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[cross posted to were_ghost and bq_x_stain ]


Mun’s Note: Takes place after Dragon Con 3

Ghost grabbed a few items from the nightstand and guided his little wolf to the private elevator. The suite had its own lift to the hotel garden on the upper floors. He had arranged for some private time in the garden with his mate. The LARP game had been fun, though a little tense at times, but overall he was glad that René had talked him into playing. The elevator door slid open, and Ghost nudged René inside with gentle fingers at the small of his back. The hairs of the fur tail that his mate still wore brushed tantalizingly over his knuckles. “This way.”

René leaned against his mate’s shoulder, watching Ghost with complete adoration. “Thank you for playing the LARP with me. Did you have fun?”

Ghost kissed his mate’s curls. “Yes. Yes, I did, babe. Thank you for suggesting it. Now, I have a game of my own.” The lift reached the garden level and the doors opened.

René kissed Ghost, sucking on the bottom lip before parting. “Mmm, I wonder what it could be?” René teased, walking backwards out of lift, beckoning Ghost with the crook of his finger and a cocky smile.

Ghost hunched his shoulders and stalked after his retreating mate. “It’s a game just for two. I think you will like it.”

“What are the rules of this game?” René asked, teasing his lover by stripping off his shirt, the tight leather pants hugging the curves of his body.

Ghost followed suit by losing his shirt while keeping up his advance on René. “Rules? They are simple. I am the hunter and you are the prey. You have all of the garden to hide in. The length of the game depends on how long it takes for me to catch you and make you come. Of course, you could skip all that and come to me now... but then what fun would that be?”

Ghost dropped into a crouch and growled seductively. He really hoped his mate would put up at least a little bit of a fight so he could have the pleasure of subduing the young man.

“Oh, I like this game.” René purred, peeling off his leather pants and placing the wolf tail with the special adhesive on his lower back. Shaking his butt to make sure it stuck, René adjusted his wolf ears and took off in the garden to ‘hide’.

Ghost grinned wickedly. ‘Oh good, he is going to make it interesting.’ The were prowled through the foliage “looking” for his mate, his growls’ volume keeping time with his desire. “You can’t hide from me, my pretty. I’ll find you and then you’ll be sorry.” He let his inner wolf get into the game. Ghost pushed branches of leaves aside in a mock search, moving quietly about, his voice the only indicator of where he was.

René ran through the garden, feeling liberated now that his clothes were shed. He crossed the small bridge over the pond and into the next section of the garden, where some cherry blossoms were in bloom despite it being out of season, but the controlled climate in the garden probably assisted the trees with flowering. It was beautiful. The soft pink petals fell around René like a scene out of an anime.

Ghost listened to the slapping of René’s feet as the young man ran down the path and over a bridge. The scent of cherry blossom rose in the air. Ghost breathed in deeply. “Ahhh, you smell so sweet, my love. Just like fresh cherry blossoms.” Ghost turned in that direction and padded silently through the greenery.

René wandered through the orchard attempting to hide his presence, smiling as the soft petals hit his skin and face. The heavy fragrance of the flowers made René believe that it would hide his scent and so he ran from tree to tree, trying not to giggle but failing. The sound of his joyful laughter filled the area.

Ghost growling possessively at the sound of his mate’s obvious happiness. He wished for René to always be like this. The were wanted nothing that was dark to ever touch the young man. Ghost’s desire was for this to go on forever, but his wolf longed to touch its mate so the chase must end. The were darted to the left and sought to cut off his mate’s retreat. “You cannot get away, my lovely. I will have you.” He took the path that ran parallel to his mate and would intersect with the young man’s around the next bend.

René looked over his shoulder. It seemed his little deception had worked for now; but no sooner did he think that when he crashed into Ghost. René looked up at his lover with an impish grin, knowing it was futile to run and escape. “You caught me, now what will you do with me?” He playfully tossed petals at Ghost.

Ghost growled and shook his mane of thick hair loose of the clinging petals. He leered down at his beautiful mate and then swept him up and over his shoulder and stalked back to the little “nest” arranged for earlier. In a hidden alcove by a pool, he had asked for several blankets and a basket of finger foods to be left for their picnic supper. His nose followed the scent, though it was harder than usual with his mate’s intoxicating aroma so close at hand.

René giggled as he was carried back toward the ‘camp’. This was going to be fun, not to mention romantic. René did like romantic from time to time, and Ghost had more than lived up to expectations with this little getaway.

Ghost smiled at his mate’s obvious enjoyment of the evening’s festivities, and they had barely got started. He stroked his mate’s faux tail lovingly as he traversed the lush garden. “You should wear this more often. We will have a garden on our own roof top. We can play there too.” Ghost turned one last curve in the path and ducked beneath an overhanging branch. He had room to clear it but didn’t wish to smack his sweet boy in the face. Tonight was only about pleasure. There would be no pain or discomfort. Ahead of him was a stack of thick blankets, a basket of goodies, and two candles. The gentle bubble of flowing water set a soothing background to the scene. He started to set his lover back on his feet.

“Well, sir wolf, you certainly have a way of sweeping a boy off his feet.” René continued to smile, twirling his wolf tail in his hand while looking at Ghost somewhat seductively. “I can wear this anytime you wish, my love.”

Ghost drew his mate into his arms and stroked his hands down the smooth back while his mouth captured warm, moist lips. His fingers played with the tail and then dropped beneath to squeeze the swell of René’s arse and slip a finger down between his cheeks. “Not at work, some of Tristan’s customers might take advantage and then I would have to hurt them.” Ghost knew about Tristan and his customers, but René didn’t know yet. “But you can wear this outfit at home anytime.” Ghost gave his mate another smoldering kiss.

“Never took you for the jealous type,” René replied, teasing his mate with a kiss and wrapping an arm around Ghost’s waist. He leaned in to catch Ghost’s scent. How he loved the mix of wild pine and musk that was Ghost. René’s cock immediately jumped to attention, and René could not help but laugh at himself. “You realize you’re making me extremely horny, right?”

“Jealous, you bet. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You are hot, babe. Lucky for everyone, my growl is sufficient.” He loved Tristan’s cooking, but he spent a lot of his time at The Den to keep the mutts in line. Ghost leaned closer to his mate. “Do you feel that? That’s all for you.” He was as aroused as the young man.

“Let me spread these blankets out and we can take care of that.” He didn’t mention which erection he was talking about but he hoped that it would be mutual.

René sank to his knees. “I can take care of you right now,” he said, lowering Ghost’s zipper and pulling down his pants and underwear until they collected around Ghost’s ankles. René’s mouth immediately went to his mate’s cock and he slowly swallowed the girth, making sure that Ghost reveled in every inch.

Ghost’s hands gripped his mate’s shoulders. He lifted one foot to free it from the confines of his clothes, which allowed the were to widen his stance and give René greater access. Ghost rolled his head and stretched his neck muscles. His mate had the most delightfully talented mouth. One definitely made for sex. He pressed forward and groaned. The heat was making him harder, if that were possible. “You do take such good care of me, babe. Never would I have thought that a partner could be a mate until I laid eyes on you. Take me, take it all in.” He growled.

René loved the taste of his mate. He moaned as he took in his mate’s full length, careful to pay special attention to the crown with his tongue. It made his own cock twitch with excitement to know he was bringing such pleasure to his mate.

Yes, baby.” Ghost closed his eyes and let his head drop back. His hand slid from René’s shoulder to his head. Ghost threaded his fingers through his lover’s curls. His dominant side was tempted to guide his mate, but the lover in him needed only to keep that intimate contact. His fingers could feel the young man’s jaw moving as he sucked Ghost’s cock deep into his mouth and then withdrew. The walk back to the room, the trip up the lift, and then the “hunt” through the garden had pushed the were very close to the edge. He had no qualms about letting himself go and then starting all over again, with René on his back or all fours while the were’s cock drove deep inside of him. Ghost intended this night to be one of many pleasures that would encompass not only the garden but several rooms of their suite. They would use the place thoroughly before they were done.

René’s body began to ache, that slow fever burning in his blood as it yearned to be claimed by Ghost. “Need you...” He let out a half whimper, half wolf-whine as he hurried to bring his mate to climax so that Ghost could ravish him.

Ghost responded to his mate’s need. He grabbed ahold of the young man’s face and fucked his mouth until he came with a deep growl. He would not leave his mate unsatisfied. Ghost gently pulled his cock free of René’s lips and raised the young man to his feet. “You will have me.” He turned his mate around and set him on the pile of blankets. He didn’t even bother to spread them out. If they messed up the top one it could be covered by the others. Ghost maneuvered the young man onto all fours and nudged his legs apart. A quick retrieval of the “supplies” Ghost grabbed before bringing the two of them into the garden gave him access to a tube of lubricant. His fingers were greased in no time and found their way to his mate’s hole. He knew that René could take a lot, but there was no reason to penetrate his young man dry. It was always about the love and pleasure with them, never pain if it could be avoided.

Ghost fit his finger into the tight passage and twirled it around. The second pass was with two. He worked them in, touching René’s sensitive spot to soften the intrusion. A couple of thrusts and Ghost knew that his mate would be ready for a final stretch. He pushed in a third digit and stretched his fingers, his other hand gentling his mate with calming strokes down his spine and a flick of his tail after each. A final stretch and Ghost leaned over his mate and whispered in his ear. “Are you ready, my love? Are you ready for me to fill you up?”

“Yes, my love...do it...” René pleaded. Ghost’s prepping him was necessary due to the were’s girth, but it was also divine torture. Each time Ghost’s fingertips brushed down his back or twirled inside of him set his blood on fire. Damn, but his mate did know his body and how it would react to each flicker, twirl, or scissoring of Ghost’s fingers.

The were’s fingers slid free even as his mate’s body strove to hold them together. Ghost would not let his mate suffer for long. He slicked up his cock and slid it home. It felt so right every time he joined with René. Never would anyone have this experience but him. No one. A tiny thought entered but he shoved it away. René was it for him. There would be no other. Ghost wanted only this young man.

An overwhelming need to claim consumed the were. His teeth itched to grip his mate, to hold him still while the were took him over and over until they were both spent. Ghost leaned over his mate and latched onto the cord of muscle along the shoulder. His teeth locked in place, just short of breaking skin. Ghost growled low in his belly and pushed fully into the tight channel.

“Oh yes, yes yes...” René closed his eyes as his mate lay claim to him. He loved it when Ghost got possessive and let him and the world know who exactly René belonged to. It just felt right with Ghost. René could not explain it, but it was meant to be.

The were reveled in the acceptance of his mate, the man and the wolf in full agreement that this was the one for them, be he human or were. It did not matter. There would be no other who would ever take René’s place even if they should part or be parted. René had captured Ghost’s heart and soul and held them prisoner in his talented hands. Ghost would soar or be broken by the one that he now held in his grip.

Ghost set up a punishing rhythm of pulling almost all the way out and then driving back in. He snapped his hips with each forward swing, accentuating his powerful thrusts with animalistic growls. His wolf was slipping its restraints. Ghost eyes shifted shape, taking on a more canine appearance. The wolf drove him on. They would go until both of them surrendered to their passion together.

Something stirred at the back of René’s mind, something feral and wild; it sought release. René did not know what it was, but the feeling of it was becoming more and more common. He feared it was an after-effect from the drugs he’d taken and was afraid to let his love Ghost know about, so instead he suppressed whatever it was and focused on their lovemaking.

Ghost could almost feel René’s body wanted to release, but something held him back. Ghost held on and upped the pressure until they both went together. His one arm wrapped around his mate’s waist, his mouth working the muscles at his neck while the other hand that once supported him slid down along René’s side as Ghost pulled his mate up against his chest. The lone hand glided down the taut belly and wrapped around the engorged straining cock. He stroked the hard flesh firmly to encourage René to let go. Mind to mind, the were spoke. ‘Come with me, baby. Come now!’ His mind commanded as he teetered on the brink.

René never failed to heed his mate’s command and abandoned himself to the height of his orgasm, calling out Ghost’s name. His legs felt weak in the aftermath and he lay limp for a moment, regaining his strength, but he was far from done for the evening. René planned to show his lover just how sturdy he could be.

Ghost held his mate firmly to his chest. His teeth clamped to his shoulder until he felt René’s channel clamp painfully around him. He let go, lifting his head and howling his pleasure as his seed filled his lover’s hole, marking him anew.

Ghost didn’t let his mate fall. He slipped out of the lax body and lowered René to his side, guiding him away from the wet spot on the blanket. He sat beside him and gently stroked the smooth skin. “I love you, René.”

“And I adore you,” To René that was the highest form of love. He laced his fingers with Ghost’s. “I hope it will always be like this with us, that others will not tear us apart.” He mostly meant his former master, but René feared a little that some she wolf or another male were would become a more suitable match for Ghost and they would have to break up.

The very thought broke his heart and tears welled up in his dark eyes.

Ghost’s mind shouted ‘No!’, for nothing would ever part him from the other half of his soul. “Nothing and no one will ever part us, my love. It would kill me to lose you. I would not survive it.” He touched the moisture at the edge of his mate’s eye. “It is you and I forever.”

“I’m scared, baby, that Doviculus will come and take me away.” René pulled himself closer to his mate. “You don’t know how he is... what Doviculus is capable of.”

Ghost held René close, gentling his distressed mate with soothing touches and kisses. “And he doesn’t know what I’m capable of. He has never met a werewolf like me. I am no mere pup. Remember what happened to Razvan.” Ghost lifted his mate’s chin so they were eye to eye. “We will beat him together. Do you hear me?” He kissed his mate’s lips tenderly. “This is our evening, not his. Forget him and think of only me.”

“I do not fear what he will do to me, but that Doviculus will take you from me--that he will slay you.” René’s eyes glistened with unshed tears. The thought of being in a world without his mate was just--unbearable.

Ghost leaned closer and brought their lips together. If he couldn’t distract René from the endless trap of what if’s and could be’s, then the were would overload his mate’s senses with more pleasurable things until thoughts of Doviculus were driven from his mind. It touched Ghost that his mate was more concerned about the were’s well-being than his own.

Ghost gently turned his mate so that they faced each other. The were plundered his mate’s mouth in an attempt to drive them both back to where they were just a few moments ago. He silently cursed Doviculus for invading this private time. He was not worth so much of his mate’s thoughts. Their bodies aligned, their mouths engaged, the were let his hands roam freely, teasing and tempting his young man to relax and play with him.

Thoughts of Doviculus and his ploys diminished under Ghost’s fingertips. René returned each kiss with fervor, focusing on foreplay and no longer on his former vampire master. His cock rose to half mast and rubbed against Ghost’s belly, aching for attention once more.

Ghost felt the young man respond to his touch. He kept his hands moving over muscled arms, along a lean back and nicely rounded buttocks, and down smooth thighs. On the return trip, the were cupped the irresistible globes and rolled them both over until René was trapped beneath him. He nudged his mate’s thighs apart and settled between them. Now he could tease the pebbled nubs on his mate’s chest. So much to touch and taste and all of it -- so good.

Supporting his weight on his arms, Ghost moved his kisses to his mate’s cheeks, chin, and down his throat to the hollow at the base. He teased and sucked just to see what noises he could coax from his mate. The scent of the young man filled his senses with every breath. He couldn’t get enough of René. They could stay here in the hotel for another week cuddling and making love and still it wouldn’t be enough. Ghost released the pebbled nubs and raised his head,. his eyes that of the beast within. “I need you, little wolf. Give me entrance so I may please you again.” His arousal ached where it was trapped near its mate between their bodies. It needed release, despite the fact that they had both just come.

Ghost need not request admittance into his body, for René’s thighs automatically parted, his hips lifted, his body eager to receive his mate’s touch once more. “Ghost, I love you,” René said through half-parted lips. “There is no one else for me. I am yours body and soul.”

Ghost pulled back and slid in easily. His mate was still open and relaxed from their last coupling. “Yes, this feels right. It always feels right. Thank you for accepting me, accepting us.” Ghost set a steady pace, pulling out and sliding home again over and over again. Just enjoying the feel of being together, being connected. “Love you.” The were muttered it again and again with every inward slide. Ghost watched his mate as he pumped his hips. He saw something. Must be a trick of the light or wishful thinking, but he thought he saw something wild there.

Ghost was not mistaken; for a brief moment there was something wolfish in René’s eyes. He even growled like a wolf for a second, and the urge to submit to his mate was stronger than before. René arched his back and let out a soft howl.

Ghost joined his mate, raising his voice to blend with René’s. A more beautiful music the were had never heard. Knowing that his mate was human, Ghost thought that it must be the bond that brought out the animal inside his mate. He reveled in it, that they could share at least this.

Ghost applied himself more fiercely to their joining, his tempo increasing until his thrusts were nearing supernatural speed. His orgasm hurled toward a conclusion and he wished to take his mate with him. “Come, my little wolf. Join me.” His thrusts stuttered, though he drove through in order to wait for his mate to join him.

René did not hesitate. His mate’s voice called out to him, to his soul and body. He orgasmed, spilling forth his seed. “Ghost...Ghost...Ghost...” he chanted deliriously, followed by a flicker of gold wolfish eyes that quickly faded.

Ghost felt his mate’s body clamp down on him. It was a delicious pressure that felt like an extremely intimate hug. His back arched, his head thrown back, and his voice joined that of his mate. He missed the significant flicker of gold but not the uniting of his mind with that of René. ‘Oh, I love you, my little wolf.’ Ghost mentally wrapped his mate in his love and let his body relax.

‘And I you...I love you, love you, love you,’ René repeated with glee. His body relaxed into the curve of Ghost’s arms. Suppressing a yawn, he looked into his lover’s eyes. “Let me catch my breath, and then I will be ready for another round with you.” He nuzzled against Ghost, kissing his throat.

Ghost nodded. “Yes, you rest and I will see about a bit to eat for us both. It has been awhile since we have eaten.” He kissed the soft relaxed lips and then laid René down on the blankets, trying to spread them a bit to make a softer nest. He slipped away and found a napkin with the basket and wet it at the garden pool, so he could clean up a bit and then do the same with his mate. Armed with it and a couple of items from the basket, he returned to his mate’s side. Ghost turned the soiled blanket over and arranged the others around René and himself, then returned to his spot, holding his lover close. With the cloth, he wiped the sticky evidence of their lovemaking from René’s stomach and chest. Ghost laid the food and drink within easy reach and kissed his mate to rouse him. This had been a perfect holiday, and he wished it could go on forever, but they needed to return home. Ghost knew they were leaving in a far better mood than in the days leading up to it.




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