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[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Mun’s Note: Part 2
Back dated to June 2011

René paused a moment, looking into Ghost’s hazel eyes. He bit down on his lower lip, pensive. The vampire bite he had experienced in the past was always full of ecstasy and there was a part of René that missed it: the sensation of the fangs piercing his skin, the feel of his former master’s lips suckling against his neck. It made his cock twitch and a vision of Doviculus laying claim to him surfaced in his mind. The vampire seemed to pierce René’s thoughts and grinned devilishly at him. René blushed and averted his eyes for just a moment, pushing the image of him coupled with Doviculus away. It was a shameful memory, and not one he should be thinking of while having sex with his beloved Ghost.

René glanced back up at Ghost. He was unsure if the werewolf bite would feel the same, but he trusted his mate. Ghost would not hurt him. “Okay,” he whispered, trying his best not to sound too eager, and swept his hair away from his neck.

Ghost watched closely while his lover considered the proposal. He could see the slight hesitation followed by something that made his wolf’s hackles rise. His mate’s former master appeared. He couldn’t see his face, but the memory was clear. Ghost wasn’t sure how he felt about this development. His wolf wished to punish his mate for thinking about anyone except the were, but Ghost understood. He held memories of special encounters that had gotten him through tough times or that changed his attitude. Could he fault his mate for the residual images that lingered in his mind? They had been hammered there through pain and cruelty; even the pleasant ones and would take some time to erase. Perhaps this time he would use the vampire to endear his love more closely to himself. That thought and the image of clamping down on his mate’s tender neck satisfied his inner wolf.

The wolf butted at him, urging him to proceed. Take this human. Own his mate. Dominate him. Show him who he really belonged to. Ghost would do that, but in his own way. He would never force his mate’s submission. It would always be in love, even when their lovemaking got rough and savage.

It was hard to pull out, but if they were to do this like a true were couple, then René needed to be in the right position. Ghost shook his head and lifted René from his lap. “You must be on all fours.” It was so hard to stop, even to change position, but he needed to now that René had accepted the act. “Be my were mate for me, my beautiful one.” He growled and set René on his feet and pointed to the floor.

René did as he was told, not because it was demanded of him, but because he wanted to. It was different then when René submitted to Doviculus; there it was forced and angry. Here it was done by choice and with love. René bent over, getting on all fours, ready to submit to his love. I am ready to become yours and yours alone. René sent the thought to Ghost.

Ghost waited patiently as his mate dropped down onto the floor in front of the sofa. René was quite a sight. It made the were proud to have such an obliging mate. He promised himself that he would never take that for granted. He would always treat René with love and affection. That could mean riding his tight ass all night, but he knew his mate could take it.

As soon as René had let loose the words that affirmed Ghost’s claim on him, the big were dropped down behind his smaller mate. He seized the slender hips and slammed his member home with a resounding growl. ‘Mine, always and forever.’ His mind roared, his wolf joining in the declaration.

René gasped at the ferocity in which Ghost claimed him, but the cellist did not mind it. His body had endured far worse and from what René could tell, Ghost was being gentle. Well, as gentle as a horny wolf could be. The thought brought a smile to his lips.

“That’s it, baby,” René said breathlessly, His hand slipped once or twice on the wooden floor, but thanks to Ghost gripping his neck with that delicious bite, René kept pretty much steady. René loved the feel of Ghost’s wolf fangs bearing down on his skin, it just felt right.

The feeling of his mate's skin against his mouth heightened the were's passion. Ghost felt René's initial surprise at the abrupt penetration but it lasted only a moment. His mate accepted his lustful advance. Ghost sensed the change. His mate's feel, his smell changed as the tension passed and René sunk into the mating connection. It was a feeling that they would have as long as they were together.

Ghost locked his jaw and set a blistering pace. His thrusts rocked their bodies back and forth and forced his cock deeper into his mate. René would be feeling this encounter tomorrow. With his mouth filled, the were expressed his escalating pleasure in the only way he knew how. He growled. His diaphragm picked up on the growl and amplified it. It started as a rumble deep in his chest. It swelled with each thrust of his hips.

Due to the intensity of Ghost’s lustful thrusts, it didn’t take long for René to lose control. He screamed out Ghost’s name as his body shook while his orgasm claimed him. It took effort to keep on all fours after that powerful orgasm, and once again he was thankful that Ghost’s mouth held him firmly behind the neck. René had no plans to disappoint his mate; he had been trained for handling roughness and he would make Ghost proud.

René pushed back, hoping to entice Ghost’s own ecstasy. The growl that erupted from his lover’s throat inspired René to keep focused. It was his body, their connection, that made Ghost react the way he did and René loved every moment of it.

The were felt his mate's body squeeze his member tightly, the young man screaming his name to the sky. That was the trigger he needed to join his mate in ecstasy. Ghost loosed his hold on his lover neck, wrapped his arms around René's waist, and howled his pleasure to the moon. In this position the were could see up through the skylight. The moon shone brightly, giving approval to their union. Silently mind to mind while still gazing at the celestial night body, he spoke. 'I love you'.

“I love you too, baby,” René said, out of breath. He looked up and saw the moon shining down above them and it widened his smile. “And it is said that weres are not romantic, psssht.” He chuckled, already crawling into Ghost’s arms. He placed a tender kiss on Ghost’s cheek, looking at his mate with complete adoration. “Are we--are we fully mated now?” he asked softly.

Ghost assisted his mate in crawling into his lap and then scooted about until his back rested against the sofa. He accepted the tender offering of a kiss. Looking back at the shiny sphere above, he stated, "We already were. This was for my wolf." Ghost lowered his head and claimed René's lips in a scorching kiss.

“Your wolf has accepted me, then?” René asked as a smile reached his eyes. He reached over to lightly touch Ghost’s mouth and traced the bottom lip. “I honestly love you. I feel that if we were to part my very soul would be torn. I’ve never felt this way about anyone.”

Ghost accepted the touch. “My wolf accepted you the first time we were joined, but he can be a little stiff sometimes. He must have certain things to keep him happy. You cannot become wolf, but you can still submit. Of that he approves.” Ghost smoothed the sweaty curls. “He can be a task master but it is I who hold his leash. I will never let him rule me or you. The human half is stronger than the beast.”

Ghost leaned back over and kissed the soft skin of René’s cheek, forehead and nose, finally zeroing in on the delicious lips. Without releasing them he said, ‘Upstairs with you now. I want a bed for the next round.”

René kissed Ghost back, then stood up and held out his hand to help Ghost to his feet, not that his mate needed it. “I’m glad that I can please you and your wolf. You both have given me so much love.” He playfully sauntered over to the stairs. “So what are we going to do up in the bedroom?” he asked teasingly. “You need some sleep?” He backed up the stairs wearing just a smile.

The were stalked his sassy mate. "It's good that your sweet ass is facing away or I might give it a swat." Ghost increase his pace, hoping to hurry René upstairs. His cock had already decided that it had been without the tightness of his mate's hole for long enough.

René giggled and turned around and ran the rest of the way to their bedroom. Their bedroom. Just the sound of that made his heart soar. René laughed as he threw himself on the bed, some loose strands of curls falling over his eyes. René didn’t brush them away, instead he propped himself up on his elbows and crooked a finger, beckoning for his lover to join him.

Ghost considered jumping to the top of the stairs and shortening this little break, but it was more arousing to watch his mate's reaction to his stalking. Maybe his lover would enjoy some puppy play. His wolf wanted out to show his appreciation for his mate's submission. Ghost approached the bed and dropped to all fours. The change was instantaneous for a werewolf of his age. He paced around the bed, trying to get his mate to follow his movements. When he returned to the end of the bed, he leapt up to land between his lover's legs and nosed at his groin.

René laughed as he felt the cold nose touch him. He sat up and pulled the wolf into his arms, kissing the top of the wolf’s head. “Naughty boy,” he said, still laughing, and play-wrestled with his mate.

The wolf whined and snuggled closer, licking his mate's chest and nipping playfully at one nipple. He rose up over René and licked his chin and his neck. His mate's scent was so arousing. Both sides of him found René irresistible. Ghost rolled to the side and stretched out next to the human.

René continued to laugh as the wolf licked his face and neck. He ran his fingers through the wolf’s thick pelt and kissed it on the nose, “And I love this part of you as well,” he said as he watched the wolf curl up next to him. René reached over and grabbed a pair of boxer shorts from the bottom drawer of the nightstand. He put them on quickly and then took the throw blanket at the foot of the bed and covered himself and the wolf. René made sure to snuggle close to the were and petted his head gently. “You’re very beautiful, you know that?” Sure, the wolf could not answer him, but René was fairly certain that the wolf could understand him.

The wolf pushed into the touches. He loved to feel his mate rubbing his fur and connecting with the places on his body that were arousing to him. His human half had taught him to appreciate the contact of one that was not wolf. He knew his time was short, for soon his human half would want his mate back. One more whine and he submitted to Ghost.

Ghost shifted back to human while René was still petting him. “You think I’m beautiful, huh?. Right back at ya, sweetheart.” Ghost rubbed up against his mate. When he encountered cloth, he frowned. “What’s this?” he asked, tugging on the boxers. “Have I worn you out? Are you tired?”

René giggled softly. “I thought we were taking a break, my mistake. Feel free to take them off,” he said, his fingers still caressing the side of Ghost’s cheek.

Ghost leaned into the touch just as his wolf had. “He just wanted to come out and show his appreciation. You don’t have to get dressed for him unless...it makes you feel uncomfortable being naked around my wolf.” He turned and kissed his lover’s palm and then his lips. “He and I are one, and there will be times when I let go and give him his freedom. It will be like having a man and pet in one.” Ghost wiggled his eyebrows. “That’s why I let that green designer talk me into the roof garden. It will be a place where my wolf will fill more comfortable without having to run back to the bayou.” He kissed his lover again. “Now, we were talking about round two, I believe.” Ghost freed his lover from his boxers and rolled on top of his mate. “I think it starts with a bit of attention to these really delicious looking nipples.” He smirked and attacked said brown nubs.

“No, I am not uncomfortable being naked around your wolf; he is a part of you and I love him just as much. He seems quite protective.” René gasped in pleasure as he felt Ghost nibble around his areola. “Damn, that feels good.” Of course, Ghost’s touch always felt good, and his hips rose accordingly. René’s body was once again ready to submit to his were mate.

“I’m glad you like that because I plan to do it a lot more.” Ghost sucked and nibbled on the brown nubs until they were hard points and then bit lightly on each one. Meanwhile his knee was working its way down between his lover’s legs. He knew that René would submit willingly, but the challenge could be exciting too.

René’s thighs parted easily enough for Ghost, his leg hooking over his lover’s hip. He already felt his erection pressing against Ghost’s taut stomach. The sensation heightened René’s anticipation. He let out a small whimper, despite the fact that they had coupled only minutes before.

Ghost lifted, allowing his cock to slide against its mate. The feeling was almost overwhelming. Ghost started a slow grind, teasing his mate with every stroke. It wouldn’t take much to have René begging, and he so loved to hear that tone in his lover’s voice. The one that told the were that his mate needed him and desired him. Keeping up the pace, he lowered his head and sucked at the mark where his teeth had clamped down. He would leave a reminder that his lover would feel for days. Any were who saw would know the young human belonged to him. To Ghost it was more than a primitive claim - it was a sign of devotion. He marked his mate to show that the young man was under his protection and trespassers beware. Ghost bit down again, being careful not to break the skin but maintaining the pressure. ’You will bear my mark. They will know you are mine. That you are a cherished mate.’

René’s skin tingled; all the touching and rubbing were getting to him. He was very close to begging Ghost to take him. René moaned at the sensation of Ghost’s teeth grazing against his skin. He slid his leg along Ghost’s side, caressing his mate. ‘I will wear the mark proudly, for I am yours,’ he answered back. ‘But baby, could you please stop teasing me? I need you. Inside me, now.’

Ghost released René's shoulder and moved to his ear. "Patience, my love, let the passion build." The were licked the shell of his lover's ear and nibbled on the lobe. "It will be much better if we hold off just a few moments more." Ghost rocked his hips nice and slow. His breath heavy on his young man's neck and ear, Ghost switched to the other side. He kissed the sensitive skin below the ear and the edge of René's jaw. His hips never stopped moving. The skin became slicker with the precum allowing their cocks to slide together more easily. Ghost kissed each inch of skin he could reach, stopping here or there when his mate indicated a sensitive spot. When he did enter his mate, their release would be almost instantaneous. The joining would be the conclusion instead of the build-up. "Just a little more, my love."

René bit down on his lower lip anxiously. This was delicious torture. His hips automatically bucked each time Ghost’s member slide across his own, and he could not hold back the low whimper that escaped his now parted lips. His skin felt as it were on fire and his breath grew hard and heavy. As Ghost continued the slow but steady rocking of his hips, he dug his fingernails into Ghost’s back. The pressure was building inside of him even though Ghost had yet to enter him. René arched his back and his hips jerked upward, eager for a more intimate contact. ‘Ghost, please...’

Ghost was reveling in the intense sensation. He could feel his mate's impatience and that of his wolf. He would drive both of them out of their minds and then send them soaring. After which he would do it again, if his mate was able. "Just a bit more. You are almost there." Ghost licked René behind his ear and sucked on the lobe. He slid up and back and up again at a very deliberate pace.

Just when the vibrations between started to reach the desired pitch, he raised up on his palms and knees, allowing his stiff, leaking cock to drop down and prepare to enter his mate. 'Now, my love, now,' he thought and thrust forward. He drove on until his body slammed into its mate. Fire exploded behind his eyes. It was impossible to keep them open, but he didn't need to see his mate to know what René was feeling. He reached out with his mind, screaming René name. 'Yes, yes, yes' - over and over he screamed it even though he had only thrust once. He dropped over the edge and tumbled down the other side.

The union with Ghost’s body sent René’s senses soaring. This is what he had been waiting for. He thrust his hips forward, ignoring the tiny beads of sweat that gathered around his forehead. This sexual escape had turned out to be more exerting than the last, but René did not mind it. His body clenched around Ghost’s massive member, reaching his own climax as Ghost shouted out his name.

In the aftermath, René lay beside his love, panting heavily, “Fuck...that was amazing,” he said, trying to catch his breath. He was drenched in sweat and cum but had never felt more satisfied. He’d had similar sexual experiences to the tease that Ghost had done, but usually René had not been granted release, as punishment from Doviculus.

René wiped the damp hair away from Ghost’s face and gave him a loving but crooked smile, “You’ve got some kink to you. I likey.”

Slipping off his mate, Ghost basked in their combined passion. He could feel René’s ecstasy echo through their bond. It heightened what he was feeling. He hoped that it did the same for his mate. He had no doubt that René could keep up with him and even enjoy whatever direction he took their sexual experiences. He hated to think that his vampire master had enabled René to endure and even enjoy the rougher sessions, but the were hoped that his mate saw the difference between Ghost and the sadist bastard who once owned him.

Right now he could simply revel in the sound of their heartbeats as they beat just a tiny bit fast. He groaned at the simple touch of his mate on his hair. It seemed that they could push their limits one minute and touch tenderly the next. He especially loved that his mate enjoyed his kinky side. René’s attitude made it easy for Ghost to explore the possibilities.

He copied René’s move by smoothing his mate’s wild curls. “It means much that you enjoy my more carnal desires. I honestly thought that I would need to temper myself with you, but you never fail to impress me with your stamina and enthusiasm. You not only endure but throw yourself into whatever we do.”

“Well, they are partly my carnal desires, too,” René said with a wink, turning to face his lover. “And no need to hold back, I can handle it. Your touch, no matter how kinky or rough, is done with love. I need not fear what you will do to me. Doviculus... well, he was the same way with the kink and stuff, but he was cruel... and there lies the difference between you and he. I trust you and I’m not afraid of you,” he said, lightly touching the stubble of Ghost’s beard.

“Good.” Ghost said, kissing the end of René’s nose. “Now it’s time to move this to the tub. We can get clean and be dirty at the same time.”

René laughed, placing his hand over his stomach. “I see, it’s going to be one of those nights. All right, wait here while I get the tub ready.” He lazily stretched before getting up, giving his mate one last lustful look before walking into the adjoining bathroom.




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