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Ghost Bio

General Information:

Mun name/nick/handle: krazykitten46
Mun journal: krazykitten46
AIM: bonbonducko
E-mail: bonbon47@gmail.com
When you can be reached and preferred method: E-mail

Pup’s name:
Character/Actor: Ghost  (Karl Urban’s Pathfinder character)
Birth date (if known): June 7, 1827 (for the game)-- real dob is June 7, 1972
Physical info: 6’ 1", long mane of brunette hair, blue eyes, athlete body, perpetual scowl
Pup’s location: Louisiana bayou (near New Orleans)
Pup’s orientation: bi-sexual
Pup’s hobbies: hunting, wood carving and furniture making, collecting Native American artifacts, camping, music and singing, mountain climbing, motorcycles

Game connections:  Ghost is available for friendship and adventure. Ghost for the purpose of this game is mated to Rene Xavier Tremaine.

What type of play are you willing or NOT willing to do: No animal or children torture, please. Anything else, send me an e-mail, we can talk about it

Languages spoken: English, several Native American dialects, French and Russian

Ghost is the (I don’t know how many) great grandson of the famous, Ghost, who was abandoned by his Viking father after a raid on the early native population of North America. The current Ghost was born in Washington State in the year 1827. He was born a wolf, which he inherited from his great, great, great grandmother, a Russian she-wolf princess. Like every Ghost before him he abhors pack life and only joins a pack as a way to breed and produce the next Ghost. Only a single male pup survives from each mating and each new generation has the powers of the original. Ghost had a female mate but prefers the company of other males be they were or human. He has never had a vamp lover. He is a loner and has not had a serious relationship so far. Just the occasionally one-night stand or a seasonal shack up to ride out a winter storm.

The “Ghost” history reads that the original Ghost was born of a Viking chieftain and a rogue noble, Russian she-wolf, of extraordinary power, who refused to breed with the mate her father chose for her. In revenge against her father she seduced and bedded a Viking chieftain allowing her special powers, which went to the first born, to leave her pack. She came across Ghost’s father during her wanderings and decided he would be the father of her pups. The Russian she-wolf charmed and seduced the chieftain and then abandoned him when she was sure she was pregnant. She returned just before Ghost’s birth and left the baby with him to raise and then returned to her pack. By the time her father realized what she had done Ghost was safely across the ocean in North America.


Ghost who goes by such alias as Stefan Volkov, Stan West, Gus Volkov is the current CEO of Volkov Surveyors, Inc. His father started the company just after the Gold Rush. They ran it together until a hunter killer his father. Now Ghost runs the company as a silent partner. Ghost has a talent for finding mineral deposits for him or clients. The company was originally called West Surveyors to make it more acceptable to the people of the frontier but Ghost changed it to honor his Russian heritage. The name means, “wolf” in Russian.


Ghost relocating to the bayou of Louisiana after he was falsely accused of murdering his mate. He is hiding out in a cabin he salvaged and is staying out of sight until he can prove his innocence. His mate, Lucida, had caught the attention of the pack leader and he killed her rather than see her mated to an outsider like Ghost. Ghost is hoping to stay under the radar of the local pack leader Liam and the alpha, Hoot, not knowing how far of a reach his former pack leader has. But his obsession with music has drawn him out. He has been seen lurking at the fringe of the bayou and even in a few dark alleys off Bourbon Street on late nights. 


Were/Animal changeling: Were
Place of origin (if known): Washington State

Animal form (canine / feline): Large Siberian wolf with blue eyes
Age: 183 (but looks 35)
Animal powers/abilities: In addition to superior strength, speed and healing powers he has the ability to blend with his surroundings whether in human or were form. He is attuned to the presence of precious metals with a hypersensitivity to silver. Only silver and Wolfs bane is deadly to him.




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