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[cross posted were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Takes place after Dragon Con 1

René gazed in fascination at the different displays of fantasy art. He was immediately drawn to a display with portraits of wolves. One in particular captured his attention. It was a grayish-white wolf with hazel eyes, standing majestically in the snow, and a mage of some sort stood beside him as a companion.

René put a bidding price next to the painting and looked around the exhibit room for his mate. “Stain, is that you?” he heard a voice call.

René froze. It had been a very long time since he last heard that voice, but he remembered it well enough. Eliza.

René turned to face her and smiled. The years and use of hard drugs had taken their toll on her once pretty face. Her complexion was somewhat jaundiced, and her lips were pale and chapped. Eliza was as thin as a rail, and the clothes she wore hung on her loosely. She tugged at the sleeves nervously as she approached him, her blue eyes hollow and sunken. “Hey,” she said.

“Eliza, good to see you.” René said somewhat sadly. It was obvious she had not stopped taking drugs.

“You look...fantastic. That dude you’re with, Dov...Dov something... must be treating you good, huh?” Her voice sounded a little raspy.

“Actually, I left him. I’m with someone else now, he’s around here somewhere.” René glanced around the room but did not see Ghost.

“Lucky him.” Eliza gave René a small smile. “Listen, I was wondering...” she leaned in closer. “You have anything on you?”

René sighed inwardly. “No, man, I don’t do that anymore.” It was difficult to look at her this way. She had once been a lover of his and part of his old band. She could play the guitar like a goddess. He wondered if she even had passion for that anymore.

“Yeah, sure, I understand,” Eliza replied, tucking a long strand of raven hair behind her ear. “You know, there’s a bunch of us from the old group here, hanging out. Maybe you can come join us for a bit?”

René didn’t want to appear rude, but going to that party would mean there would be drugs there, and he didn’t want to be involved with that anymore. “I’ll see what I can do. So, do you still play?” he asked, hoping to change the subject.

“Nah, had to pawn my guitar and stuff...” she answered, pressing her lips together and averting her eyes. “You still live in New York? We haven’t seen you in ages, but you still look as pretty as the day I met you...”

René cupped her face in a gesture of tenderness. “No, I moved to New Orleans. How about you?”

“Louisville, if you can believe it. Still hang out with the old gang. Wish you would have kept in touch, you shouldn’t have left, Stain.” She placed her hand over his. “Things went to shit after you left.”

“I’m sorry, Eliza. It was selfish of me,” René answered. He wanted to tell her to get help, but knew she wouldn’t listen. He certainly didn’t, not at first. “Listen, if you are ever in New Orleans, I work over at a place called The Den. Look me up, okay?” Maybe then he could get her to get some help and she could get her life back.

She nodded, a little unsure if René’s offer was sincere or not, but she managed her first true smile. “You take care, Eliza,” he said, pulling his hand away and digging in his pocket for some cash. “For food,” he stressed and placed it in her hand. It wasn’t enough to get her a fix, but enough to buy her a decent meal or two.

“I promise, for food,” Eliza replied, then playfully tugged at one of his wolf ears. “I like your ears, they’re cute. You make a better wolf than a vamp.” She grinned before turning to leave. René watched her go with a mournful expression and then returned to viewing the art.

Ghost watched the exchange between former band mates with interest. It was a glimpse into René’s past. Despite the crowded room, the were still caught most of conversation. He could see this as a test for his mate, but one he was sure René would pass. The were left the two to talk and focused back on the man talking to him. The man was a past client on whose property the were had located a fair sized pocket of oil. The client was set for life and could pursue his real passion - painting. The artist had a whole series of wolf paintings, and one in particular of a huge arctic wolf and a slender young man. The man tried to offer Ghost the painting for doing such as excellent job, but the were declined. He had already been paid well for his work. Ghost had plans to bid on the piece. He thought it would look good over the bed.

The were posted his bid and strolled over to his mate’s side. René was looking at another wolf painting. Ghost could see them filling the loft with wolf-inspired artwork. It would be like living in a very quiet pack. He placed his hands on his mate’s shoulders. “I like it. It will go nicely with the one I picked out.”

René leaned back into Ghost’s shoulder. “I like it for our TV room/ I hope you don’t mind all the wolf paraphernalia, you got me hooked.”

“Not at all. It’s kinda homey. There is a sculpture I think you will like back that way.” Ghost tipped his head back over his shoulder to indicate the direction. “Let me show it to you.” The were picked up the end of the leash that was hanging down René’s back and gently tugged. “Come, my little wolf.” This was the first time Ghost had taken the lead with the leash. Every other time he had waited on his mate to relinquish control to him.

René checked out Ghost’s ass as he moved slightly ahead. Those leather pants of Ghost’s would be René’s undoing. Ghost looked too damn good in those. Smirking, he walked beside Ghost willingly, his smile widening as he noted Ghost’s hold on the leash. René did not mind being ‘owned’ by this werewolf. “I like being called your little wolf,” he said, eager to see the sculpture that Ghost had mentioned. He wondered what it might be. A wolf howling at the moon? An elven cellist? A werewolf killing a vampire? The last one made him giggle a little.

Ghost smirked at his mate’s comment. “With the tail and ears and that furry mane on your head, you are close.” He leaned closer and whispered, “I wish you could keep the tail on later.” He growled at the thought of his adorable mate on all fours with the ears perched on his head and that thick tail waving back and forth over a perfect naked ass. He sent the mental picture to René to see if their connection was that sharp.

René bit down on his lower lip as the visual hit him and aroused him. “I’ll see if I can find some theatrical spirit gum and that tail is on for tonight,” he whispered against Ghost’s ear. “There should be some around here. You realize I am now on a mission.”

The were smiled. So was he, because if René couldn’t find the stuff, he sure as hell would. Challenge heard and accepted. His mate would be a wolf tonight. “I can see that. Let’s see if you can be as enthusiastic about this sculpture.” Ghost stopped at a pedestal holding a single art piece. It was a beautifully crafted dark wood wolf’s head that rose from a tangled piece of drift wood. “What do you think?”

“Oh! I love it! It’s perfect!” René gushed, taking in the fine craftsmanship and design of the sculpture. “Do you think we can win it?” he asked hopefully.

“If I offer the asking price it’s a sure thing.” Ghost was very pleased by René’s response. The were had wanted to buy it from the moment he saw it. This piece was far above anything he could produce. Furniture and small trinkets were more his speed. Ghost scribbled his number onto the bidding card and filled in the asking price. The wolf’s head would be theirs at the end of the convention. He came back and wrapped his arms around the young man.“There, it’s ours.” He kissed René’s cheek. “Let’s see if we can find anything else.”

René watched excitedly as Ghost put in the asking price. He couldn’t wait to get that beautiful piece of artwork home and display it. He lightly traced a finger across the sculptured wolf’s ear. “Let’s see if we cannot find that spirit gum, hmm?” René said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Lead on, my little wolf. I’m right behind you.” He leaned in. “The better to ogle you, my dear.”

“My, what a big smile you have, grandma...” René teased, moving ahead but not before giving Ghost’s ass a light slap.

Ghost growled and chased his mate up the stairs and out of the Artist Alley.

René giggled and pretended to hurry up the stairs so as not to get caught. Granted, he could not venture too far with Ghost holding his leash, but still, it was fun to play ‘catch me’.

Ghost caught his mate around the waist and halted him long enough for the door monitor to check them out, and then the were lifted his boyfriend and threw him over his shoulder. He stalked out of the room and mingled with the crowd.

René continued to giggle and waved at the security guard, who held an amused smile on his face. “I don’t see how I’m going to get much shopping done this way, but I do have the loveliest view of your fine ass.”

“And yours is at just the right angle to smack, you naughty boy.” The comment was followed by a playful swat to the upturned ass in front of the were. Ghost carried René all the way across the lower lobby and didn’t set him on his feet until the were reached the escalator.

René wrapped his arms around his mate’s neck and kissed him fully on the lips. “Mmm. Love you,” he whispered against Ghost’s ear. “So where to next, loverboy? Dealers’ room?”

“That would seem to be the logical choice. Dealers’ room it is.”

The new room Ghost selected was crowded. The were tightened his hold on René’s leash and drew the young man back against his body. “We will find what we seek here. Let’s head that way.” Ghost nudged his mate toward the left along the front of the room. He could smell the substance that René was interested in, as well as gold, silver, and various mixtures of copper and tin and zinc. The were kept his mind on the search and not the reason for the search, because that would lead to thoughts that would have his tight pants tighter.

René headed directly to the table that sold the theatrical adhesive and after a review of which product would work best, René purchased some along with the remover. He glanced up at Ghost deviously. “Oh, this is going to be fun.” The tip of René’s tongue stuck out as the images filled his head.

“Come on, I still want to do some looking around and shop,” René said as he headed toward one dealer’s booth. The cellist’s interest was caught by one of the titles on the Dreamspinner table. He picked up the book and read the back cover.

Ghost hovered in the background trying to look menacing, which wasn’t a stretch in his case. Others shoppers glanced up at his stern expression and gave him a wider berth or they reached for their camera to photograph him. The leash moved in his hand, pulling his attention back to René. A cover caught his attention. It had two male figures on it and a wolf. There was another lying next to it by the same author. The next book pictured three males entwined and another one with a naked form bound in chains. Ghost’s eyes scanned the surface of the table. All the books had pictures depicting males on them. Some very scantily dressed. Interesting. Maybe René could read something from one of these to him some night.

Ghost smirked and leaned into his mate’s ear. “See anything you like?” He reached past René to pick up the one with the wolf on it. “This looks interesting.”

Cursed and Betrayed, yes, those do look interesting. Maybe we can cuddle up and read together while in bed.” René placed a kiss on Ghost’s neck, the wicked gleam still in his eye. He took the book from Ghost’s hand and picked up the other, purchasing them and a few others by a different author.

Ghost looked curiously at the happy brunette who took René’s money. She passed it to the quiet strawberry blonde with a cute short hair cut. The brunette laughed and coughed nervously, admitting that those were her books and she hoped that they enjoyed them. She turned aside to whisper to a redhead who smiled knowingly to the pair and then returned to tapping on her laptop. There was a fourth woman manning the booth, a bit older than the other two. She looked slyly up at Ghost’s huge, scrumptious form and the leash attached to the equally adorable slender male next to him and winked. Ghost turned to leave the booth, but he’d swear he saw her lick her lips before moving out of range. Ghost just shook his head and tried to lead René down the crowded aisle but came up short. His mate wasn’t quite done.

René asked if the dark-haired woman would be kind enough to sign the books for him and his boyfriend as they planned to enjoy reading them together. He chatted a bit about his fascination with werewolf romance stories with the women, smiling cheerfully and being harmlessly flirty until it was time to go. He adjusted his ears and stepped beside Ghost, wrapping an arm around his mate.

“Ready?” It seemed ambiguous but he said it anyway. “I want to show you something.” Ghost guided his mate through the crowd and into the next aisle. Right there on the end was a glittering array of pendants and crystals. Everything was made of bronze, a safe substance for Ghost. It wasn’t as shiny as gold but the metal had an antique look to it. The pieces looked like they had history. Ghost could appreciate that. He wanted to point out the wolf’s head and Indian feather pendants but he decided to let René discover them for himself. Ghost needed to know his mate’s preference so the were could shower the young man with appropriate gifts.

René shied away from anything that seemed vampire-like in nature; the bat, the coffin, the fangs with the red gem to simulate blood. His tastes seem to range from medieval to those of wolf nature. He eyed the dragon and wolf pendants the most, deciding on the bronze wolf head with the native American design. The color of the Indian feather really added a beauty to the design that René’s artful eye appreciated. “This one,” he told Ghost, placing that and another on his open palm. “Because it has a mate.” René had found two that matched.

“I like your taste.” The piece was quite detailed and life-like. “But you sure you don’t want the dragon? This is called DragonCon.” He was just teasing. The were would buy anything his mate wanted. He was filled with pride that René would want something that they could share. Ghost pecked the young man on the forehead. “I’m only kidding. I really do find your choice a compliment, my little wolf.”

“You will wear it with me, then?” René asked with a smile, standing on his tiptoes to give Ghost another kiss.

Ghost accepted the kiss. “I would be proud to.” He handed the vendor his credit card and motioned for René to turn around.

René lifted his hair away from his neck, waiting for Ghost to place the necklace around his throat. Something about this small gift brought a lot of meaning to René; it was a symbol of their union, their commitment.

Ghost fastened the chain around his mate’s neck. It looked good on him, natural. René really was meant to be a wolf. A crazy thought jumped into the were’s mind. What if René was a werewolf, but not able to change. It happened sometimes. Ghost shook his head. He liked René just the way he was now. Nothing would make their bond stronger or weaker. Ghost kissed his mate’s neck and fingers. He looked over René’s shoulder. “This was meant for you.”

René’s entire face lit up, his fingertips lightly stroking the edges of the charm. It just felt right. He looked behind his shoulder and smiled. “Thank you, I love it. I really wish I were a wolf, it would complete you more.” It made him feel bad that he could not give his mate this one thing, but regardless of that fact, Ghost loved him. René turned around to fix the matching pendant around Ghost’s neck. “Does this mean we’re engaged now?” he teased, trying to lighten the mood again.

Ghost chuckled. “I think we are past the engagement stage already, don’t you?” Ghost let his hair drop back down his back and turned to hold his mate briefly. “You can’t be anymore perfect than you are right now. You will always be my little wolf.” Ghost pecked him on the nose. He’d like to do much more, but they might start a riot, or the crowd might just stop to watch. No, that show was for his eyes only and the were didn’t share. “Is there anything else you want to see today, or can we retire to our room for that nap?” Ghost’s thoughts shot to the various horizontal surfaces in the suite. Oh, the possibilities, and the were wanted to try them all out.

René pulled the adhesive out of the small brown paper bag and jiggled it between two fingers, while he caught a glimpse of his fake wolf’s tail in one of the display mirrors. “Oh, yes, I’m very tired.” He let out a fake yawn.

“Well, then, let’s get you back or I might end up throwing you over my shoulder. No wait, I did that already.” Ghost grinned and led the way out of the crowded room.

The were made it as far as the door to their suite without groping his mate again, but as soon as the door closed, all bets were off. Ghost pushed René up against the solid surface and attacked his mouth. His lips and tongue communicated what he had in mind and it didn’t necessarily involve sleep. Well, maybe a little later. His mind was on that huge bed or maybe the pool table, the bar? Definitely the pool table for starters. It was close to the bar and fucking was thirsty work. Still tongue-fucking his mate’s mouth, the were lifted René off his feet and carried him into the pool room. He deposited the young man on the edge of the pool table and continued with the kissing.

“Baby...baby...” René giggled as he felt himself pushed back onto the pool table, “Don’t you want me to attach the wolf tail?” He pretended to want to get away, but would let his mate lead. If Ghost wanted to lay claim to him now, René would wait; he didn’t wish to tease Ghost.

Ghost would not let René get away quite that easy. “We’ll get to that, baby. There are other parts of you I want to check out first.” He attempted to still his mate’s struggles by kissing him senseless.

René laid back and hooked a leg around Ghost’s waist and lifted his shirt up and over his head, tossing it aside. “What parts are you interested in, babe?” he asked, fiddling with the zipper of his jeans.

Ghost leaned over and kissed René’s shoulder. “Well, there’s this bit of skin, and of course this one over here,” giving the other shoulder equal attention. “And then there’s this.” The were suckled on a nipple. “Imagine if you were a wolf. I’d have a lot more of these to play with.” Ghost worried the nub with his teeth and soothed the sting with his tongue.

René arched into the touch, biting down on his lip as Ghost’s teeth played with his nipple. Damn, that felt good. René could already feel his erection straining against his tight jeans. He lifted his hips up a little to try and peel them off, but he didn’t have much mobility on the pool table. “Baby, need you...” he whimpered in frustration.

Ghost could feel their cocks pressing together even through the layers of fabric and leather. It made him dizzy. He needed his mate and he needed him now. The were pulled away and ripped the jeans open. The jeans had to go. Ghost quickly peeled them off his lover’s legs and was about to fling them away when he remembered the tail. The tail was retrieved and handed to René while the rest was discarded. Ghost leaned over and kissed his lovers stomach and then leaned over and scooped up the discarded purchases from earlier and dropped them on the pool table. Ghost could let René secure the tail while the were undressed. “Can’t wait to see how it looks on your bare skin.”

“Oh sure, get me all hot and bothered first.” René got up and muttered playfully about Ghost being a cock tease as he made his way into the bathroom, where there was a full length mirror.

It didn’t take long to place the wolf tail onto the small of his back. The spirit gum held the tail beautifully, and René did a repeat of earlier that day and shook his butt again, watching the tail sway. With a grin, René made sure to adjust the wolf ears and secured them with a couple of pins.

The ex-rocker strutted into the room, proud of his costume. His eyes connected with Ghost’s and he watched his lover as he made his way back to the pool table. Only when René bent forward, butt up, could he not meet his lover’s gaze. René gave his ass another playful shake to entice the werewolf. “So how does it look?” He giggled.

Ghost, having shed his clothes, turned to watch his mate return to the room. What a magnificent beast he made. A wolf whistle seemed appropriate, but when he opened his mouth it was more like a howl. The were leaned back on the edge of table and drank in the beauty that was his mate, moving only when René neared the pool table. He stood back to give the young man room to bend seductively from the waist and thrust those sweet cheeks into the air, the fur tail swaying enticingly.

Ghost growled and stroked the fur appendage. He had never had a lover who was so open and free. He’d had some who had submitted to his control or enjoyed being forced into it, but never one with such enthusiasm and devotion. That was the difference between a lover and a soul mate.

Ghost flicked the end of the tail and then ran his fingers up René’s spine. He circled over the broad shoulders and then down again, stroking the tail. It was as if it belonged there. “You were made to have a tail, my love.”

“Wish it was real, babe, but for now I don’t mind pretending.” René arched as Ghost’s fingers slid down his spine. “I will wear it whenever you command...I mean ask. I sometimes forget you aren’t my master, but my mate.” He looked over his shoulder, a stray dark curl falling to his face. He smiled and tried to blow the curl away, but it kept stubbornly returning to the spot over his eye.

“Never feel less because you submit. You offer it freely out of love...not fear. And you do it for one who loves you in return, and you do it beautifully. I have never felt for anyone how I feel about you. You are the other half of my soul and my meaning in life. I have waited almost two hundred years for you but it was worth it.” Ghost tenderly kissed one bare shoulder.

René’s eyes softened, such beautiful words Ghost spoke. “I feel the same, like you’re my soulmate or something. When you are away, I feel this...pain? I’m not sure that’s the right word for it, but I feel incomplete and I hurt, but emotionally. If anyone else touches me or views me sexually, I feel this immediate repulsion. I cannot tolerate anyone but you touching me. Weird, huh?” He shook his head. Ghost probably would think him crazy, but it was the truth. His thoughts wandered to Melinda for a moment. While René still felt protective of the pretty woman, it was probably the reason his attraction for Melinda had lessened. The mating process had begun the moment Ghost and he were intimate, something just clicked.

Ghost stroked his lover’s back , fondling the soft tail at the base of René’s spine. “Not weird at all. You express yourself beautifully and your description is accurate. I imagine the only feeling you will not experience is that of being ripe with my seed, and that is all right. You were meant for me and you are all I need. Everything else will take care of itself.” The were punctuated his last couple of words by placing kisses on each of his lover’s pale hind cheeks and then ran his finger down the dark crack in search of his goal.

The mention of not being able to give the were a child rang in René’s mind. They had talked about the time when Ghost would need to sire the next generation, but had no intentions of leaving René. Still, the prospect of the she-wolf or human woman who would bear Ghost his child intimidated René somewhat. There was a flash of fear that he would be left for the betterment of the child. His thoughts were cut off, sending him gasping for breath as his lover’s finger’s expertly explored him. His hands gripped the side of the pool table. “Fuck, that feels amazing,” René said, moving his hips deliberately as Ghost’s fingers slowly fucked him.

Ghost mentally kicked himself for mentioning the child. He knew it was a point of insecurity for René. There had been days since their mating when the were wondered if it was even possible now that he and René were bonded. Could he even get it up for a female? And a she-wolf would be even worse. They could be very demanding when joining with a male. Any weakness and the she-wolf would cast him aside for one more worthy. Did the vow really mean that much to him, or was it his Russian family that demanded it? How would Katarina feel if Ghost refused to sire a child? She was sure to blame his mate for it. She had destroyed a whole pack because of it. What was one young human?

Ghost shook his head violently. It all led back to that devil she-wolf. She would not spoil his time with René. The were pulled his attention back to the here and now. He concentrated on the fingers that were sliding in and out of his lover. He became aware of the rocking hips and the gentle sway of the fur tail. This is where he belonged. Ghost turned so he was squarely behind his mate. He nudged René’s knee to get him to widen his stance. All the time his fingers were pressing, twisting, moistening, preparing his mate for penetration. There would be no pain, only passion. When he felt that his mate was ready, he pressed his erection against the guardian ring of muscles and pushed through. With his cock securely inside his mate, the were leaned forward and grasped the young man’s shoulder with his teeth. With his mate securely under his control, the were snapped his hips, driving his cock deep.

René’s head shot up as he felt himself being claimed by his mate’s teeth and cock. He loved it when Ghost used his teeth to hold him in position. There was something insanely erotic about it. A loud groan pushed past half-parted lips, his body tingling from the intensity of the emotions that flooded him. “Ghost...”

The were pulled back and snapped his hips again. The sounds his lover made and his name on those beautiful lips swept all reason away. It was just the two of them. No one else existed outside this room, this moment. Ghost laid his hands over René’s, curling his fingers to link with those of his mate. His thighs flexed and eased with each stroke of his cock inside René. Their bodies rubbed deliciously together as they moved. He would never tire of the feeling.

With his mouth essentially full, he was reduced to just grunts and growls, but his mate didn’t seem to mind that. It seemed to heighten the passion and accelerate their mutual completion. Some part of his brain that wasn’t controlling the thrusting of his hips or the pressure of his clenched teeth thought about what it would be like to do this out of doors. The hotel had an outside garden which they could reach by private lift. Must try that but first... He thrust harder, pressing their bodies against the edge of the pool table, trying hard to push both of them over the edge.

René grabbed the edges of the pool table. He could feel his thighs crushed under the pressure of being pushed against the wood, knowing there would be some bruising from the intensity of Ghost’s thrusts, but for now it was more of an erotic mixture of pleasure and pain. He hissed, feeling himself getting lost to the sensations. “Damn, that feels good, baby,” he said, pushing back against his lover’s cock.

Their bodies strove together. They touched at every point possible in this position. Only one piece of them was not connected. Ghost sought with his mind for that final link. He didn’t need to speak the words audibly to be heard. ‘It will always be like this for us. We complete one another.’ He pictured them in his shack, René’s apartment, the car, and then a image of them on the garden roof of this hotel. Each image was a bit more erotic in nature then the last. ‘Feeling good and being together is what we are. I will never stop trying to make it good for you, my love.’

René heard the words in his head and it heightened his senses; he felt the love Ghost had for him and it filled his heart like no other ever could again. Ghost was right, they were one now, as united as any couple in a handfasting. René belonged to Ghost, and it would be such until the day he died. He sent forth all the love he had for Ghost back through their bond. He wanted his mate to know that he was Ghost’s and Ghost’s alone.

Ghost gasped as his mate’s love and devotion flooded his senses. He wanted to turn his lover so he could see the young man’s eyes and feel his chest heaving against its mate, but his wolf rebelled. They were too far gone for such a maneuver. Next round for sure. His body was racing toward a definite conclusion. The session in the restaurant was just a teaser for the main event. The were’s teeth tightened on the flesh between them. It would leave a mark but not break the skin. ‘Come for me, my precious one. Let me hear you howl.’ The were skipped a beat in the rhythm as his body tipped dangerously close over the edge into ecstasy.

René panted heavily. He could feel the pressure building up all around him. His thighs began to tighten and there was a warm sensation in his stomach. He was close. René jerked his head up and howled as his climax finally overtook him.

Feeling René’s body tighten up on his, Ghost let himself go to join his mate in orgasm. His body jerked and spasmed as the release ripped through him. He released his mate’s neck and threw back his head, adding his voice to René’s. He cared not if those around him heard their love call. This moment was for them alone.

The moment slowly drifted away, leaving the were lax and sated. He sagged forward over his mate’s body, his mouth naturally going to the sensitive spots around the young man’s neck, shoulders, and back. He kissed, licked, and sucked gently at the smooth flesh, not in an attempt to arouse but to settle and confirm their bond. His body was a bit lethargic. His muscles relaxed. Now was the time for rest and cuddling.

Ghost reached for the buckle on René’s collar and released it. He laid the collar and leash on the pool table and gently turned his mate around. The ears and tail could stay. He sort of liked René in them. “Bed now, beautiful.” He spoke softly and then ever so gently lifted René into his arm and carried him into their bedroom.

René nuzzled against his mate, still needing a bit of contact even after his lust was fully sated. He watched Ghost with sleepy eyes as he was laid upon their double kingsize bed. “Please, don’t let them take me from you...” he muttered, half asleep.

“Never, my love, I will fight for you, for us, until my last breath.” Ghost laid himself down next to his sleepy lover. “You have a strong protector, my beautiful one. Sleep now and then we play again.” He pulled René into his arms and held him close. He stroked the velvety ears and kissed the mop of soft loose curls. ‘Sleep. I will watch over you.” The sleepy murmured words troubled him. In his half-conscious state, René revealed that he still feared being taken away. Sleep didn’t come easy after that. The were stared out the window at the setting sun and thought about how to protect this precious young man so they could be together always if that is what René desired. Eventually his eyes drooped and he slipped into an restless sleep.



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