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were_ghost bq_x_stain

Mun’s Note: Takes place immediately after Meeting Lucius, Part 1

René let the cool wind whip through him, his fury burning through his blood. He wasn’t sure what to think. Lucius’ words haunted him. He let out a howl, angry at himself for believing--that he could be happy with anyone--he should have known it was too good to be true. Why would he ever think anyone could love him? Not Melinda...not Ghost...not Doviculus...not anyone.

As his motorcycle hit the main road, René wondered where he would head to. He no longer had the apartment. His friend Mark, from school had gone back home out of state, however, René did have a spare key to Mark’s place. He revved his bike and headed in that direction, angry tears streaming down his face. He felt so stupid--and heartbroken. So distraught was he, he did not notice the black SUV Escalade trailing behind him.

Doviculus’ spy took note that René was traveling alone. The path he emerged from could be investigated later; however, if it was werewolf territory, that would not be the place for Doviculus to met up with the ex-thrall, René.

Ghost’s wolf left the woods as he neared town. René would have to stay on the road to reach town. The were would pick up his mate’s scent and follow him until the distressed human decided on a destination, and then Ghost could go grab some clothes and go back for him. Ghost closed the gap between himself and his fleeing mate. The young man’s scent got stronger. Ghost could feel his body reacting to it. His wolf growled and ducked through a fence and kept to the shadows now that he had reached town. He soon caught sight of his wayward mate. The poor boy was driving along like he had no purpose. Ghost was surprised he kept the bike upright. He didn’t even notice the large black vehicle following him. The one that turned with him and kept on his tail. Ghost shadowed both of them now until he got a whiff of the one that followed. The creature was human, but he had the scent of vampire just like Alphonso and that little college boy that bothered René. Even René had the scent about him, though it was faint because of the time he spent with Ghost. Ghost now understood that to be those who had vampire blood in their systems - thralls.

René was slowing now, which meant he had a destination in mind. That was something René didn’t need his shadow knowing. When René turned the next corner, Ghost leapt into action. He swerved sharply and bunched his muscles and jumped. He landed squarely on the hood of the big SUV. That definitely got the driver’s attention and let René get away. Ghost would resume his tracking as soon as he took care of his mate’s “friend.” The were had a lot of making up to do with his mate, and he didn’t want to have to do it with company around. The vehicle swerved and the were dug his claws into the edge of the hood. He lowered his big head and growled at the occupant. He made sure to show some impressive teeth.

The driver of the SUV hit the brakes, swerving the car to a stop. Jeremiah stared at the wolf from the front seat, eyes wide with fear. Could this be René’s lover? He urged the driver to move. They’d pick up on René later.

The wolf flexed his muscles, trying to move with the sudden shift in location and speed. He hooked his claws into the exhaust grill and hung on until the car came to a stop. The were stared at the occupants of the vehicle. It was dark, but that mattered little to the wolf. He could make out Jeremiah and a driver sitting in front, with one more in the back seat. He stared menacingly at them, letting his upper lip roll back to reveal sharp teeth. His heavy breath fogged the window as he leaned closer. He could see Jeremiah gesturing for the driver to turn the car around, and as the SUV started again the wolf leaped easily from the hood and darted back into the shadows. He would continue this search as soon as the thralls gave a clear indication that they had broken off their pursuit.

The SUV took off like a demon out of hell in the opposite direction and sped out of sight. Doviculus had said not to engage the werewolf, and Jerry was all too glad to comply.


René drove until he reached Mark’s apartment, parking the motorcycle in the enclosed garage of the apartment complex, so it would not be seen out in the street. The lot was vast and the parking was free and it did not require a permit so long as your vehicle did not linger over 24 hours.

The scent of alcohol and cigarettes hit René the moment he walked across the lot and made his way toward the stairs. He fought the craving he felt for a cigarette and ran up the steps to the fifth floor, where Mark’s apartment stood at the end of the narrow corridor. The cellist fumbled out his keys and unlocked the door, slamming it behind him.

Mark’s apartment reeked of alcohol and René headed straight over to the liquor cabinet, the rage within him still going strong. He took out a tall clean glass from the dish rack and poured himself a full glass of Kentucky bourbon.

René’s hand shook as he raised the glass to his lips, tears stinging his eyes. He should set it down, or smash it against the far wall--but he couldn’t. “Fuck it!” René shouted to no one in particular, his knuckles turning white as they held the glass tightly. Why was he hesitating? He’d pretty much lost Ghost--if Lucius’ words were true, then perhaps Ghost would have to return to a pack that left no room for him. It broke René’s heart and he sobbed harder, this time downing the entire glass in one swallow.

René wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve and then proceeded to pour himself another drink. He was going to get good and drunk this evening--so drunk that he’d pass out for a few days. Maybe by then the pain in his heart would stop--this was the only thing he could think of to make it stop.

But then René remembered that there were other ways to drown out reality. Downing the second full glass of whiskey, René filled it for the third time and took it with him to the bathroom. where he ransacked Mark’s medicine cabinet until he found something strong to mix with his drink.

Seemed Mark was on some pain killers after he too was hurt at the party by Razvan. However Mark didn’t care much for drugs, even if they were prescribed, and only took what was needed and left the rest. That suited René just fine. Tears streaming down his face, he poured the remaining pills into his hand, clenching them in his palm. They weren’t many, but they would be enough to get him high, at least.

Again, René felt that hesitation, but it was not enough to stop him. He popped the pills and swallowed them down with the bourbon, angrily tossing the now empty prescription bottle across the room. He could hear himself scream in rage and heartbreak as he rushed back into the main area of the living room. He left the glass on the counter with a clunk and just picked up the bottle of whiskey. Who was he kidding? René intended to finish this and the other bottle of whiskey Mark had in the cabinet. He took a drink from the opened bottle, then reached for the full bottle, going to settle himself on the sofa and drink until the pain became a dull numbing ache that he could tolerate.

Ghost ran faster to catch up with his fleeing mate. The confrontation with the thralls had let René get out of sight, but his scent was there like a beacon. The were found René’s bike sitting in an apartment complex lot. He followed the scent toward a building and up many flights of stairs. He stopped in front of a door that had René’s scent on it. He gently ran his fingers over the cool metal. Now that the were was close, he could feel other things. He felt the great despair pouring off the young man. It almost crushed him to the ground with its intensity. There was no time to go back for clothes. He needed to get to René now. He shifted back to human form and tried the door. Amazingly, it was unlocked. If those thralls had followed René, he would have been in their hands by now. He growled low and crept into the apartment. He could only smell one human, though it was mingled with the strong odor of alcohol and cigarettes. René needed to leave this place. The temptation would be too great, especially in his current state. Ghost quickly located his mate but he was too late. René was slumped on the couch with a liquor bottle pressed against his lips. “No!” The were raged. He would not let this happen. He moved swiftly to his mate’s side. Could he take the bottle as easily as he had relieved René of the knife back at the cabin? He sensed that René’s mind was a confused mush. His rage was there and his hopelessness. The strong emotions were being clouded by the alcohol. Ghost was going to have to play this carefully if he hoped to bring his mate back to the relative safety of their loft.

René tried to push Ghost away, his hand missing Ghost’s shoulder and pressing against his chest instead. At first, René was unsure if he was hallucinating or if it was really Ghost standing there before him, but as soon as his hand touched the bare skin, he knew what he was touching was real.

René looked up at Ghost with glassy eyes, slightly dilated as they adjusted to the light. “Go away,” he slurred, the effect of the painkillers he’d swallowed taking their effect. René didn’t mean it, of course, but it was painful to be near Ghost, especially when he knew he could not have him. “Why are you here? Go back to your pack.” He wiped his tears with the back of his hand. “I don’t--I don’t belong there--or with you--leave.” René tried to stand up but failed and staggered back onto the couch. “Just leave...” he whimpered, the tears flowing down his cheeks again. “I don’t need you--I don’t need anyone.”

“But I need you, babe.” Ghost stood his ground. René was in no shape to listen to him. With the booze cruising through his system, Ghost’s mate was all emotion right now. “I have no one. Please don’t leave me alone.” The were meant it. This beautiful young man weeping in front of him was his life. How could it all go so wrong so quickly? They had a wonderful time at the convention. A lot of great memories, but what did they mean if a few insensitive words could do this?

Ghost’s words poured through René’s mind but they seemed distorted somehow, as if he were speaking from so very far away. René tried to stand up again and speak, but suddenly his body reacted to the drugs coursing through his system and he felt sick. He pushed past Ghost and stumbled to the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet to throw up. He let out a scream. It felt as if his body was rejecting the overflow of chemicals he’d poured into his body. His hands clung to the side of the porcelain and for a moment, René felt as if something inside of him was fighting against him, angry that he abused his body. René felt his head would explode. He opened his mouth to cry out but a growl came out instead. He threw up again, but this time the alcohol was accompanied by a crimson dark liquid. Was that blood? “What the fuck?” Panic clouded his mind. René’s eyes flickered to dark yellow like that of a wolf--a werewolf-- enraged by pain.

Ghost followed his mate, lending silent support. He was not sure where René was headed and hoped to stop him if the young man tried to leave, but it became obvious very quickly that the bathroom was his aim. That was a good thing. René needed to get out whatever he had taken in. While René was bent over the toilet, Ghost kneeled at his side to lift his hair out of the way. His knee came in contact with a small container on the floor. He idly picked it up and found it was a pill bottle. A pill bottle with René’s scent on it. Ghost’s eyes jerked to the contents of the toilet. René was not only throwing up the alcohol, but some pills. What was his mate trying to do? He wasn’t trying to destroy himself, was he? Ghost shivered at the thought.

The were stayed close as his mate emptied the contents of his stomach. They would talk once René felt up to it. The were was trying to figure out how to convince the young man to go back to the loft when a very real wolf growl issued from his mate’s throat. His own wolf responded in kind. Ghost’s eyes jerked to what René was throwing up, and the color had turned a distinctive red. Was he throwing up blood? What was happening? His wolf went into protective mode. He gently touched his mate’s shoulders to let him know he was there. His mind reached out to the confused mess that was his mate’s mind. ‘Let it go. Let your body rid itself of whatever ails you. I am here. I am yours.’ He repeated the mantra over and over. Sending soothing thoughts toward his mate, trying to calm the anger and confusion. His own mind was sending mixed signals. The growl, the blood. It meant something, but what his brain was coming up with was not possible, was it? He dared not hope.

René coughed up another set of pills and spewed it out. He was not sure what was happening. The blood. The burning pain inside of him. He was scared and even through his drunken haze, he was glad that Ghost was there. He slowly turned to face him, looking confused. The yellow glint in his eyes returned as he felt something in his back snap. René cried out in pain as his injured back contorted, trying to adjust itself. “Fuck!” he whimpered, grabbing onto Ghost and suppressing a scream into his lover’s shoulder. Again, René’s eyes glowed yellow for a moment, then faded.

The tears that spilled forth now were those of pain. René pulled away from Ghost as the urge to hurl hit him again. He could smell vampire blood and the scent sickened him. Where was it coming from? More importantly, how could he discern that? Yet he knew there was no mistake.

Was it a memory from his time with Doviculus?

René had little time to ponder the question. He hung his head over the toilet again, gasping for air as the pain wracked through him. He forced himself not to throw up again. The acrid taste of the pain pills burned his throat, and he didn’t want to experience any more pain. It was a violent struggle. Something in him wanted--demanded--that René expel whatever foreign substance he had taken. Unable to fight it off much longer, he threw up more of the vampire blood.

René’s nostril’s flared as he took in the scent of the vampire blood. He stared at the toilet in horror and flushed the contents down with another wolfish growl, this time one of anger. Was that vampiric blood he had just thrown up? He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand in disgust. “No, no, no!” He cried out in frustration. He wanted to know who did this to him. Who was feeding him the blood? Was this how Razvan was able to find him? Would this lead Doviculus to him? Was there no escaping his past life with the vampires? For a moment, the scent of angry wolf clung to the air as a very wolf-like expression took over René’s face as his rage grew again, but the pain in his back diminished it before long.

Ghost stared at his mate’s face. Had he seen the color change? This couldn’t be. His mate was human--or was he? Ghost calmed himself and took a deep breath of the man beside him. This was not his scent on René, this was René. His mate was were. Ghost didn’t know whether to panic or howl with joy. What he did know was that he needed to get his mate back to the loft. If René should start to change, the young man would panic. He needed room and a safe environment to do this. “René, we must leave. Please come with me. It is not safe here. Please, baby.” He gently tried to urge the young man to his feet and get him moving to the front door.

Another shock of pain coursed down his spine as it adjusted itself again. René could barely make out Ghost’s words. It seemed he was trying to stand him up but all that brought was agony. “No, it hurts,” he managed to say. René was unsure why his body was doing this but he wished he could will it to stop.

René closed his eyes, bracing himself for the next onslaught of pain to hit him, but then as suddenly as it appeared, it vanished. He sat on the bathroom floor, looking up at Ghost, stunned. His head felt a little clearer and his back--his back actually felt better than it had in a very long time. That dull ache that would come and go seemed to have disappeared, though it still didn’t feel quite healed yet. “You’re naked?” René muttered, somewhat confused, as if he had not noticed this before about Ghost. “You can’t leave like that. I’m sure Mark has some clothes somewhere.” René got to his feet feeling a little steadier. The taste of bourbon somewhat lingered in his mouth. He glanced over to the two bottles by the couch and he fought the temptation to finish the drinks. “I should clean up.” He looked around at the mess he’d made. “Would you mind putting those away?” He motioned toward the two whiskey bottles. “I’ll go get you some clothes, but I am not going back with you to the loft nor to the cabin,” he stated firmly, walking past his lover in a half daze, his mind whirling with what had happened.

René had never suffered a high like that before and it scared him. It reminded him of the rages his father, Dionysus, went through when arguing with his mother, Monica. René pushed those memories away. He was not ready to deal with such things at this time; he had Lucius and Ghost to contend with at the moment, and that was stressful enough.

Ghost watched in abject fascination as his mate’s body seemed to heal itself. He somehow guessed that this was what was happening. There were few explanations for why René was thinking so clearly after the amount of alcohol and pills he had consumed. Most of it came back up when he threw up, but some of it had hit the young man’s system. The rejection of the vampire blood was another clue. It must have been that blood that kept his werewolf restrained. All this time, Monica had been feeding him something that kept him weak and tied to her. She must have known, but who had the were gene if not René’s mother? His father, the one who was so abusive? That was something he needed to check into. He smiled briefly. His mate had finally noticed that the were was naked.

Ghost sighed at his mate’s refusal to leave. He moved to gather the various bottles and put them away. “I had to keep up with you. You move pretty fast when you want to.” He picked up the empty pill bottle and chucked it in the trash. He had been considering his nudity, but just as a deterrent to getting them home. “What can I tell you that would convince you to come back to the loft with me?”

“Nothing. I can’t go back to either place right now,” René replied, heading over to Mark’s closet and picking out a few items that would fit Ghost. “Here, these should fit. I know they really aren’t your style, but it’s better than going out naked. Not sure I would want others to look at what’s mine,” René said with a small smirk, handing Ghost a green polo shirt and some stone washed jeans.

Ghost took the clothes without complaint. They would probably be a little small, but they would do for now. The were pulled on the jeans and mused about his mate’s statement that he was René’s. He hoped that was still true. “If not home, where do you want to go?”

“You should go back and discuss whatever it is you need to discuss with Lucius. He’s your family, even if it’s just by marriage. He looks confused and lost, perhaps he is in danger. You shouldn’t have left him alone.” René gently touched Ghost’s cheek. “I am staying here for tonight. We will talk again in the morning. But promise me you will not be angry at Lucius, I need some time to process everything.” Mostly the strange things that his body was doing just minutes ago. “I won’t do anything stupid, I promise.”

Ghost didn’t want to leave without his mate. His wolf growled at the idea of leaving the young man in this place. “René, honey, don’t think me insensitive, but Lucius is a were. He can take care of himself. He said some very hurtful things, none of which were true. I’m not sure I want to speak with him again so soon. His aunt is gone, babe. She was gone before I even met you. Lucinda and I had an arrangement. One that was between the two of us. We liked each other but there was no real love. She was a special she wolf, but she would never be my mate. She understood this and accepted it. She actually had her eye on another wolf in the pack. Lucius didn’t know. He’s young and sees what he wants to see. He saw me as a big brother, someone he could cling to. I won’t be too hard on him, but he must see the truth of things.” Ghost captured the fingers that touched his face. holding them in place. “Do I really have to leave you here?” He knew his comment sounded like a pout, but he couldn’t help it. Internally he warred against such a thing. How could he protect his mate if he wasn’t by his side?

“Was Mitch’s pack not all were, and it was still destroyed? What if Lucius is running from whatever killed your old pack?” René asked with concern. However, it was obvious Ghost was not going to relent on this one. He was right, though. There was still the Doviculus threat to consider. “Tell you what, then. I’ll stay at the loft and you go back to the woods and straighten things out with Lucius. I don’t think I can handle seeing him again tonight--and I can’t talk about what he said--not now. When you are done talking with him, come back to the loft, I will be there when you return--I promise,” René replied, moving a little closer to Ghost, pressing against him. “I’ll leave Mark a note and some cash to pay for the liquor I stole.”

Ghost groaned. René felt so good snuggled against him. The were wrapped his arms around his mate and held him loosely. He didn’t want the young man to feel confined, but Ghost did want to express his love. The were didn’t like this, not with Jeremy out there, but there had to be a compromise so he would agree to a certain point. He still wasn’t ready to see Lucius, but if it got René home then that was okay. “Let me take you home and then I will see to the pup.” Ghost reluctantly released his hold on his mate. “Write your note and I’ll make myself presentable.”

René gave Ghost a slow kiss, sucking on his mate’s bottom lip before parting. “You haven’t lost me--I thought I lost you and I--I wanted to escape that realization.” René bowed his head. “I am sorry for doubting, for drinking, for taking the pills, for being human--have I shamed you for not being wolf?”

Ghost looked into his mate’s beautiful eyes. Eyes that now held regret and sadness. “You could never shame me. You are exactly what I want and need and you always will be.” The were was afraid to say out loud what he suspected was happening to his mate. They could discuss that later when more rational minds prevailed. Tonight was all high emotion and suspicion. Ghost returned the kiss and deepened it.

René touched Ghost’s face. “I can’t lose you--I can’t--I’d go mad.” The tears brimmed in his dark eyes. Was this what it meant to be mated to a werewolf? The thought of losing Ghost to someone else who was considered more worthy-- another wolf--or to death was horrifying. What would he do if Doviculus killed Ghost? The thought terrified René, but he dared not voice it.

René’s fingers traced Ghost’s mouth, his eyes searched Ghost’s face. “I can’t lose you...” he repeated. The desperation that accompanied that sentiment sent René’s thoughts back to the whiskey bottle. He looked worriedly at his love, “What if they make you go away because I am not wolf?” He blinked and his tears spilled down his cheeks.

Ghost kept his eyes on his mate. “You will not lose me and no one will ever break us apart. I am not pack, and even if I was, no one will force us apart. I would fight them. We would fight them to our last breath. We are mated.” Ghost crashed René body against his own and sent strong feelings of love through the bond. He would drive those doubts away with his love. “You are more of a wolf than many I have met in my long life. Any wolf would be lucky to have you to stand at his side. I’m proud that you chose me.”

René hugged his mate, “You’d fight for me?” he asked, feeling calmer as Ghost sent him some reassurance via their bond. Something inside him stirred, responded, but only faintly. Whatever it was, it was fading quickly. An inner growl emanated from within, something René did not quite understand. It reached out to Ghost’s wolf and made one final plea to rescue it from the tainted blood before it destroyed him completely, then the voice disappeared.

“I would. Woe to anyone foolish enough to interfere with a wolf and his mate.” Ghost caught a tremor of the wolf inside René. It shimmered for a moment and then was gone. It was there, of that Ghost was sure. He would find a way to free his mate and let him be who he was meant to be. Not a vampire but a werewolf. “What we have is already more powerful than a human marriage.” Ghost held his mate close and stroked his back as if by doing so he could call forth what was hidden inside. “If you are ready to go, I will escort you back to the loft and then leave you to your thoughts.”

René readily agreed. “Never really had anyone fight for me before. At least, not that I know of.” René knew he could stay like this, in his mate’s arms, all night long, but they needed to head back. “Put your shirt on.” He managed a small smile and left to go write the note for Mark explaining that he took the bottle of pain killers with him since his back was hurting. René then dug in his pocket and left a twenty to cover the cost of the bourbon. “I’m ready whenever you are,” he announced to Ghost. “Do you want to drive the bike back? Not sure I should be driving. I mean, I feel clear headed, which is strange, but I don’t want to risk it.”

Ghost scooped up the shirt and squeezed his bulky body into it. It would do until they reached the loft and he could exchange it for his own clothes. “I am there for whatever you need. I will drive the bike as long as you hang on to me. Maybe you should ride in front of me. That would be interesting.” He winked and then growled lowly. He knew his mate couldn’t see his face while bent over the counter writing a note.

“Ride in front of you? Kinky.” René teased a little. After the emotional onslaught they’d experienced, René wanted to ease the tension. He stood upright after finishing his note and headed toward the door. “I’ll lock up,” René said, taking out the key to the apartment and motioning for Ghost to move out to the hallway.

Ghost maneuvered around his mate and waited patiently for him in the hall. He was glad René was trying to joke. “I thought you would like that.” It showed he was letting the upheaval of the evening’s activities go. The were was just happy that his mate agreed to go home. He felt better knowing he would have René near while the young man pondered the unfortunate ending of their lovely vacation.

René led the way down the stairs, talking to Ghost about having to call his sponsor since he had a moment of weakness. “Alfonso is going to wring my neck,” he said as he stepped into the parking lot.

“That would mean you would have to be alive for him to wring your neck--of course, Doviculus may be willing to spare you.” Jeremiah’s voice echoed in the empty lot, causing René to freeze.

Where was the voice coming from? René wondered.

“I can’t take that chance,” Jeremiah said, coming out of the shadows, a gun aimed straight at René. “You have to pay for what happened to Razvan.”

Ghost was about to say that he thought Alfonso would understand. People did have their bad times too--but the smell of a certain thrall got to him first. Ghost tried to pull his mate away from the crazy boy with the gun.

“I figure the best way to make you suffer is to take away that which you love most, René.” Jeremiah pointed the gun at Ghost and René’s eyes went wide with fear for a moment, then relaxed. Ghost was were. He could heal from the wound; it would not be fatal. “I know what you’re thinking, that your boyfriend is a wolf and he can heal from almost any type of injury. That is why I had these bullets made special for him. Silver coated.” Jeremiah pulled the trigger of the gun and the shot rang out.

“No!” René cried, not thinking of anything but to protect his mate. He didn’t know how he got in from of Ghost so fast, shielding him from what could be a fatal shot. The bullet ripped through René’s shoulder and he let out a howl as a pain like he had never experienced coursed through his blood.

Living as a thrall of Doviculus, René had been shot before, and while he remembered that pain and how the vampire blood healed him afterwards, this pain was different; it overwhelmed him. He fell to his knees, quickly turning pale as the silver lodged itself in his flesh.

Ghost grabbed René and eased him to the ground. Once he was out of range of the gun, Ghost moved in on Jeremiah. The gun was ripped from his hand before he even noticed the were had moved. Ghost snarled in his face, a noise that went right through the body and chilled the blood. “Get out of my sight, you little worm. You are not worthy to breathe the same air as him.” He grabbed the front of Jeremiah’s shirt and pulled him close. “If I see you again, I’ll kill you.” He tossed the thrall aside like so much garbage and spun to scoop up his mate’s body and leave. He needed to get René somewhere where he could assess the damage.

“But--that bullet wasn’t meant for René,” Jeremiah stammered, angry at himself for harming René. He lusted after the René, it was true, but when Doviculus found out that Jeremiah had accidentally shot René, it was going to go very, very bad for Jerry. He gave the couple one last fleeting glance before running back to his parked SUV.

René hissed as Ghost cradled him. “Fuck, why does it hurt so much?” it hurt to even breathe, and the damage from the injury was not serious. At least, not that René could feel. The bullet hit his shoulder, not a vital organ. “Did I puke up all the vamp blood? Why aren’t I healing?” He let out a small whimper that was more wolfish than human, but René did not notice the change; his mind was too focused on the pain.

“Just hold on, babe. I’ll get us to the loft and then I can check to see how bad it is.” He lifted René into his arms and took both of them to the abandoned bike. Ghost wanted to just run the whole way but figured the bike would offer a slightly smoother ride. “Hang on. We will be there in a few moments.” The were thought he might need to call someone like Drake to check on René’s injury. Silver killed a lot of werewolves, but not all. Perhaps some of the vampire blood remained and it would work in René’s favor this time.

Ghost steadied the bike under him and pulled René close to his chest. He retrieved the keys from his mate’s pocket and started it up. “Looks like we get to do that kinky stuff after all.” He chuckled and slowly eased the bike around and drove it out of the lot. He kept the speed easy and the turns to a minimum. The next one brought them to his block and right to the elevator door. The were stood up with his precious cargo balanced in his arms and let the bike fall. He could retrieve it after René was safe. The elevator door open with a few taps to the keypad and the two were upstairs a second later. Ghost glided across the room and lowered the young man to the couch. “I’m going to fetch a blanket.” He kissed René’s temple and darted upstairs.



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