want to let go...’ was René’s response. There was truth in it, he felt a bond with Ghost that he had never felt with anyone before. The thought of losing it was terribly frightening. He could not imagine the pain Ghost had gone through with losing his former mate. René considered himself lucky that the beautiful werewolf found love again with him. René did not know if he could ever love like this again, he didn’t think he’d want to.

All these things crossed the cellist’s mind as they steadily continued their lovemaking. René knew he would never tire of this.

Ghost kept the penetrations steady and just this side of climax, keeping them both on edge and yet feeding the bond. His father had told him what the bond felt like to him. It almost drove him to remain in his mate’s pack, almost. In fact, his father said it was Ghost’s mother that convinced him that he and Ghost would be better on their own.

Ghost pushed the errant curls aside and studied his lover’s beautiful face. Eyes outlined in black that made them sparkle with life or smolder with passion. Eyes that he could tumble into and happily drown. Windows to the tender soul within. His lover was a rare beauty and he was a lucky wolf. Who knew when he ran to New Orleans that it would be his salvation and not just a hiding place?

‘I am a lucky wolf.’

‘I love you...’ was René’s response, leaning down to kiss Ghost’s throat. His hands slid down the sides of the were’s body, loving the feel of Stefan’s naked skin under his fingertips. René’s lips traced down Ghost’s chest up to his abdomen, where they paused, then made their way back up to his neck and shoulder.

The pale light in the room cast an almost angelic glow on Stefan, but that was what he was to René' -- an angel--in wolf form, that saved him from the hell of his past.

If his lover’s eyes were the windows to his soul, then his lips were the trigger to his passion. The soft skin and consistent pressure drove the were out of his mind one minute and grounded him in the next. Love was all he needed. Love from his man. He didn’t need the pack. He didn’t need his oath. He just needed René.

Ghost slowly laid his lover down on the spongy surface and put everything behind the budding connection between them. He flooded their bond with waves of love and desire and shook their bodies with his powerful thrusts.

‘I want you. I love you. You are mine.’ The were repeated the mantra over and over, punctuating the syllables with jerking of his hips. He drove himself on, freeing his wolf to add its force to their joining. His mind’s voice took on a fringe of growl as he and his wolf joined to give their mate what he deserved. For they both loved him in their own way.

René felt the need in him rise and he matched Ghost’s thrusts with his own, his head lolling back as his climax finally claimed him. “Ghost...” the words were spoken softly through half-parted lips. René reached out to touch Stefan’s face.

René was not sure why, but he felt weak and the fever that claimed him earlier returned with a vengeance. It felt as if he were on fire, “Baby, is this normal? I--” he licked his lips, his throat was dry. “I’m not sure what is happening?” He needed Ghost to reassure him, to tell him that this was part of the mating ritual.

The were surged forward, falling over the edge only seconds behind his mate. His growl came out more like a snarl as the bond tightened around them, driving his breath from his body. He gasped for air, his lungs starved, but he remained steady above his mate so as not to crush him.

Ghost shook his head to clear it so he could assess his mate’s condition. René seemed more flushed and drained than normal, but then he was human. Ghost reached out to catch the drops of sweat that fell from his lover’s curls. One touch against his mate’s cheek told the were that his skin was hot. “It will pass, my lovely. It is only our love burning through you.” He reached out for a bottle of water that he kept near the bed. “Did I not say that you set me on fire? It would seem that I am not alone.” He lifted René’s head so the young man could quench his thirst.

René almost finished the bottle in one swallow, he was extremely thirsty. The fever remained, but the water helped cool him down somewhat. “Thanks, love,” he muttered, his eyes feeling heavy. “I’m glad that it’s just the bonding. I was afraid for a moment.” He tried to wrap an arm around Ghost but it fell limp across Ghost’s thigh. René chuckled, “Guess I have to regain my strength. Come here and hold me.”

“As you wish, my love.” Ghost finished off the water himself and set the bottle aside. He would get out another one later. The were rearranged them so that his lover rested comfortably in his arms. “You are tired. It is late. You must rest.” It was natural that René was exhausted. The bonding took a lot out of the body, coupled with the frantic pace and emotional roller coaster of the last couple of days and they were both due for some serious sleep. Ghost kissed the sweaty curls and closed his eyes. “Tomorrow will be soon enough to sate the cravings again.”

René cuddled close, a content smile on his face as he placed a light kiss on Ghost’s shoulder. “This is perfect--you are perfect,” he muttered before falling asleep.




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