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[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Takes place after Werewolf Protection
Backdated to August 31- Sept 3, 2011

The best part of Dragon Con had to be the cosplay and René could not wait to wear his first costume. Something simple, but close to his heart. René donned the grayish-looking wolf tail on the back of his jeans. Looking over his shoulder at the mirror, it seemed fine enough and he wiggled his butt for fun to watch the fake wolf tail shake. With a grin he turned around and adjusted his ears between the curls of his dark hair, making them blend and seem to look as if they naturally belonged there. “Ghost?” he called out to his mate from the hotel’s bathroom. “You about ready? We can hit the buffet table in the lobby for breakfast, then head over to the con.”

Ghost stood in the doorway studying the very cute wiggling ass. He decided there and then that his mate would have made a beautiful werewolf. “I’m ready, but if you keep wiggling your ass that way we will miss the buffet and I’ll be feasting on you.” Ghost leered at his mate. It was a perfect look for his outfit. The custom-fit leathers hugged his muscular form. The vest was barely there. It left most of his chest in view.

René looked admiringly at his mate, “I have a few finishing touches and I’ll be good to go.” He clasped a collar around his neck and hooked a leash to it, handing Ghost the other end. “For you, baby. And I promise to let you ruffle my tail later.” He moved close to Ghost and rubbed his backside along Ghost’s front, playfully mimicking a flag position of wolves. He looked over his shoulder and grinned, then stood straight up. “Come, let’s get some food, I’m famished.” He gave Ghost a quick kiss on the lips and headed out the door.

Ghost grasped the end of the leash. He almost yanked his mate back flush against him when he started to move away. It was hard to let the young man go after the teasing rub. Well, some things were hard, and they really stood out in the tight pants. He smirked and let his mate lead him out of the room. At least with the leash he wouldn’t lose René in the crowd.

The elevator was crowded, but that just meant he could pull René tight up against him. After all, he wasn’t getting friendly. He was just making room for more people in the elevator. His hard cock pressed against his mate’s behind was just an added bonus, and so what if his hand strayed near the young man’s crotch a time or two. No one would notice except maybe René.

René placed his hand over Ghost’s as it lingered around his crotch and held it there for a moment or two, grinning up at Ghost. This con was filled with a diversity of people, same sex couples amongst them. It was one of the few places René felt completely comfortable and could be himself.

René pressed closer to Ghost as more people crowded the elevator. The erection in Ghost’s pants was not easy to ignore, and part of René wondered if they should skip breakfast and head back toward the room. He teasingly rubbed against it. “Should we go back?” he whispered. “I can take care of that for you, if you like...” René gave Ghost a wicked but playful grin.

“As pleasing as that sounds, we would never get out of the room. Eat food now, you later.” Ghost laid a quick kiss on his mate’s cheek and whispered, “You can taste any part of me later. I promise.” The were was thinking of where they could engage in naughtiness in each room. That pool table near the wet bar looked pretty sturdy. Of course he had the bar filled with sodas and juices just for René. No temptations in that room except for Ghost, and René could take his fill of were anytime.

The crowded elevator crept slowly downward floor by floor. Eventually there was no more room but the doors still opened at almost every floor. Ghost watched the lobby come into view. There hadn’t been as many people around when they arrived the night before, but now it was a seething sea of humanity. The doors slid open as they reached their destination. Most of the other people exited. Ghost nudged his mate forward. “Our stop.”

René walked out once there was enough room and waded his way toward the buffet area, showing his coupon for the free buffet breakfast for he and Ghost. His benefactor had deposited a generous sum of money into René’s bank account the night before the trip with a small note to enjoy himself. Included in the note were the coupons for the buffet breakfast. The gesture had taken René by surprise, but he was happy that his benefactor did not argue with him about having a little vacation time with his honey.

The cellist took a plate and looked over the food hungrily. “Oh, what to choose? There’s meat of bacon and meat of sausage and meat of patties, some eggs...” He looked over at Ghost. “Not sure where to start.” He placed a kiss on Ghost’s cheek, earning a few appreciative giggles from some goth girls on the other side of the buffet table.

“Kiss, kiss, kiss...” they chanted.

René looked at Ghost. “Well?” he asked with a sheepish grin.

‘Why not?’ Ghost thought. This place was nothing like he had ever seen before. The normal rules of conduct didn’t seem to apply. Just in the trip from the elevator to the buffet table, he had seen a girl leading two half naked guys on leashes and a couple of girls with barely-there costumes. Ghost peered at his partner and then bent him backwards over his arm and kissed him within an inch of his life. His wolf gave an encouraging growl, egging his human side on.

The girls cheered, forming a circle around the men, snapping pictures and requesting another kiss. René stood back up, his entire face radiating happiness, wrapping his arms around Ghost, nuzzling him. “Aww, so cute,” the girls said taking more pictures, complimenting them on what an adorable couple they were.

René reluctantly pulled away from Ghost and thanked the girls with a shy-looking smile before heading back in line to get some food, “Come on, gorgeous, the breakfast meat calleth,” he told Ghost.

After a hearty breakfast, René wanted to hit the dealer’s rooms as quickly as possible before heading over to one of the panels on anime. He knew it would be impossible to get through all of the dealer’s rooms in one day, but it was a good way to pass the time. He walked around excitedly like a child opening presents at Christmas, showing Ghost some costume or picking up a copy of a manga he had been wanting to read, all the while holding onto Ghost’s hand or allowing Ghost to lead him around on the leash.

A few people stopped and asked to take René’s picture as they found his goth were quite intriguing. Some asked if Ghost was the vamp master and René would answer with a nervous chuckle that he was done with vampires; he was pro-werewolf now and would point to his T-shirt.

Ghost accompanied or simply followed his mate around. The young man’s joy was infectious. Ghost didn’t mind that he didn’t understand a lot of the references; he just liked seeing René happy. There were some points of interest for him too. He halted his boyfriend at every leather dealer and inspected a piece or two. There was a full-length duster that he found to his liking. The fit was a bit snug but the dealer said he had a larger one in his room. He asked Ghost to return tomorrow to try that one on. Ghost took the man’s business card and moved on.

Most of the time he was the quiet hulking presence behind the excited “wolf boy,” but he made himself known if others got too familiar with his mate. Pictures he didn’t mind. He even tried to get into the spirit of the event and pose, but if some male got too touchy-feely with his mate, the unfortunate individual would find his advances attracting the wrong kind of attention and was sent scurrying on his way with a deep-throated growl. The were found it amusing to detour the more insistent with a look or a threatening noise.

René paid little mind to those who flirted with him; his entire attention (romantically) was focused on Ghost. Only now and then when someone got a little too touchy-feely would he politely remove their hand from his ass. “My boyfriend is quite the jealous wolf,” René would warn. Then he would hear Ghost’s growl and René would walk back over to his mate. He loved to reassure him with a kiss on his neck or his lips, making sure to press close.

“You are going to look so hot in that leather duster, I may not be able to take my hands off you,” René said, trying to distract him from the idiot that got too friendly. He nuzzled against him as they made their way toward another of the hotels.

There was a line to enter via the revolving doors, but René took that opportunity to neck with Ghost while he waited, eliciting another set of cheers from the con goers, this time a group of anime fans who squeed each time their lips made contact.

And René was loving every minute of it.

That is, until they got accosted by the blood drive people once they entered the hotel. They were dressed as goths, nurses, and vampires, and were pretty persistent on getting them to donate. It made René pause for a moment as he stared at the false fangs that the young man in the elegant Victorian vampire costume wore. His long raven hair was tied neatly back in a pony tail. He reminded René of Razvan. And that’s all it took. His recent experience with Razvan came back to haunt him. Panic started to hit him and he backed away until he remembered Ghost was there with him. René wrapped his arms around Ghost and buried his face into Ghost’s shoulder for security.

“Hey man, you okay? Didn’t mean to startle you. I mean, who doesn’t like vampires?” the volunteer who reminded René of Razvan spoke, waving a fake blood bag around.

“I don’t...” René said it so low, it was almost a whisper.

Ghost steered his boyfriend away from the dark costumed character. He knew the volunteers didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just that some of them really got into the part. Ghost needed some alone time with his mate to reassure him that he was safe so the young man could go back to enjoying the convention. “Some people really get into this.” He hugged René tightly to him and moved along the edge of the crowd. “I could use a little snack about now. Care to join me?” He motioned toward the hotel restaurant. It wasn’t as populated as the lobby. He hoped to find a quiet corner table so they could talk and René could compose himself.

Once a suitable place was found, René plopped down into the seat, coiling the end of his leash around his hand with his head bowed. “I know that some people really get into the whole vampire thing. Hell, I used to be one of those people.” He sighed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have freaked out like that. Normally I’m not such a coward, but it seems vampires are my kryptonite, even the fake ones. You must be very angry with me. I’ve embarrassed you.” René continued to stare at his hands. He dared not look Ghost in the eye right now. What must Ghost think of him? How much of a wuss did he look like in his mate’s eyes?

Some mate René was turning out to be. He had failed with Doviculus the vampire and now with Stefan the werewolf.

Ghost reached across the small table and tipped René’s chin up. “If I were embarrassed by you I would have said so. Weres can be very blunt about such things.” The were looked deep into his mate’s eyes. “I brought you in here to give you time to recover. I wanted this trip to be enjoyable. You can’t do that if you are looking over your shoulder all the time.” Ghost let go of his mate’s chin, hoping he had the young man’s attention now. He took René’s hands in his and held them securely. “Kryptonite they may be now, but in time you will conquer this. There are those among them who are like us, good people. They have managed to hold onto their humanity; and likewise there are werewolves and even humans like Razvan and Doviculus who have no redeeming characteristics. Unfortunately you have met few of the decent ones.” He gently kissed René’s knuckles. “In time you may come to realize this, but until then I will be there for you, holding you when your strength fails you.”

“You’re...you’re not going to send me away?” René asked, relieved to hear the comforting words from Ghost. He stared into his mate’s eyes that were full of kindness and love and René felt ashamed for ever doubting.

Ghost was right, he could overcome this fear. But it wasn’t going to be easy, not when sadistic vampires like Doviculus were still around. Ghost had mentioned that there were vampires who held on to their humanity but René found it difficult to believe, though it was not such a far-fetched idea. Sometimes humans could be as cruel as the monsters that lived in shadow. This got René thinking. “Being what you are, you have met these other vampires?” he asked with some curiosity.

“I have, and the experience has been far from unpleasant.” Ghost kept a hold of his mate’s fingers. “Some have been old, some very newly made. They have a curiosity about life and a unique perspective on it, but they were not monsters, just beings living a different lifestyle.”

Ghost knew that he could say a lot more but didn’t know how René would react. Better for his mate to ask the questions and decide how much truth he could handle.

René didn’t want to know any more; he just wanted to forget for now. He leaned forward and gave Ghost a kiss. “Let’s get some food, maybe it will help calm my nerves.” He took in the scent of steak which opened up his appetite.

“A wolf always wants to eat. High metabolism and all that.” Ghost picked up the menu and glanced through it. He was satisfied for the moment. René didn’t cut him off all together. That was progress. “What would you like, my young wolf? I will have a steak and all the fixings.”

“Sounds delicious, I will have the same and add a salad with crumbled feta on top,” René said, looking over his own menu. He peeked over the top of it to look at his mate. Ghost was so very good to him. René was grateful for having such a wonderful man--wolf--in his life. “Love you,” he said, his smiling returning.

“I know. I feel the same.” Ghost opened his mind and sent waves of love in René’s direction. He wanted his mate to always feel secure, whether they were sitting across from one another or separated by several states. “After we eat, how about continuing our shopping in Artist’s Alley? I’d like to check out some of the paintings. Maybe there is something there I’ll want to bid on. Then we can take a nap, because I’ve heard rumors that there is a werewolf game later tonight. How’s that sound?”

They were signed up for a LARP game already, but René was unsure if Ghost meant another or something else. “Card game or LARP?” René asked offhandedly, feeling much calmer as he felt the waves of reassurance hit him. Ghost was so different from the cruelty of Doviculus and yet René had been submissive to both, but Ghost treated him with respect and cared about what happened to him. Slaying Razvan without reservation was proof enough of that. “I love art, so let’s head there next. Plus I wanted to stop at another dealer’s room and pick up some other things, but you may have to drag me out of the art room first.”

“It’s more of a card game of sorts. I heard about it online. There are no swords and spears involved but a lot of “mud swinging,” so to speak,” Ghost said.

“Sounds fun, but I don’t think I’ve played it. Will you teach me? Speaking of games, don’t forget we have that LARP starting Friday night. Oh, and would you be interested in playing a midnight Cthulthu game with me tonight? I promise it will be fun. It’s the board game so there isn’t a lot of role playing,” René asked, taking a bread stick that was left by the waiter when they first sat down. “If not, I can do it by myself.”

“We don’t have to do everything the first day. Werewolf is played a couple of nights and there are always impromptu games going on in the evenings. How about we plan to visit Artist’s Alley and play Cthulthu, and if we have time to find a Werewolf game after our nap then we’ll do it. Otherwise it can wait until tomorrow.” Ghost winked at his mate. “If we get a chance to play I’d be happy to teach you, my lovely, as long as you show me the ropes in Cthulthu.” Ghost sipped at his water.

René laughed at himself, he was being over eager. “Yes, you’re right. I’m just so excited to be here, I have to learn to take one day at a time. I have to make sure to make alone time with you, that’s most important.” He wiggled his eyebrows and took a suggestive bite out of the bread stick. René would be fooling himself if he believed that he could go a day without having smex with Ghost. His body ached for its mate on a constant basis. “And I will be more than happy to teach you the ins and outs of Cthulthu, I just love Lovecraft’s work,” he said as the waiter returned to take their orders.

As soon as their order was taken Ghost reached over and took the piece of bread out of his mate’s mouth. “Stop, you are making me jealous of that breadstick. It’s getting more action then I am at the moment.” Ghost’s response came out a bit like a whine. All this talk of in and out and watching that breadstick slide in and out of his mate’s mouth was reenergizing the were’s erection.

“I’m sorry baby, I promise to make it up to you when we go in for our ‘nap’.” René giggled, taking a sip of 7-UP. “That bread stick has nothing on you.” He went over to sit by Ghost and ran his hand up Ghost’s thigh. “I can take care of that for you now if you like.” He motioned to the bathroom with his eyes.

Ghost moaned quietly. He really shouldn’t be considering this, but it’s not like a public bathroom was the strangest place they’d had sex. He thought back to their adventures in René’s car while in traffic. The fingers stroking his thigh were doing their magic. He could turn his mate over the table right now but that would be illegal. The bathroom would have to do.

Ghost halted the mate’s fingers and lifted them to his lips, kissing the tips of each one. “Go to the men’s room and wait for me. I’ll join you in a minute. I must make our excuses to the waiter.” He lifted the hand higher and kissed the palm before releasing it.

“Oh, I plan to come back for that steak, but I will make sure your needs are taken care of first.” René winked and skipped over to the washroom, choosing a private stall where he waited for his mate.

Ghost motioned the waiter over and quietly explained that his “friend” had hurt his leg earlier and needed to have the bandage changed. He asked that if they were delayed that their food be held until they returned. The waiter went along with the explanation and left to relay the message to the chef, though he couldn’t resist a backwards look at that gorgeous man’s ass as the were made his way to the men’s room. That was the best one today and the day was early. His friend wasn’t bad either, though he preferred the stocky rather than the slender build. If those two were just “friends” then his gaydar was way off. The waiter just loved DragonCon. It brought out a whole crop of gorgeous creatures to ogle. The waiter would need some privacy to adjust his pants. He chuckled to himself and entered the kitchen.

Their meal taken care of, Ghost negotiated his way to the bathroom in the back corner. He entered the room and looked around for other occupants. All the stalls seemed to be empty except one. Ghost sniffed the air and smelt a human heading for the men’s room. He emitted a low growl and felt the man hesitate and then retreat. Ghost smiled to himself. It was good to be a werewolf sometimes. He pushed gently on the closed door and it gave under the pressure. It swung open to reveal his gorgeous mate.

“Come here,” René said, pulling Ghost into the stall and locking the door behind them. Lucky for them that the hotel stalls were ample, otherwise this would have been a tight fit. René’s gaze locked with Ghost’s before crashing his mouth onto the werewolf’s. His fingers were already working on the zipper of the leather pants.

Ghost pushed his tongue into his mate’s mouth as soon as their lip touched. He wanted to savor that taste and claim his mate all over again. It seemed that he was as affected by their bond as his mate. He couldn’t keep his hands off the young man. He wanted to help with his zipper but figured his large fingers would just get in the way. Instead he grasped René’s head and deepened the kiss, leaving his mate to handle the disrobing.

René didn’t want to stop kissing Ghost, but his cock needed attention. The cellist slipped down to his knees and finished pulling down the leather pants. Not a simple task since they were skin tight, but René could not complain. They showed what a great ass Ghost had, even if it made René a little jealous when others admired it so.

Pushing such distracting thoughts away, René took in the length of Ghost’s member, twirling his tongue around the crown before swallowing it whole. He wanted to curl Ghost’s toes with this blow job and René would not be satisfied with anything less than perfection.

The were threw his head back the moment his cock disappeared into his mate’s mouth. The young man was superb at a blow job. No one would ever top what René could do with his tongue. Truth be told, Ghost was never going to test that claim so his mate would remain the champion. It would not take long either. Ghost let himself go, allowing the feelings to take over. His hips rocked gently back and forth, adding to the sensation. His hands lightly touched the back of René’s head, not leading, just adding the extra contact. He groaned quietly, still aware of his surroundings, but the were wasn’t sure he could keep the volume down if René kept doing that to his cock.

Ghost’s scent was musky and it lured René like a potent aphrodisiac. René went to work on his mate’s cock, going fast and steady, not knowing how long their privacy would last. His hand reached up to tease Ghost’s balls as his tongue worked its magic. He moaned, taken by the eroticism and danger of ‘being caught’. His mind and body filled with lustful thoughts.

Ghost continued to groan softly, turning the feelings inward and reaching out to his mate through the bond. ‘That’s so good, baby. Take me all in. Let me get lost in that beautiful mouth of yours. Let me feel your breath against my skin. Your long slender fingers around my balls, stroking, touch, licking, squeezing, tasting.’ His thoughts became centered on the region of his body where they were connected. Nothing else mattered but the way the two of them felt right now. Not even the guy heading for the restroom. A corner of the were’s brain smelled the approaching human and pushed for completion before he had to send another human away.

Ghost pushed into the warmth that surrounded him, gently urging his mate in hopes that both of them could find what they were looking for. ‘Close, so close. Come with me, baby. Come with me.’

René sped up the pace, the thrill of Ghost’s moans giving him an added boost. He wanted to bring Ghost over the edge, make him see stars. He used his hands on himself as well as his mouth on Ghost to drive his mate to absolute pleasure.

‘Yes, baby, touch yourself. Come with me.’ Ghost reached deeper into him. He clamped his lips together so as not to scream when his climax hit. He braced himself with one hand and held René’s head with the other. He locked his knees and prepared for the edge. His balls drew up tight and stars started to sparkle behind his eyes. Another stroke and he would be in free-fall -- and there it was. That last touch sent the were over the edge and blissfully into orgasmic oblivion.

René swallowed Ghost’s seed even as his own orgasm claimed him. He temporarily lost his balance, but his love was there to keep him from falling. Gasping for air and wiping the last bit of cum from his lips, he smiled up at Ghost. “You are one naughty wolf, I like that.” His grin widened.

Ghost smiled slyly and tried to calm his racing heart. His body would be ready to go again in a few minutes if he let his wolf take over, but he wasn’t here to see how many times he could do his mate. He was here to let René relax and get centered for what might lay in his future. “Hmmmmm, you’re pretty wicked yourself.” The were pulled his mate to his feet and kissed him deeply. “We better go. There’s a guy in the restaurant whose eyes are floating.” Ghost refastened his pants and ran his fingers through his hair and then guided his partner to the sink.

René gave a small pout but cleaned himself off, quickly adjusting his pants as he stepped out of the stall and following Ghost back into the restaurant. René gave the guy waiting outside the washroom a wink and sly smile as he passed by him.

René took hold of Ghost’s hand and kissed the back of it as they headed back toward their table, his dark eyes still sparkling with mischief.

Ghost just laughed. This was his mate, all mischief and passion. He squeezed the fingers that slid into his and guided René back to their table. The were signaled the waiter to serve their food. One desire was partially sated for the moment, but now his body reminded him of its need for food. The waiter promptly served the couple as soon as they were comfortably seated. “Mmmmm, this looks almost as delicious as you.” The were wiggled his eyebrows.

René adjusted his wolf ears, smiling devilishly at Ghost’s compliment. “Would you like me to keep the ears on for later?” His fingers played around the collar for a moment as he handed Ghost the end of the leash. “And I can keep this on, too if you like,” he said, keeping his impish grin.

Ghost grasped the loop of leather, rubbing his fingers back and forth over the textured surface. Yes, he could see his mate on all fours, naked except the collar, awaiting his mate’s attentions eagerly. René had no idea what the offer did to the werewolf -- or maybe he did. “Yes, I like the way you look in it. Let’s keep both for awhile.” His free hand adjusted his growing arousal. He was going to make quite a sight wandering around the con. “Now eat up, you’re going to need your strength for later.”




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