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[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Mun’s Note: Part 1
Back dated to June 2011

Ghost made the final arrangements for René’s graduation gift. The were was sure that his mate would enjoy this excursion to Atlanta, and Ghost was hoping for some alone time in the most unlikely of locations. A couple of conversations with his project manager and his calendar was free, and the final touches on the loft would be completed while they were away. Ghost was anxious to finish his and his mate’s home. The delays had been frustrating but necessary if everything was going to be as they wanted it.

Ghost printed out the confirmation forms and wrapped them in black and silver paper with a graduation cap entwined in the silver ribbon. He would give René the gift as soon as he got home. He had ordered a special dinner from The Den. It would be delivered just before René was expected back. They would have a quiet evening, a nice dinner, and a romp or two in bed. It all sounded prefect to the wolf.

Ghost strolled into the bathroom to take a shower and make himself handsome for his mate. He grunted as he smacked his elbow, yet again, on the edge of a pile of tiles. They were the wrong color and were waiting to be replaced by new ones. His mate’s bathroom had been cramped, but at times like this he wished they were back in that small apartment. At least there he wasn’t bruising his shins and elbows on random stuff piled in very inconvenience locations. It was a good thing that he healed quickly or he could be looking at some serious damage. He often wondered how René managed to negotiate the limited space without hurting himself. Some days it paid to have a slender frame.

Somehow the were managed to bath without drawing blood. He returned to the less cluttered office area, dressed and combed, and settled at the computer to check on the order for the tile for the loft bathroom. He lost himself in tracking the delivery and checking the color and amount of the replacement pieces.

René walked in exhausted from his dealings at the audition with the New Orleans orchestra. He had been reluctant to go, but his benefactor had insisted, and since Ghost and his unknown benefactor had been able to clear some misunderstanding at the school, René felt he owed them both.

But the audition had been more grueling than René had expected. They seemed pleased enough with his sound, but the director was clear that he did not wish to hire someone who was not interested in being with the orchestra, for they were a team and needed to work together.

René grimaced. He’d felt as if the director were lecturing him. He hated that. With a sigh, he inserted his key into the street door and made his way up the elevator to his shared loft with his mate, Ghost.

The thought of Ghost certainly managed to paint a small smile on his face.

René walked through the elevator doors and pulled the cord to shut them, flinging his bookbag on the nearest sofa and collapsing on the next. “Ghost?” he called out. There were lights on in the other room so he assumed his love was on the premises.

The were perked up the minute he heard the key in the elevator. He drew in a deep breath, filling his lungs with the intoxicating scent of his mate. His wolf growled softly and Ghost mentally petted him. The were took the few moments he knew it would take the elevator to rise to the top level to print out the delivery date and tracking number and close down the page. He was determined to have this place finished before they returned from their trip to Atlanta.

Ghost left his office and made his way to the landing at the top of the stairs leading down into the living area. He arrived just as his lover sunk into the sofa below. “Hey, gorgeous. Tough day?” He was guessing, but René looked exhausted to him.

René ran his fingers through his unruly curls. “You have no idea. That director is worse than the one at school. He fears I won’t be part of the ‘team’ as it were. Maybe my gothic wardrobe put him off, but he really shouldn’t judge a book by the cover. Granted, I don’t really want to play with them, but still, he shouldn’t judge.” He looked over his shoulder and grinned. “Come here, you.” He crooked his finger toward Ghost, beckoning him with his smile.

Ghost swept down the stairs and stalked toward his mate. He knew the audition didn’t go well even before René opened his mouth. The weariness radiating off his mate was almost palatable. Ghost knew René didn’t want to perform with that stuffy orchestra. It wasn’t his scene. His mate as much as announced it to the director by clothing himself in his usual goth attire. His baby just wasn’t meant for that world. He was meant to shine in a completely different light. The orchestra was Monica’s brilliant idea, not Ghost’s or René’s, but Ghost had not dissuaded her from the notion that her baby boy could be the next YoYo Ma or whatever.

Ghost maneuvered around the back of the sofa and wrapped his fingers over René’s tight shoulder muscles. The were knew how to relax his mate. Some tender loving care, a little hot sex, and his gift would snap his mate out of his bad mood. Ghost stroked along the tendon’s of René neck and down over the curve of his shoulders. “How’s that, baby?” He placed a gentle kiss on one earlobe.

“Mmm, that feels fantastic,” René answered and closed his eyes as his lover’s hands worked their magic on his neck. “Baby, do you think it wrong of me not to want to play with the orchestra? I mean, I do love playing the cello, but I hate the stuffy atmosphere. When I walked into the audition everyone stared at me; I sorta expected that considering how I am dressed, but what bothered me is that they held these questioning looks--like I didn’t belong there. And when I played they were impressed but still disapproved of how I looked. It was bogus.”

This was going to be hard. Ghost wanted to tell René just to forget about the orchestra but he couldn’t do that. If Monica found out, she could cause problems for them. “Baby, you are what you are....but when you go for an audition, an interview, you dress the part. I’m not trying to criticize your look and tell you to be something you are not, but the orchestra expects certain things, like any employer.” Ghost circled the sofa and slid in beside his boyfriend. He wrapped his arms around the slender body and pulled him close. “Baby, you are good. You’ll prove it to them if it was meant to be.” The were kissed his human on the top of the head and tilted his head back to plant another kiss on his lips. “Are you hungry?” As if by magic the elevator bell rang. “Sounds like dinner is here. Be right back.” Ghost stood to go down and retrieve the food.

René was stunned by Ghost’s words. Even if he was right, still it did hurt him a little to hear it from his mate. He opened his mouth to say something but then stopped. René didn’t want to fight, not with Ghost, and certainly not after the day he had.

The cellist nodded when Ghost stood, then got up from the couch and crossed over to their bedroom. “Be right out,” he replied, his tone a little more solemn. He needed a moment to himself.

As René reached the room, his cell phone rang. Checking the caller I.D. made him roll his eyes; it was Alfonso. “This is going to take a bit, don’t mind the shouting,” he told Ghost as he closed the door behind him.

René was not kidding about the yelling; within a few minutes, his voice could be heard filtering past the door. It seemed he was arguing about the interview among other things and the conversation ended with a defiant, “I said I would be there, I’ll catch you later.” With that, René hung up. He couldn’t take much more of that discussion. He plopped down on the bed, giving himself the few moments he needed before stepping back into the main part of the house.

Ghost left René to his call and took the elevator down to pick up the food. He waited for the door to open and greeted the delivery guy, then took the packages and handed the young man a generous tip. As the door slid closed, Ghost could feel the tension rising in his mate. This fence sitting was really starting to hurt. He couldn’t please Monica and encourage his mate at the same time. His inner wolf told him to forget the mother and make his mate happy.

Ghost rode the elevator back up and entered the loft. He could clearly hear René’s agitated voice, but what really got to him was the rolling anger and frustration radiating through the loft, and it wasn’t all directed at his mate’s sponsor. René was angry at him - well, more disappointed that he hadn’t taken René’s side about the audition. Perhaps he should have kept the atmosphere light tonight and talked more seriously tomorrow, after the frustration of the day had faded and more rational heads prevailed.

Ghost pulled the containers from the bags and dished out some food. At a time like this, he would probably suggest some wine to mellow out the mood, but his mate didn’t drink. Ghost didn’t even keep anything in the loft. He figured that his wolfish charm was going to have to undo his ill-timed words and the rest of the savage day. When René didn’t immediately come back out after the call, Ghost considered going to check on him, but he nixed that a second later and decided to give René a moment to compose himself. Then Ghost would try to salvage the evening. Maybe his gift would do the trick.

René came out of the room and crossed back over to the kitchen, his mood somber. He sat across from Ghost, poking at his food. “I guess I’m not very hungry, sorry.” He thought about taking his bike out for a spin, to clear his head; but if he did that it would seem he was avoiding Ghost, and he didn’t want his love to think that. He gently pushed his plate away. “I’m not much company tonight. If you want I can go and come back later?” That way the choice was in Ghost’s hands.

Ghost put his fork down. “No, my words were ill-timed and not the least bit helpful. I apologize. We are supposed to be a couple, and I sounded more like an employer than a partner.” Ghost lifted himself from his seat and circled the table. His mate was hurting, not physically, but in pain just the same. He knelt down beside René’s chair and took one of his hands into his. “I love you and I support whatever you want to do. Can we start this evening over?” Ghost seriously wanted to get back to where they were earlier and take this evening in a different direction.

“I love you too, more than anything in this world.” René intertwined his fingers with Ghost’s, rubbing his thumb across the top of Ghost’s hand in a clear sign of affection. “No need to apologize. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say or do, that would be--creepy. And a bit too Stepford wives for me.” He managed to give Ghost a shy smile. “I’m upset ’cause, well--you’re right, I shouldn’t have gone to the interview dressed like a vampire wanna-be. Alfonso has rescheduled the interview. I’ll show up prim and proper next time.” René shrugged a shoulder. He sounded uncomfortable with the idea, but René had made a promise and he intended to keep it.

Ghost stroked the long slender fingers that had often done delectable things to his body. He brought them to his lips and kissed them gently. “As if being a wolf isn’t strange enough. René, I did mean what I said, but I could have found another way or time to say it. The orchestra can be a great opportunity for a musician, stuffed shirts though they might be. It’s only clothes, right?” Ghost rose to his feet and pulled his lover out of the chair and guided him over to the sofa. He pulled the gift out of its hiding place. “I think I have something that will make you forget about those stuffed shirts.”

“Not exactly what I had in mind,” René answered, slipping his hands toward the band of Ghost’s jeans and hooking his fingers in the belt loops, pulling Ghost near. Even if René was somewhat upset with Ghost, the chance of sex with his mate was not something he would lightly turn down. His body yearned for Ghost even if his ego was slightly bruised. René leaned in and gave his lover a slow sensual kiss, tugging on Ghost’s bottom lip as they parted.

René gave Ghost the most teasing smile as he took the black and silver wrapped envelope and tugged on the silver string, all the while giving his lover a smoky look. His face lit up as he read the confirmation for two tickets to Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

René loved gaming, anime, and role playing. He was thrilled with the present and let out a small squeal of delight, throwing his arms around Ghost’s neck and planting kisses on his face. “Love it! Thank you thank you thank you!” He jumped up and down excitedly, forgetting all about his bad mood earlier.

Ghost basked in his mate’s joy. He had obviously been right about the convention. This would be one place where his lover could be himself - or anyone else he cared to be - and not feel uncomfortable about it, not that his lover ever felt awkward about who he was.

The kisses and the bouncing on easily excitable parts was having a pronounced affect on the were’s anatomy. He growled and thrust up into one of René’s downward bounces. “I am so glad you like the gift. Really glad.” The last came out in a lower, deeper growl. “Please tell me I’m forgiven, or I could do penance by worshipping this beautiful body.”

René placed the papers on the table next to the sofa, giving Ghost a crooked smile. “No need to be forgiven, love. You didn’t do anything wrong,” René answered, giving Ghost another slow, deliberate kiss. “But I do like the idea of you worshipping my body.” He bit down on his lower lip, studying Ghost’s hazel-green eyes.

“Me too, but where should this worshipping take place? Here or upstairs in bed?”

René answered Ghost’s question by pushing him back playfully onto the couch. With a wicked grin, René straddled Ghost, making quick work of the were’s T-shirt and tossing it aimlessly aside as he placed fervent kisses alongside his mate’s exposed neck and shoulder. René fussed at his own gothic motif with its straps and buckles, annoyed that it would not budge. René momentarily paused in his task of kissing Ghost’s silky skin and pulled the now offensive garment over his head and threw it over to the armchair, then resumed his necking.

Ghost fell back onto the couch, his lap filled with his struggling lover. He loved René’s enthusiasm when it came to lovemaking. He stifled the laugh that tried to escape when the poor young man wrestled with the clingy garment. Ghost tended to dress simple so he could undress quickly if the need to transform hit him. He would probably stay naked or in wolf form if he didn’t have a mate. Of course he was pretty sure René wouldn’t mind those alternatives either.

A groan issued forth as René’s lips attacked the sensitive spots around his neck and chest. His mate had learned quickly how to make him groan and growl. “Okay, but this looks like you’re doing all the work and I’m the one supposed to be performing penance. Not that I’m complaining, really.”

“I told you, you have nothing to be sorry about,” René whispered between kisses, his soft lips brushing against Ghost’s ear. “I’m the one who disappointed you; it’s my penance, not yours.” At least when René disappointed Ghost, this new love did not fall into a fit of rage and beat him. René considered himself lucky that he had such a patient lover. “I’ll try to be better, I promise. I’m grateful you are not angry with me for my bratty behavior.” His hands slipped past the were’s hips and rested on the zipper of his pants.

Ghost had a feeling they could go round and round with this whole blame thing . All he really wanted to do is make René happy, and apparently his lover had the same idea if the pressure on his groan was any indication. “Why don’t we worship each other? A little mutual worshipping?” He raised his eyebrows and tilted his hips up.

René couldn’t agree more. He quickly undid Ghost’s zipper and gently pulled the enlarged member out, his fingers lightly stroking it. “Fuck me,” he whispered breathlessly in Ghost’s ear, teasingly tugging on the lobe as he pulled away.

Ghost pushed up again into the light pressure. He would be glad to do what his lover asked. “I’d love to. Why don’t we lose the clothes and we can see where this goes.”

René lightly patted the side of Ghost’s hip, indicating for him to lift himself up a bit. “I can’t take off your jeans while you’re sitting on them.” His dark eyes twinkled with mischief. “Of course, it would help if I took mine off, too. Might make things just a wee bit simpler, eh?” René said quite teasingly, slowly lifting his hips up almost like a dance. René stared into Ghost’s eyes as his painted fingernails hooked onto the curvy sides of his own clothes. Never taking his eyes off his lover, René dropped his leather pants past his ankles. There was no need to take off any underwear - he wasn’t wearing any.

Ghost may have looked like he was drinking in the beautiful brown eyes but he didn’t miss a single movement. Part of him was watching those pants slide down over those long sensual legs that felt so good wrapped around him. His wolf was panting at the sight of all that delectable bare skin. There even a bit of consciousness left over to take advantage of the cleared space and work his own pants down his thighs. He was quite the multi-tasker tonight. “Why don’t I do that, and then when we are both naked we can meet right back here, hmmmm? ’Cause I really would like to see you riding me tonight.” Ghost growled.

René wasted little time in straddling his mate once Ghost was free from his ‘confinements’. The hardened shaft pressed against his own bare skin and René could not help but entice Ghost’s wolf slightly by moving teasingly against it. “My body has been trained to not always expect lubricant. Would you like to try?” he whispered against Ghost’s shoulder.

Eager as he was to feel his lover’s body squeezing his member, he would not hurt René for anything. Somehow he needed to gently change that mindset so that René didn’t always respond like a sex slave. They were partners, equals. His boyfriend was not there just to fulfill his every sexual whim. “No, my beauty, I will not hurt you during something that is for both of our enjoyment.” Ghost reached over and plucked a tube from the end table and flicked open the lid. “You may prepare yourself for me. That I would enjoy watching.”

René took the tube and did as Ghost asked, He was such a caring lover, it was something that still took some getting used to. René took his time applying the product, giving Ghost a kind of show, while highlighting his flexibility and eagerness. Then René turned to Ghost wearing the most devious lop-sided smile. René applied a generous amount of lube on Ghost’s twitching cock with slow strokes. When René was done he placed the tube back on the end table and leaned his hips forward, his body teasing Ghost’s enlarge cock. “I think I’m ready now.”

A slow steady rumble cruised through the were’s body. He watched the fingers circle, circle and then dip into his mate’s quivering hole. It was like watching sex before the act even begin. The warmup was worth it. With each thrust of René’s fingers, the were’s passion leapt and sizzled, the fire growing hotter with every movement. He wanted to take over but he stayed his hand until his mate was ready. It would be only pleasure tonight.

The teasing of his sensitive cock was the only thing that broke his concentration and with it his control. At the announcement that his mate was ready, Ghost gripped the slender hips and rammed upward into the tight heat, allowing his mate’s passage to rub against every vulnerable spot. He quickly set a pace that would have both of them riding high in minutes, and then he would find some way to coax his mate into retiring to the bedroom, after which a soak and romp in the tub. Those missing tiles be damned. Neither of them would be looking at the floor if he had his way.

René moaned Ghost’s name through half parted lips, his eyes closed from the intense rapture. The cellist arched his back and kept rhythm with Ghost’s merciless thrusts. He held onto to Ghost by his shoulders, his thighs clinging tightly to Ghost’s body.

It was only when they were joined as thus that René felt complete, unalone, and loved. He had many sex partners in the past, but with Ghost, his mate, it was different; unlike anything he had ever experienced before. This was true love at long last and René could not help but smile at the thought. He took Ghost’s face in his hands and kissed him, whispering words of affection as they parted.

Ghost drank in the kisses, the whispered endearments, the intensity that had become the character of their joining. He would never find this with anyone else. René was it for him, so he’d better put everything he had into it. Ghost pulled René closer to him and suckled at his neck. He had always been a bit of a biter, but with René’s past he didn’t know if the action would pull up bad memories. He lightened his touch and asked silently. ‘Would you let me bite you, my love? I want to hold you as a were mate would.’




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