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[cross posted to were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Mun’s Note: Winter Masquerade Ball, February 11, 2012)

René had enjoyed the Winter Ball on board the riverboat Southern Belle. Dressed as a male version of Little Red Riding Hood, he had gotten compliments on his costume (most likely due to the very tight black leather pants he wore, accenting the curves of his body). The edges of the long red velvet cape swept along the floor with each step René took. “Will you dance with me?” he asked Ghost.

René had waited for the DJ to play the next slow song so he could press up against his mate and dance. It didn’t even matter to René what the song would be, all that was important was that he was with Ghost. The rest of the world would melt away.

Ghost bowed elegantly to his mate. “I would be delighted to dance with you.” His furry ears and tail seemed redundant on someone who could produce a more realistic effect with just a thought, but the old-fashioned suit that went with the furry accessories looked good on him, and the forest green color complemented his mate’s scarlet attire. Ghost moved in close and offered the young man his hand.

René’s face lit up. Ghost had that type of effect on him. “You are such a handsome wolf,” René grinned, leading his love out onto the dance floor. He wrapped his arms around Ghost’s neck and leaned in close. It seemed René could never get enough of his mate; René always wanted more--craved more.

The were slid his arms around the slim waist and gently drew the young man closer until they touched from chest to thigh. “I always look better when I have my beauty by my side.” Ghost slowly swayed with René. He wasn’t much of a dancer, but he could follow the rhythm of his mate’s body.

René nuzzled against Ghost. “I wish it could be like this for us always. The rest of the world just melts away when I am with you.”

“But It is, babe. Even the bumps in the road aren’t that bad when we are together.” Ghost let the young man go and spun him around before gathering him into his arms again. “See, we get separated but we always end up back where we started - together.” Ghost gave him a lopsided grin.

“I never want to be separated from you, Ghost, and I will fight to maintain my right to keep you as my mate,” René said with a little growl, playfully grabbing Ghost’s ass. “Mine,” he whispered against his lover’s ear.

Ghost gave a responding growl at his mate’s playful behavior. “You keep that up and we won’t be spending too much time at the party.” Ghost pulled the young man flush against him and captured those wicked, wandering hands.

“There was this utility closet I spotted earlier…” René gave his mate a wolfish grin. “I don’t mind missing some of the party if you don’t.”

Oh, how Ghost loved that look. It just went right through him and had his wolf turning circles. He nuzzled his mate’s ear. “You’re on, baby. Where’s this closet?” He preferred spending time alone with his mate to socializing.

René led his mate by the hand up the stairs, through the double doors, and onto the deck. He did not stop until they reached a secluded area of the ship where the utility closet stood. Putting his hand on the doorknob, René turned it and it clicked open. “I made sure this would be open in case you said yes.” He gave Ghost another mischievous grin. Sometimes his lock picking skills did come in handy.

Ghost followed his mate’s gorgeous ass until the young man stopped at a door. The door seemed to be open despite the obvious lock. He grinned. “Clever and beautiful. What a lovely package. This isn’t bad either.” Groping his mate’s manhood openly, Ghost herded his mate into the small room. It would be tight, but their two bodies intertwined didn’t take up much room.

“Tease,” René said when Ghost’s fingers brushed against his groin. René closed the door behind them and propped himself on an empty ledge, crooking his finger at his lover before getting to work on his leather pants. Bad thing about them was that the material was not easy to slip off, and he had to peel them off his hips and roll them down toward his ankles. He then pulled off his boots and finally managed to slip the leather pants all the way off. “Brrr, the ledge is cold.” René giggled as his bare bottom rested on it.

Ghost slipped off his jacket and hung it on a broom handle, his eyes glued to his mate. This evening just got better and better. A night out with his beautiful boy--and his boy was definitely out. The were took in the sight of his mate perched on the metal ledge. “I’ll warm you up, baby.” He moved the two steps it took to reach René and slid his palms up the bare flesh on display. “And I don’t tease. I mean what I say, little wolf, or should it be little Red?” He smirked.

“My, what big eyes you have,” René said, disposing of his own black peasant shirt but keeping the red velvet cape on, just for kink. “And what big hands you have,” he added, pulling on his mate’s pants and freeing up his cock. With his most devilish grin, he stroked Ghost’s member. “And what a big cock you have.”

Ghost gripped his mate’s shoulders and growled. “The better to see and hold you while I spear you, my dear.” That was kinda sleazy, but he had a one track mind when it came to seeing all that tender exposed flesh just waiting for him to take. His mate would either laugh at him or get turned on. He’d deal either way.

René let out a small wolfish howl, his eyes flickering yellow for a moment. “You really are the big bad wolf,” he said, spreading his legs for Ghost without prompt, playing the role of the submissive--a part he enjoyed, for Ghost never harmed him. It was all about love when it came to Ghost.

Ghost stepped in between the splayed limbs, pushing the pants off of one foot so René could accommodate his body. “Oh, I am baby. I really am, but it is all for you now.” Ghost’s erect and pulsing cock nudged at his mate’s opening. René seemed to need less and less preparation these days. The were gripped his mate’s hips and tilted them upward to bring them in line with his cock. One sharp thrust and the were impaled his young man. “I like being bad with you, little wolf.”

René bit down on his lower lips as the tip of Ghost’s cock nudged his entrance. Once the wolf fully claimed him, René could not help but let out a low groan in absolute pleasure. “Yes...that’s it...love it when you’re inside of me...” He gasped, fingers digging into Ghost’s back as he pistoned his hips to match his mate’s hard thrusts.

Ghost quickly lost himself in the heat surrounding his cock. His wolf howled and urged for more. It felt like an orgy sometimes, with the human and wolf sides both trying to claim their climax simultaneously. “It is all that I have ever wanted.” He meant that. René completed him, made everything and everyone who came before so insignificant in the scheme of things.

The thrusts increased in strength and intensity, his wolf pushing Ghost closer to the edge. Ghost leaned in and sealed his lips to his mate. They were not alone on this boat, and he knew how vocal his mate could be. Not that they were the only couple to seek a private moment this evening.

Ghost was wise to kiss René as he was--expressive--in their lovemaking. René could feel the pressure building in his balls, ready to explode. His entire body shook from both anticipation and the rush of ‘being’ caught. He was glad that his mate indulged his most naughty fantasies.

René felt his orgasm near. He kissed Ghost back hungrily, his body tensing as the orgasm roared through him. He wanted to howl, but knew that it was best to just keep giving Ghost sloppy kisses until the sensation passed. The kisses slowed as his cock finished spilling its seed. René panted heavily on Ghost’s shoulder, still trying to give his lover kisses, but they tended to miss their mark as René felt completely spent and satisfied.

Ghost rode the tide of his lover’s orgasm, screaming the young man’s name in his mind. His wolf howled and wiggled in delight. For a moment it was just them and their bond. No boat , no passengers, no one--and then he was falling out the other side and collapsing onto the warm body in front of him. His lips slipping on and off his mate’s, touching any available skin in between. Ghost rested on René body, sliding his hands up the wall to relieve some of the pressure of his superior weight. His mate’s heart thudded loudly against his chest, the moisture of René’s climax wetting his stomach. Ghost’s coat would cover the spot, but nothing would disguise the scent of their lovemaking. No matter, it would blend with others who had indulged this magical night.

“I love you,” René whispered against Ghost’s skin, his lips brushing across his mate’s shoulder. “You made this evening perfect.” René enjoyed holding his lover close in the aftermath. It always felt so special being intimate with Ghost. René had never felt anything like this with anyone else. Sure, René had plentiful lovers, but with Ghost it was different, unlike anything he had ever experienced before now.

Ghost kissed his mate’s opposite shoulder and whispered, “It’s not over yet, my love. I want to twirl you around the dance floor a bit more and take a stroll on the deck in the moonlight.” His stomach took that moment to grumble. He chuckled. “And feed the beast, it seems.” Ghost straightened his clothes and ran his fingers through his thick mane, setting his fake ears back in line. “Let’s pull ourselves together and return to the throng.” He lifted René’s pants to help him redress.

“I have something for that stain, hold on.” René plopped off the ledge and pulled his underwear back on, walking over to a small sink. He peered over his shoulder and grinned at Ghost, taking the soap bar and lathering it up under the water. “Come here, let’s see if I can’t fix that.” He playfully splashed Ghost and laughed.

Ghost rolled his eyes and cocked his head at his playful and often practical mate. He turned toward his mate and spread the spoiled section of his shirt. “Great lover and happy homemaker. What did I do to deserve such a perfect mate?”

“Not sure about the happy homemaker bit, but I do love playing house with you.” René winked, a look of happiness on his face as he heard Ghost’s loving words in reference to himself. “I suppose I’m the lucky one, you chose me,” he said softly as he cleaned up Ghost’s shirt.

“I think my wolf chose you. I saw the pretty face and the adventurous spirit but...” Ghost turned his mate around and pointed the young man toward the shiny surface above the small sink. He lifted the furry ears from his head and settled them amongst the unruly, glossy curls. “He saw what was hidden beneath.” His mate looked so natural with the perky ears rising from his hair like they had always been there. Ghost wrapped his arms protectively around his mate and stared at their reflection.

René leaned back into his mate, a look of jubilation on his face. “I’m glad your wolf chose me. I can’t remember ever being so happy. It’s a high no drug can ever give me,” he said, lacing his fingers with Ghost’s. “So what happens after the wolf eats Red Riding Hood?” he asked with a cocky grin.

“Well, it’s more like he eats Red Riding Hood out, but you won’t find that in the fairy tale. A bit too much for the kiddies.” Ghost kissed his mate’s cheek and held him close, enjoying the fading endorphins from their orgasm.

“I think I like your version better. Maybe if the wolf is big and bad again, it can eat my basket of goodies.” René wiggled his eyebrows, then burst out laughing. “Let’s go feed that tummy of yours. Tristan catered tonight, so you know the food is excellent,” René said, tickling Ghost playfully.

Ghost grabbed the teasing fingers so he could save his more vulnerable places. “Your goodies are safe from my teeth but not my tongue.” He licked the side of his mate’s neck and then reached for his jacket. The jacket would hide the wet spot and allow them to return to the main room. “Let’s go check out Tristan’s goodi.... hmmmm, maybe not. Tristan’s a nice guy but he would never satisfy. Too big and bulky for my taste.” Ghost settled his jacket on his torso and turned to unlock the door. “Pull yourself together, Red. Your mate needs food.”

“Are you kidding me?” René said, heading over to retrieve the rest of his clothes and re-assemble his Red Riding Hood costume. “Tristan is hot. If I wasn’t with you, I’d do him--then again, I was a bit promiscuous before we committed to one another. Hell, I slept with you the same night I met you.” René finished dressing and put his arms around Ghost’s neck. “And am I ever glad that I did.” He slowly kissed Ghost.

Ghost returned the kiss. “I guess if you like that type. This is what I like.” He pulled his mate flush against him, feeling the heat even through the layers. Strange thing was that back before Ghost met René, the were would have done Tristan too. The big bear was just Ghost’s type. He needed someone as powerful as he was to dominate. René’s willowy form wouldn’t have been much of a challenge. Besides, Ghost would have been afraid he would break the slender man. “Our first night will always be special. Your arms wrapped around my middle while we streaked down the backroads to that cabin. You under the moonlight. You stretched out on the bed as you came for me.” Ghost kissed and nibbled his way down his mate’s neck as he relived those first hours together.

René laughed with delight. “Yeah, that night was fantastic. I saw fireworks.” He took Ghost’s hand. “And you are exactly what I like, won’t trade you in for anyone else.”

Ghost lifted his head. “Ditto on that, babe. This is for keeps.” Ghost laid a sweet peck on his mate’s nose. “Now that we know the chef is off the menu for both of us, let’s go see what he has cooked up to satisfy our other desires.”




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