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Mun’s Note: Takes place after Dragon Con 3.5

René was cooking something special for Ghost this evening. They had just returned from a wonderful vacation over in Atlanta, Georgia, and decided to stay out by the cabin for a spell while work continued on the warehouse. Besides, being out here with Ghost seemed peaceful after the hustle and bustle of the convention. René had really enjoyed his time at Dragon Con but most importantly spending time with his mate, Ghost.

To commemorate their return to New Orleans, René had made them a special meal. He had used the good dishes, taken out the fancy utensils, and placed some candles out to add to the romantic mood.

The aroma of the spaghetti sauce simmering filled the air. René smiled and took a small taste of it, deciding it needed a little more oregano. He reached over to the jar and added the spice. Satisfied that it now held the desired flavor, René placed the top over the pot.

Ghost’s furry paws ate up the miles. His wolf really needed this workout after the long drive back. He ran just for the sheer joy of running. He didn’t need to hunt because his mate was cooking something delicious for them at the cabin. Thoughts of his equally delicious mate alone at the edge of the bayou caused a swift change in course. He angled sharply back toward the water. A few more minutes brought the shabby structure into view. Why his mate wanted to come here instead of their loft, Ghost didn’t understand. Maybe it was because of the quiet and the lack of people. Several days in the almost constant company of a huge crowd can make someone long for the solitude of the open spaces.

The were slowed his pace and gradually came to a stop just short of the door. He slowed his breathing and stretched his tingling limbs. That had felt good, really good. The werewolf sniffed the air, but all he could smell besides the bayou was his mate and cooking food. All was well. He and René could have a quiet evening here before returning to the city tomorrow. What he didn’t know was that they would not be alone for long and the evening would not go as planned. The air was moving in off the bayou, and so he missed the scent of the wolf moving their way. It was still too faint to distinguish from the other closer and more pungent smells.

Ghost shifted back to his human form and strolled silently into the cabin completely naked. He figured his mate wouldn’t mind. “Mmmmm, that smells delicious,” the were said, coming up behind his busy mate. “Of course, so do you.”

René giggled as Ghost wrapped his arms around him, nuzzling against him. “You shouldn’t walk around naked, people will think that I have a ‘no clothes on my hot boyfriend’ restriction placed on you,” he teased.

Ghost tugged an ear lobe with his teeth. “I thought you liked me like this. I know I like you in a similar state.” Ghost slid one hand down to grope his boyfriend. “Clothes just get in the way.”

“What would the neighbors think? Us always running in the buff, making love on every available space.” René turned around to face his mate and gave Ghost a wicked grin. His lips brushed teasingly against Ghost’s. “I really should get back to cooking, before I get really distracted.” He cupped Ghost’s ass with both hands.

“They would say that Ghost is a lucky dog.” The were wiggled his eyebrows against his mate’s back. As the young man turned, the were pulled him closer. The sweet touch of lips was whetting his appetite for more than food, but the growling of his stomach put his priorities in order that even the groping of his ass couldn’t break. “Cook first and then play.”

“Such a wolf, thinking with your stomach,” René teased, kissing Ghost’s cheek before getting back to cooking. “Dinner should be ready in about fifteen minutes.”

The were relinquished his mate with the soft kiss still burning on his cheek. His stomach chimed in with another healthy growl. At that moment he wanted to override his stomach and just take his mate right there and then, but the young man had put effort into preparing their meal and the were didn’t want to spoil that. There would be time for everything. “The beast must be fed.”

Ghost turned away without waiting for a response and dug through his pack to find a clean pair of jeans and t-shirt. That should be sufficient for the evening. Once dressed, he busied himself with checking to make sure all the equipment in the cabin was working. He always wanted René to feel comfortable here. His phone was bleeping, but work could wait until later. He had talked to his foreman before they left Atlanta, so it couldn’t be anything that urgent. Ghost trusted the man to handle just about any emergency. Instead of checking the call, he plopped himself down in the middle of the bed and watched his mate finish their meal. It was a much better way to pass the time.

As promised, within fifteen minutes (give or take) René had the meal set out. “Dinner is served,” he said in his best fake British accent. “I present to you tonight’s course, homemade spaghetti and sauce, topped with fresh meatballs and Parmesan cheese. Fresh garlic bread is also offered with today’s entrée, and to drink I offer freshly made unsweetened ice tea.” He smiled over at Ghost and took a bow.

Ghost laughed quietly at René’s presentation of their meal. His mate was always eager to please him. The smells coated his nostrils and made his mouth water. Of course, watching his mate move about setting out the plates and flatware was as mouthwatering as the food. He wasn’t sure what to eat first. The food certainly would give him more energy for more pleasurable activities. “It all smells wonderful.” Ghost sat up and moved himself to the small table in the corner. He dished up a portion for each of them. He figured his mate had cooked all of this, so the least he could do was serve it up. “Someday you are going to have to teach me how you do this. I’m a complete failure when it comes to cooking.”

“It would be my honor to teach you, my love, but only if you allow me to continue to cook for you. I do enjoy doing things for you--little things, silly mundane things--like cooking, cleaning, laundry...” René laughed a little. “Makes me feel like we’re a home...mine was always so bad...the constant fighting, my father’s temper--it frightened me. It’s why I ran away as soon as I could.”
“We are a home, just the two of us. Wherever we are, we are home as long as we are together. And you can do all the mundane things you want, as long as you don’t mind the occasional interruption by your horny mate when you look too sexy doing it.” Ghost sent a wave of love through their bond in hopes of flushing away the memories of René’s childhood. The were planned to make this evening the crowning moment of their little get-away. Tomorrow they would go back to work and thinking about René’s future musical endeavors. The were had no idea that this evening would not end as he imagined. He could not yet smell the young werewolf approaching.

Lucius got a very late start from Walker’s place. He had been comfortable at the were cat’s home, and he knew that Ghost was near. The old trail crossed over other newer passings. Ghost had obviously spent a lot of time in the area. The trail also crossed into the local pack land. The young were was leery of leaving too much for the local sentries to find. He would ask Ghost to introduce him to the local pack, but until then Lucius could be considered trespassing. The young were thought about how Walker painted the local pack leader and his alpha. They seemed to be a very accepting bunch if Walker was to be believed. The were cat had cared for him and let him stay until he was strong again, but Lucius couldn’t completely shake off the old standards that Mitch beat into every new pup. He would be cautious until he knew more.

René finished up the last of his meal and grinned at his lover, walking over to sit on Ghost’s lap. “Whatever shall we do for the rest of the evening? Hmm?” he asked mischievously, his hand roaming under Ghost’s shirt.

“What about dessert?” The were settled his mate so René straddled his lap. “You look pretty delicious and definitely sweet. Maybe I can eat you.” Ghost nuzzled his mate’s neck.

René sighed contently as Ghost’s lips brushed against his skin, “I can be dessert,” he said nibbling on Ghost’s ear.

“Oh yes, you can.” Ghost gripped his mate’s cute ass and stood up. “Hang on, baby.” He encouraged the young man to wrap his legs around the were’s waist.

It did not take much enticing to get René to wrap his legs around Ghost, hooking his ankles behind them. He pressed against his mate, slowly kissing Ghost’s lips before claiming the mouth for a full on assault.

The were transported the two of them swiftly to the large bed that took up half the available space in the cabin. As far as Ghost was concerned, it was the most important piece of furniture in the room. He lowered himself onto the bed with René still locked around his waist and his lips locked with the young man’s. He loved the taste of his mate. It was intoxicating. “Want to eat you up.” He sucked on René’s bottom lip.

René went to work on Ghost’s shirt, pulling it off hurriedly and then following it up by taking off his own shirt. He traced kisses alongside Ghost’s neck and shoulder as his fingers quickly undid the zipper of the werewolf’s trousers, the urgency to feel his mate growing as more contact with bare skin was made.

The were loved to feel his mate’s hands on him, René’s fingers working to bare his flesh and his soft lips blazing a trail across his shoulders. Everyplace his mate’s lips touched him fired his blood. Suddenly the disrobing wasn’t going fast enough. He needed naked flesh now. “Must have you now. These”--plucking at his mate’s jeans--“must go.” Ghost didn’t wait for a response. He rose up and turned around so he could lay his mate out on the bed and relieve him of all those restrictive clothes.

René gave Ghost a crooked smile as his jeans were slipped off. “I suppose this means you want dessert?” He easily spread his legs for the were, inviting Ghost to lay claim upon him.

Ghost drank in each new inch of bare skin. His mate’s body was a banquet of delights. Now, where to start? That was always the biggest problem. “You are the sweetest thing here, and I have a major sweet tooth. Perhaps I should start here.” The were nipped at a bare hip. “Or maybe here.” He moved on to a tender inner thigh. “Or here.” He nibbled on the sun tattoo decorating his mate’s abdomen. What a perfect way to round out a meal.

René giggled merrily, playfully kicking as Ghost’s lips pressed against his abdomen. “Stop...” he teased, his cock already hardening to attention at the proximity of his mate’s mouth by it.

Ghost caught the moving legs. “Why, when doing this gets such a delightful reaction?” The were leered at his sexy mate and laid down a scattered pattern of licks and bites all around the ultimate goal, which was standing proud and waving for attention.

“Keep doing that and you’ll get more than you bargained for, mister.” René teased, pretending to want to escape from Ghost’s embrace. “No tickling,” he giggled, his dark eyes sparkling with mischief.

Ghost stopped his teasing touch and loomed up over his mate at the veiled challenge. “Owwww, and what will you do, my little wolf?” He easily caught the slender wrists and held them at each side of René’s head. The were planted a teasing kiss at the corner of the young man’s mouth, making him chase the were. “You are mine, and I will do what I please and you will love it.” Ghost rubbed his bare engorged length against René, hoping to escalate both their passions. It would be the perfect ending to their get-away.

René played at struggling, writhing beneath the were, his cock teasingly touching Ghost’s. “If I am yours, then lay claim to me, master wolf.” He tried to lean up to kiss Ghost, but his love’s face was inches away and he could not reach him. René gave his mate a mock pout. “Unless you wish to set me free.” He winked.

“Never, my sexy beast. Never will I let you free.” He held René in a firm but easy grip. The young human could break away if he wished, but Ghost knew his lover wasn’t going anywhere. The were finally relented and aimed his kisses at the target. He shifted to lay his lips right over that of his mate’s, his tongue thrusting downward in an imitation of what his cock planned to be doing shortly.

Meanwhile, the younger wolf slunk along the faded trail. He shifted back and forth, following this path and then another. He shied away from the evidence of pack lands but it was hard to keep outside the borders. There was evidence of a recent patrol which slowed the wolf to a crawl. A few steps on, he picked up Ghost’s scent again. It was strong and recent but it was mixed with human. How could that be? The other scent made Lucius nervous. He had come across this human scent before. It had been older but the same as the one he sensed now. Ghost was near but not alone. Could the human be following the older were? A hunter perhaps? The human seemed to be close to Ghost, as if walking in his footsteps. What did it mean? Maybe his uncle needed help. Lucius moved on, following the scent of the two.

René moaned, wrapping a leg around Ghost’s waist and grabbing his ass with both hands as they kissed. “Take me,” he gasped between the heated kisses, arching his hips as the desperation to feel his mate claim him grew.

“Would be my pleasure, little wolf.” Ghost reached for the lube at the side of the bed and oiled up his fingers. “And yours too.” He winked and then pushed his finger inside his mate’s tight passage. The were shuttled his fingers in and out of the small opening until its relaxed, and then he added second and then a third finger. He scissored his fingers to relax his mate as much as possible.

“Stop teasing me and take me already,” René panted. That fire in his blood that threatened to burst out of him before each mating ritual consumed him. His hands eagerly explored every inch of familiar skin, his back arched into Ghost’s touch. “Please...”

Ghost smiled at his impatient mate. Always so eager for his touch. He removed his fingers, lined up his cock, and thrusts home. The feeling was always so exhilarating. He can’t ever remember feeling this way with any other partner. Ghost pulled back until just the tip of his cock was inside and then rammed forward again, letting loose a growl. Now there was no stopping. “Oh, baby.” The words were deep and gritty. The were set a pace that would take both of them over the edge before they knew it. Each thrust was accentuated by a throaty growl.

René’s fingers dug into Ghost’s back, “Oh yes...” he hissed as a mixture of pleasure and pain hit him at his mate’s cock invading his passage. With each expert stroke that Ghost performed, René felt a strange urge to bite down on his lover. Not to have Ghost submit, but to acknowledge that René was the submissive one, and so René grazed his teeth along Ghost’s shoulder and lightly nipped, awaiting approval before the bite.

His mate’s hands on his back pulled the were closer. His skin tingled wherever he was touched. Ghost angled his strokes to strike against his lover’s pleasure spot. He felt the tightening of René’s muscles with each plunge. He also felt his lover’s teeth along his shoulder, teasing and light but maybe more. Was René trying to bite him? It was normal for were mates to participate in mutual biting that was meant to stimulate rather than to show dominance, but René was human, wasn’t he? For a second the were’s heart skipped a beat as the teasing thought took root in his brain, and then he was turning his head to the side in order to give his mate a clear indication that he would accept his lover’s attentions. ‘Do it.’ The thought went out.

René heard his mate’s approval in his mind and clamped down on Ghost’s shoulder, tentatively at first, then with a little more zest, careful not to hurt his mate. He closed his eyes as his lover’s scent fueled his desire unlike any other had ever done. Another fever rose in him, but René attributed it to their bond. René did not know the way of wolves, how long the mating rituals took; all René knew was that his skin felt hot, his blood burned, and yet making love to Ghost was the only thought that consumed his mind. Yours, baby...heart and soul... René’s thoughts went out to Ghost.

Ghost’s whole world narrowed to the single point of contact. His lover’s teeth pressed against the skin of his shoulder. The words that this young man said were amplified until the sound boomed in his brain. Everything became sharper. The smell of his mate’s skin. The pressure of their bodies against one another. The friction of his mate’s hole against his cock. It all joined into one glorious sensation that sent Ghost flying apart. He threw back his head and howled. His joy could not be contained. It spilled over as his seed filled his mate and his orgasm swept him away.

René pumped his hips faster and faster, each thrust from Ghost making him delirious from pleasure. Ghost’s cock stroked against his prostrate and René broke free of his grasp on Ghost’s shoulder. That was it for him. René screamed out his mate’s name as his own release ripped through him.

Ghost dropped to the bed, rolled to the side, and took his mate with him. He held René close as they came down from their pleasure high. When he could think again, he marveled at his reaction to his lover’s bite and wondered vaguely what made his mate decide to do it. Was it simply the mating ritual at work or was it something else? The smell of the young body in his arms scattered his meager thoughts, and he decided to think on it later. It was not like René’s actions were dangerous. They had both responded enthusiastically to the biting.

Ghost kissed the top of his mate’s head and nuzzled at the sweaty curls. He was relaxed and unbelievably sated after only one session of love-making. Now that was new. “Oh baby, I think you have done the impossible. You wore me out. I just want to snuggle here with you.”

Not far from the cabin, Lucius stopped abruptly when a howl ripped through the air. The werewolf’s mind was going round and round. He was trying to reach Ghost, but there were other wolves nearby, and then there was this mysterious human who seem to be dogging his uncle’s steps. Images of feral wolves and hunters collided with one another. The innocent howl transformed into one of pain instead of pleasure. The shout a moment later broke all of Lucius’ doubts. He would save his uncle from whatever fate had befallen him. His wolf raced over the remaining ground and zeroed in on the ramshackle cabin on the edge of the bayou.

René settled into Ghost’s embrace and nuzzled against him, “This is perfect--you are perfect.” His fingers lightly touched his mate’s face. He too was content with just snuggling. The evening was still young; there would be time for more coupling later.

Lucius was unaware of the happy couple inside the shack. He had already decided that whatever was going on inside was hazardous to his uncle’s existence, and he had to do what he could to protect Ghost. The wolf reared up and hit the door with everything he had. The impact cracked the wood and split it right down the middle. The angry wolf didn’t stop to consider the danger of splinters or who he might encounter on the other side. He carried on until he landed on the floor inside the rustic dwelling.

Ghost jerked upright as the sound of breaking wood split the air. He saw and smelled the wolf at about the same moment. The older were leaped from the bed and shifted before his paws hit the floor. Ghost’s wolf put himself between the trespassing wolf and his mate. The were lowered his head and growled threatening. He was so high on the sexual interlude between he and his mate that his brain had not identified the young red wolf in front of him. All he saw was a threat to René.

René sprung to his knees, holding a pair of scissors at the ready. At first he believed it to be an agent of Doviculus, if not Doviculus himself. His hand scrambled for his boxers and he slipped them on quickly, all the while holding the scissors at the red wolf. “Friend of yours?” he asked Ghost. “Or does the myth that vampires can shift into wolves hold true?” René turned on the bedside lamp and slowly got to his feet, opting for a better weapon and glancing over at the table. René had not bothered to clean it up and one of the knives was still set upon it. If he could just get over there.

Ghost’s wolf stared at the newcomer. Now that the initial haze had passed, he recognized the young wolf. The older were shifted back to human form but kept his body squarely between the wolf and his mate. “Lucius?” What was the young pup doing here? Where were the others, and why was he in attack mode? Ghost glanced over at René, who was still posed on the bed. “This is Lucius. He is/was my nephew, I guess you would say. He was Lucinda’s nephew. The one I lost. I don’t know why he is here or why he is being aggressive, but he better stop it or I’m going to box his ears.” He looked back at the young wolf and growled. He slowly approached the young wolf, trying to get him to back down. Lucius was not a strong wolf. He usually cowered in the presence of a superior wolf.

Lucius was torn and confused. Ghost seemed to be fine, except he was angry at Lucius and he smelled like sex. The confusion came when the young were saw that there was only one other person in the room. A young man. A young man who had been naked when he entered and now only wore a pair of shorts. Lucius shifted back to his human form. “Ghost? What are you doing here and with him?” He backed up because Ghost was crowding him. He could feel the older wolf’s annoyance and it struck his bravado a tad. “I thought you were hurt. I smelled a human. He was following you and then there was this growl.” Lucius was rambling, just trying to make sense of it.

Ghost tossed the young were a pair of René’s shorts to cover himself. “Here, put those on.” He reached for his jeans and slipped into them and a t-shirt. This discussion would go better if they weren’t all standing around naked. It was a little distracting. “So why are you here? Where are the others?” Ghost hadn’t forgotten about René. He eased over to the bed and gently took the knife out of his hand. Ghost didn’t think Lucius would hurt either one of them.

René didn’t want to let go of the knife at first. He was pretty shaken up, but seeing as Ghost seemed to trust this intruder, René finally eased up. He walked over to where his jeans lay and pulled them up, “What am I doing here?” he asked, feeling heated up. It was obvious the younger were did not approve of him. “I’m with your—uncle, was it?” René looked over at Ghost questioningly as he quickly donned his shirt.

“You scared the shit out of me. I thought you were one of Doviculus’ agents.” This René directed at Lucius. “Don’t you knock?” You know, like normal people? That thought he kept to himself.

Lucius turned his attention to the half-naked human. The boy was talking to him. Calling him an intruder. How dare he. That really ruffled his fur. He couldn’t challenge the elder were, but this human was fair game. The young were inched away from the door and stared at the young human. Lucius could smell the sex in the room. Was Ghost having a relationship with this human? No, he must just be a night’s plaything. Deciding that this human meant nothing, the young were straightened his spine. “I am pack like Ghost. He is mated to my aunt Lucinda. I came to be with him. Who are you?” The last ended in a snarl. He had no use for this human who warmed his uncle’s bed. Best that he get Ghost to hurry this creature on his way.

“I’m René, your uncle’s—mate,” René replied, a bit unsure. “I thought Lucinda was--dead? I thought Ghost left the pack--” René looked at Ghost with a hurt expression, but a slow rage started burning within him. “Did you--did you lie to me? And how is it her nephew is now here? Why haven’t you told me about Lucius?” René held up his hand before Ghost could speak. René tried to calm himself and think things out before his temper got the best of him. “Wait--does this mean Lucinda is still alive? Did she survive the attack? What’s going on?”

Ghost was torn between trying to figure out why Lucius was here and calming his mate. This was spiraling out of control at an astonishing rate, and if he didn’t take some lead here it could turn into a disaster. His mate had some major trust issues that couldn’t be ignored. “Lucinda is dead, René. I am no longer pack. I am your mate and no other.” He started to reach for his lover but Lucius interrupted.

“Mate!? Are you kidding?” The young were completely forgot who he was talking to. This human dared to call himself a mate of the great Ghost. Lucius scoffed at the mere suggestion. “You are no mate for a werewolf. You are but a plaything.” Lucius opened his mouth to sling a few more barbs at the poor young man when a sting hit his cheek. Ghost had backhanded him across the face and was growling menacing. The young were had not even seen his uncle move but now a very angry Ghost was looming over him.

“Yeah, a plaything--” René was not sure why Lucius’ words stung him, but they did. “Seems that’s all I ever am.” He started to collect his things, asking Ghost not to strike the young were again. “He’s right, I’m nobody.” René was caught between rage and melancholy. “You two need some time to talk. I’ll give you that privacy.” René stormed out the entryway, as there was no longer a door, got on his motorcycle, and drove off before Ghost could stop him.

Ghost was so angry that he was almost at a loss for words. “How...how did you manage that?” Ghost scrubbed his hands over his eyes. His body jerked as his wolf wanted tried to follow his fleeing mate. His fist clenched and unclenched uncontrollably. “Look, I don’t care why you are here. We will talk about that later. Right now you will listen and listen good. That young man who just ran out of here is my mate. He is the only mate I have--that I have ever had. Lucinda and I had an arrangement. She and I liked each other, but we were not in love. She was gracious enough to agree to have my cub, and I agreed to take care of her. Lucinda is gone and that is a great loss, but René is here, and if you have not killed everything I have built with him, I plan to go find him and beg his forgiveness, and then you will do the same.” Ghost took a deep breath and calmed himself, which was hard to do with his wolf clawing at his insides. “You will stay here. Find something to fix that door and wait for me. When I return we will talk and decide what to do.” Ghost left nothing to discuss. He didn’t even wait for Lucius to agree.

The elder were stalked outside. His motorcycle sat alone beside the cabin. His mate’s scent trailed off toward town. He quickly decided that his wolf would get there quicker because the animal didn’t need to travel the roads and could take a more direct route. The were stripped off his jeans and shifted swiftly to all fours. The large wolf streaked off into the night, heading for home. Ghost would try the loft first, since René had given up his apartment, and if he wasn’t there he might try The Den. He had no idea where his dejected mate would go. He just hoped that he could fix this or that their bond would pull them back together. He gave little thought for the young wolf he left at the cabin. Lucius could care for himself. He looked healthy so obviously he had survived all these months. He would keep for another day.



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